Best Sofa Beds with Storages in 2022

Best Sofa Beds with Storages in 2022

Sofa beds with storages are the best alternative for traditional sofas as they not only save storage space. But it can also turn into a bed whenever needed. Nowadays, homeowners are adopting the method of holding space for better living. And Sofa beds offer an additional advantage to it.

People are transforming their spare rooms into home offices or work from home Space. A sofa bed is a multipurpose piece of furniture that can help as a Sofa and a guest bed by saving storage space.

There are various to consider in buying a Sofa bed—things such as different styles, Variations, warranty, and convertible mechanisms. So finding a Sofa bed depends upon the living room’s size and how you want to use the space for seating and sleeping purposes. Here is the buying guide which offers various features to look for in a sofa bed.

Buying Guides to Choose from Best Sofa Beds with Storages

So before investing in a sofa bed. You need to understand that it is a piece of furniture used as a seating area to eat, lounge, entertain family and friends. The sofa beds come in different types.

Wooden Cum Sofa Bed with storage

This sofa bed is made out of wood from the finest quality of Sheesham and mango wood which finish options of honey, teakwood, and walnut color.

Fabric Cum Sofa Bed with storage

Skilled artisans design these sofa beds. They are either made of Cotton, Linen, Velvet, and Leather. The customer can select the choice according to their theme, and artisans will blend with the fabric type.

Pull Out Sofa Bed with storage

These types of Sofa Beds generally come in queen and full sizes. The mattress in this Pull-out Sofa bed depends upon the preference.

Futons Sofa Bed with storage

This type of Sofa consists of the futon, a low-density form with cotton batting layers. The thicker the foam, the more comfortable the mattress will be.

Here are some of the parameters to consider before purchasing the best sofa bed with storage for you.

Invest in Best Frame

Spending a fortune on a quality frame can afford to have the sofa bed for many years. It is one of the essential factors as everything depends on its strength to utilization. The edges should be solid as the Sofa bed will stay grounded all the time. The durable sofa is of traditional two-piece joints as they require fewer staples so that they are glue to hold the frame together.

Upholstery and Mattress Quality

The quality of the upholstery not only depends upon its fabric, leather, or vinyl. But also on its soft touch, which is essential in a sleeper sofa.

The mattress quality should depend upon your preferences. Think about the firm and plushness of the mattress. In case if you have any spine problems, then you need to check for the firmness of the sofa bed.

Functioning Mechanism

Check the functioning of the handle. So that it is easy to open and while closing without difficulty. So verify the Sofa bed with this mechanism.


Warranty is something you should look for in all worldly things. But in terms of the Sofa bed. You should check the warranty for 3-6 years as it relies on its features and quality.

Mattress Size and Cost

Please verify the size of the bed and mattress to make sure it fits accordingly and comfortable for you if the sleeping space is small. Then it won’t be comforting during sleep. To ensure the one which is comfortable during the day and night for sleeping.

The main factor we search for our dream sofa bed is its cost procedure. As usual, some sofa beds cost more than a fortune due to their design and theme. But it doesn’t hold many benefits. So purchase the one which offers more services for longevity. So now we have understood the parameters of the Sofa bed.

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12. GOOD & GRACIOUS Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed with Storage

GOOD & GRACIOUS Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed with Storage

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Suppose you are looking for a Sofa bed that can be used as a regular couch and transforms into a bed by pulling the strap’s edge. Then this Good & Gracious sofa is the perfect match for you. Also, it has a Chaise lounge beneath the mattress.  It has a storage space convenient for placing pillows or clothes.

It has a sectional couch made from solid wood, which supports durability of 1200lbs. The sectional sofa features an L-shaped design which defines the room layout gives the extra space for placing tables and stands. It provides better seating without the need for overfilling.

It has a Convertible form factor, and the mattress consists of polyester material with dark grey as color. The Convertible sofa bed Dimensions are 35.04″ Height, 31.5″ Width, 58.27″Depth Seat. It only takes a few minutes to assemble the parts with the User manual—the product ships in two boxes.

Why Do We Love It

  • Provides a multifunctional furniture combination.
  • The solid wood durability offers improved support and comfort for a long time.
  • It has a large storage area to store your things.
  • Easy to change from Sofa to bed with an effortless edge strap.
  • It is convenient for Small modern houses.

11. Legend Furniture Sofa Bed with Sleeper Storage

Legend Furniture Sofa Bed with Sleeper Storage

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The product is one of the best transitional futons, which offers a sophisticated velvet style. The product weighs 132.0 pounds. The contemporary design looks rustic and gives a perfect look to the living space. The product has included Toss Pillow.

The back piece of the sofa bed lowers into a Sleeping position, which helps to relax and watch movies. The product’s additional feature is it allows to have an extra storage space under the seat when it is not enough for the sitting.

The biscuit matte finish on the backseat with synthetic fiber material offers a comfortable sleep. The overall dimensions of this product is Height is 35.25” ,Width is 83”, 34” Depth. The simplicity of the design and upholstery and wood options is some of the best qualities for a comfortable couch ever to have.

Why Do We Love It

  • It comes with two pillows.
  • The foamy mattress helps to achieve peaceful sleep.
  • It has a three seating capacity. An additional setting can be done from the storage space to accommodate sitting.
  • The designs are rustic and straightforward, which gives a richer look to the living room.

10. Lexicon Winona Chaise Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage

Lexicon Winona Chaise Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage

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Invite comfort to your home with this left-side chaise sectional Sofa. The dark grey chenille fabrics cover a modern silhouette. It has a Chaise and 2-seater, which allows having extra space on both the left and right side when additional space is needed.

This product has a pull-down feature in the Sofa Chaise which creates a bed with the trundle’s help to pull upwards. Under the Chaise seat, it has an additional hidden feature—a Storage space. The dimension of this reversible loose back cushion 96 lengths,66, Width, and 37 height inches.

Why Do We Love It

  • The two-seater with the pull-out bed offers to meet the need for space.
  • It has the polyester material fabric upholstery, which defines its profile look.
  • The barrel shape coordinating Swivel chair gives a decorative accent to space.
  • It is easy to assemble. The thickness of the mattress gives comfortable durability.

9. P PURLOVE Sofa Bed with Storage 

P PURLOVE Sofa Bed with Storage 

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The classic sectional cum Sleeper reversible sofa by P PURLOVE is one of the home range of products for your living room. The beautiful grey color with its trimmed nail head and the elegant stitched plump head is pure love to attract your eyes.

The sectional sofa has an L-shaped design Chaise which allows informing a sleeper sofa with its easy pull feature. This sectional sofa has a frame material of metal which gives the gripping durability. The Tufted seat and back cushion offer comfortable seating and allow a peaceful sleep.

To organize your stuff, it has a reversible storage chaise. It has a rich quality fabric material that is value for money as well as looks ethnic. These sectional seats have S-shaped spring support, which allows you to give your back a sturdy rest while watching a movie or series.

Why Do We Love It

  • It comes with a Sleeper couch with storage space in the reversible area.
  • The nail-trimmed metal look allows holding the grip of 4 people sitting on the sofa.
  • The hoop of the sofa helps to pull out the extra seating easily.
  • Out of all, it is value for money in terms of quality, warranty, and elegance.

8. Lakeshore Complete Futon Queen Size Sofa Bed with Storage

Lakeshore Complete Futon Queen Size Sofa Bed with Storage

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The lakeshore sofa bed is a queen size sofa if you are looking for a Sofa bed with a main sofa and lounge in the living room. It is timelessly classic and contemporary styling with a futon frame. The 3-positional structure consists of the Solid Indo pacific plantation for lasting support.

The honey finish matte gives an excellent look to this beauty. It can easily change from Sofa to lounge or bed with its three-frame position. It has two drawers beneath the mattress to store your stuff and it gives a comfortable seating experience.

Where on both the side of the configuration it has an arm tray. To prop u9, the functional arms. The mattress in this sofa bed has 8″ inch thickness which consists of an innerspring made in the USA. It also consists of multiple layers of cotton form to have firm support.

The dimensions of the queen sofa are Width 86″-103″, Depth 37″, Height 33″ inches. While for the queen bed the dimensions are Width 86″-103″, Depth 60”, Height is 23.” inches.

Why Do We Love It

  • The sofa has three positional frames, which help to change from the bed to couch and lounge quickly
  • Easy to assemble, even if it is a wood frame.
  • It is ideal for small spaces.
  • The Queen sized bed converts quickly to a full-size standard sleeper.
  • It has a side table tray on either side.

7. Benjara Fabric Sofa Bed with Storage

Benjara Fabric Sofa Bed with Storage

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The Benjara sleep sectional sofa is an ideal match for any room. This sectional sofa has a soft fabric design and modular upholstery. It can adapt to live in any different size of the other room to suit spaces. It has an excellent and aesthetic design to use as a bed or sofa.

This is suitable for lofty bungalows and apartments. It comes with a folding bed which provides extra space for overnight guests. The L-shaped modular storage is a great way to declutter all the necessary stuff.

It has a storage recliner which offers convenient space to keep the blankets and newspapers. It weighs around 86.8 pounds. The product dimensions of this sectional sofa are Lenght 82.05, width 53.5, and height 34.50 inches.

Why Do We Love It

  • It has two recliner storage spaces. And interchangeable to either side.
  • The modular sofa offers comfortable seating.

6. Kodiak Phoenix Futon Sofa Bed with Storage Drawers

Kodiak Phoenix Futon Sofa Bed with Storage Drawers

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This Classic futon is a hardwood frame with tray-style arms. To use as extended support for keeping hands. The dimensions of this Kodiak furniture are 82 inches in length, 37 Inches in deep, and 33 inches high. It is versatile and unique features that offer additional support to change the sofa into a bed.

The blend style of this sofa bed is butternut espresso which gives an exotic look to your living room. It is ideal for small spaces. It offers sofa height seating and comes with two drawers for storage space. The futon mattress is 8″ inches thick which offers comfort and durability with its finest quality. It has a spring flex in the bed, which provides support while you sleep.

Why Do We Love It

  • Provides proper seating as well as help in sleep positioning.
  • Used one of the finest quality of cotton.
  • It has a hinge system; it is easy to convert from sitting to sleeping position.
  • Sturdy frame body that converts to a full-size standard bed.

5. Lilola Upholstered Modern Sofa Bed with Storage Chaise

Lilola Upholstered Modern Sofa Bed with Storage Chaise

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The Ashlyn Upholstered Modern Sofa is the ultimate modern sofa with the practical support you ever need. It has additional features with modern equipped charging support. The L-shape selectional sleeper sofa is the three-piece reversible sofa. It is easy to assemble.

This product has a spacious storage space with a side pocket and pouch to keep your essential things. It also has two USB charging ports where you can charge your phone—at the same time, watching movies and chilling with your friends by the side.

The plump stitching design in the reversible storage chaise gives an ethnic look and provides a warm, comfortable sleep. The back cushions have velcro, which helps to clean up the dust.

Why Do We Love It

  • It is a perfect size for an extra small sitting room.
  • The L-shaped Sofa Chaise offers firm seats and durability.
  • The pull-out sleeper is efficient for 3- 4 people to sleep.
  • It has additional space as a side pouch and pockets with two charging points.

4. South Shore Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage

South Shore Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage

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This sectional sofa bed offers versatile options of saving space solutions with its detachable ottoman and Chaise lounge. It provides space for storing blankets, pillows, and essential things. It also molds perfectly to change from a sofa into a bed within a few seconds.

This also offers additional features of cleaning, which other Sofa bed brands don’t provide. It is easy to clean by removing the cover seats for quick cleaning and maintenance. It is one of the most trusted brands in terms of quality and services.

The company brand provides additional support in case any assembling parts are not functioning or missing. Also, it gives a five-year warranty to cover all the defects on furniture parts from the date of purchase. The stylish design and Clean style will look good on any theme of the living room decor. This product’s dimensions are 88″ inches in width, 59″ inches in depth, 34.75″ inches in height.

Why Do We Love It

  • It offers one year warranty.
  • The interchangeable lounge chaise and ottoman provide an extra space solution.
  • The fabric material offers comfortable sleep during the night.
  • It is one of the trusted brands in North America.

3. Kodaik Phoenix Espresso Wood Sofa Bed with Storage Queen Size

Kodaik Phoenix Espresso Wood Sofa Bed with Storage Queen Size

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This black beauty is one of the best products when size wood sofa bed from the brand Kodiak. This sofa bed offers a 7″ inch premium quality mattress of modern futon spring. The Cordova Java dark brown frame allows choosing either a full or queen-size bed. There is also a choice for you to add drawer sets.

This Sofa bed is easy to assemble and requires less time. The material quality of this product is wood which gives robust sturdiness. It is one of the best options, which comes at an affordable price. These queen-sized bed dimensions are 103″ inches in length, 60″ Width, and 23″ Heights.

Why Do We Love It

  • It offers quality service in terms of comfort and sturdiness.
  • You can use it as a complete or queen size bed.
  • The mattress specs consist of modern innerspring futons.
  • It is ideal for tiny space homes.

2. BTM Sleeper Sofa Bed with Reversible Storage

BTM Sleeper Sofa Bed with reversible Storage

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This product is one of the expensive products from the brand BTM. This reversible sectional sofa with storage offers a lot of advanced features. You can use it as a sectional sofa bed or an L-shaped sofa bed within few minutes. The Storage chaise is placed beneath the recliner, which helps to collect the sundries.

The sectional sofa bed is Craft with a solid wood frame, which helps in the durability of function. The S-shaped spring support is sturdy. The Cushions are made up of foam material. That is tufted back to provide comfortable balance and support.

The heavy stitching of the sofa makes it look elegant and adds charm to your living room. For cleaning purposes, this brand provides removable Cushions at the back to clean with a cloth. The dimensions of this sofabed are 82″ length, 60″ width, 35″ height inches.

Why Do We Love It

  • The reversible sectional storage can be changed from a sofa bed to an L-shaped sofa bed within few minutes.
  • The solid frame material offers durable support and sturdiness.
  • It is spacious enough for four people to sleep.
  • The Storage chaise offers extra space for keeping essential things such as blankets, pillows, and books.

1. BOWERY HILL Sofa Bed with Storage

BOWERY HILL Sofa Bed with Storage

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The Brand Bowery Hill offers it’s a two-piece reversible collection which is a perfect choice for you. Suppose you want to have an efficient and ethnic Sofa bed for your home. It is an ideal collection to lit up your living room, even if you have a small apartment, as it will complement your home decor.

The form-filled seats of this reversible collection have pocket coil springs. The tufted seat and back cushion add elegance to your home decor. It is value for money with additional factors. The pull-out sleeper has designed in heavy stitching, which gives an excellent look. The dimensions of this product are 84″length, 54.5″ width, 34.5″ height inches.

Why Do We Love It

  • Spacious in size for a small home.
  • It can use as an L-shaped lounge or full-size bed.
  • The reversible storage chaise with additional space.
  • It comes under affordable value.


Sofa cum beds are comfortable and designed in such a way to use as both Sofa and bed. They are efficient and do not occupy much space. Always look for a sofa bed that offers the best quality, rich fabric for more extended durability and robust sturdiness with the warranty’s longevity. They also come in a variety of sizes and designs. But here are the top best Sofa bed with Storage in 2022. These are the specific things to consider before purchasing your dream Sofa bed.

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