Best Smart Robot Toys for Kids in 2022 – Intelligent Remote Control

Are your kids getting bored staying indoors? Do you not have enough time to play with them? If so, why don’t you find something your children can play and have fun with rather than a phone? It is time to get your kids a robot toy. It can provide children with educational and social benefits. According to manufacturers, a robotic toy is beneficial for child development. It helps children develop social skills and boost their creativity. That is why selecting smart robot toys for kids now is what you should do to bring them happiness.

The twelve terrific robot toys in 2022 below are highly recommended by many customers globally. We will prove why they have suggested those robot toys. Below, you can find the description of an individual product, buying features, pros, and cons. You can start your reading now to know all of those innovative toys.

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12. ROYBI Robot Bilingual AI Smart Educational Companion Smart Robot Toy for Kids Boys and Girls

ROYBI Robot Bilingual AI Smart Educational Companion Smart Robot Toy for Kids Boys and Girls

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ROYBI is our first toy robot company on the list. This product is very lovely, and the packaging looks appealing. The most interesting part is it comes with an adoption certificate. Plus, the installation is straightforward. You just turn the robot on, install the app, and ask for a QR code to scan.

Then, you can be ready to play the lessons. There are two special features you might love about this toy, such as content and voice recognition. The content is basic in the beginning, and the robot will start asking children questions, including favorite food, color, etc., and also share its own favorites.

The contents become more complex, so your children can learn a lot from them. Kids really like the ways it can recognize their voice. You can buy this to surprise your kids on their birthday. They can sleep with this toy while listening to bedtime stories. You also can use this for homeschooling.

Reason To Buy

  • Friendly and clever
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Medical silicone
  • Face detected and voice recognized
  • Provide a fun way of learning
  • Long battery life

11. WEECOC Gesture Remote Control Smart Robot Toys

WEECOC Gesture Remote Control Smart Robot Toys

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This next robot toy has a good reputation for its two useful sets of wheels. When it moves around, it rotates those, which causes the robot to tilt but not fall over. It is pretty well made, and significantly it can move very fast and flexibly. It looks like a real intelligent robot, and it comes with a variety of options.

This Bot also can dance, sing, and perform, which makes kids very excited. This robot can change direction when you swipe your hand in front of him. Your children can pick this robot out and pay for it with the money they save up. They will enjoy it very much and love all things about it. For the price, it is also absolutely incredible.

Reason To Buy

  • Auto display
  • Senses gesture control
  • Walking and sliding
  • Interactive, safe, and dependable
  • Multi-entertaining: sing, dance, and perform
  • Intellectual programming and function-special design.

10. OKK Wireless Programming Smart Robot Toy for Kids Educational Gift

OKK Wireless Programming Smart Robot Toy for Kids Educational Gift

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OKK provides you with a smart robot toy. Its operation is very simple, enjoyable, special, practical, and more functional. It is a high-quality material. Kids will find it easy to use. Likewise, it has a walkie-talkie remote, and the fun part of using the walkie-talkie is with a speaker connected to the robot.

The buttons are also convenient to use, and the toy can make some funny sounds to keep the children engaged. You can use the remote to move it around, and the kids will try to follow it. Due to the bright color, kids will love it for sure. It is really worth your money.

This robot toy is fascinating, and children will love it, for the voice dialogue is very smooth, and many other functions can be programmed.

Reason To Buy

  • Spy mode
  • Safe and smart
  • Flexible remote control
  • Interactive walkie-talkie
  • Instructional demonstration
  • Exciting sound and tone effect

9. Pranite Intelligent Smart Robot Toy RC Programming

Pranite Intelligent Smart Robot Toy RC Programming

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This is another robot toy that gives many entertaining activities. There are so many functions on the remote control. When interacting with the robot, it is no problem to get entertained by the robot the whole day, and the children can even study from the educational money-saving advice the robot has when coins are dropped into the coin box’ in the head of the robot.

The robot’s voice is very comfortable, easy to understand, and sounds are like a small boy. Plus, the volume can be adjusted with the remote control. It is also relatively easy to start with the robot because there is a button on the remove, triggering the robot to explain all its possible moves. Its appearance and size are so right; not too large and not too small. It has a safe stand and can walk or even roll around on most types of floors.

Reason To Buy

  • Three attractive colors
  • Perfect personal assistant
  • Good at dancing and singing
  • Can be charged with a USB cable
  • Recording and replaying function
  • Built-in coin bank, helping develop a saving habit

8. SGILE RC Dinosaur Programmable Smart Robot Toy for Kids

SGILE RC Dinosaur Programmable Smart Robot Toy for Kids

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The following device goes to SGILE RC Dinosaur Robot Toy. If you have a toddler or teenage child, or grandchild, you need to get this rocking and a rolling dinosaur for a ton of Christmas fun. It is a great find and fun for all ages because it does so many different things and is interactive.

This is an excellent toy to play with, and you will have everyone in the room dancing and laughing all day long. It has all kinds of functions, and it is a touch and motion sensor. The Dino is sturdy and unique. Your kids will be happy with this new dinosaur robot collection toy.

Reason To Buy

  • Removable battery
  • Whiptail flexibly
  • Intellectual touch sensing
  • slide and walk with music and flashing eyes
  • Equipped cable to the computer USB port for 2-3h
  • 5V output charger with the included USB cable to charge the robot.

7. Power Your Fun Intellisaur Dinosaur Smart Robot Toy for Kids with Touch Sensors

Power Your Fun Intellisaur Dinosaur Smart Robot Toy for Kids with Touch Sensors

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Here is another leading-brand of toy robots. Your kids will absolutely love this thing since it has music capabilities, and they can dance around and play with it. The remote control is very kid-friendly, and everything about the item has very high quality. This toy has so many features and provides a lot of fun.

It can wiggle its tail and shoot the little darts. The dinosaur is perfect for the age it is intended for. It is not too complicated for young kids to understand and use the remote control. This product is also well constructed and can take a few bumps and bangs into a wall or door or other toys. It is a perfect purchase for a little kid who loves dinosaurs!

Reason To Buy

  • Battle mode
  • Fun and reliable
  • USB charging cable
  • Programming actions
  • Touch command sensors
  • Clever and multiple functions

6. Fistone RC Electronic Smart Dinosaur Robot Toy

Fistone RC Electronic Smart Dinosaur Robot Toy

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Let’s give a look at Fistone RC Robot. Kids will definitely fall in love with this robot toy. Your children can turn it on dance mode. Then, they can dance next to the dinosaur and try to copy its moves. The remote control function is excellent. It can walk, slide and dance.

It has basic buttons of walking forward and backward, which is attractive to kids. This can keep children busy for a very long time. It seems durable enough that you should not worry about carrying it around. It is quick to set up, and the ability to recharge the dinosaur battery is a plus.

Reason To Buy

  • Dependable program
  • ABS friendly materials
  • Intelligent touch-sensitive
  • Three buttons dancing modes
  • Flexible up and down movements
  • Built-in LED flashlights with various blinking emojis

5. Sonomo Toys Intelligent RC Smart Robot Toy for Kids

Sonomo Toys Intelligent RC Smart Robot Toy for Kids

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Surprise the kids with Sonomo RC Robot Toy. This cool RC robot toy will be a perfect companion for children, thanks to its ability to tell a story, dance, and sing. This product is a newly-upgraded version made of resilient and durable material. Additionally, it has the latest functions and beautiful shapes.

Sonomo RC Robot Toy features a gesture sensing function controlled by both controller and your gesture. You simply move your hand left, right, forward, or backward near the sensing zone, and the robot will act according to your commands.

Furthermore, this product comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 1hr. The charging process takes around 1hr, and you can use a USB cable for maximum convenience.

Reason To Buy

  • Comes in a beautiful shape and color
  • Features a story mode (2 stories)
  • Built from resilient and durable plastic
  • Uses a gesture sensing function
  • Easily controlled by a controller
  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery

4. Top Race Smart Robot Toy Walking Talking Dancing Educational for Kids

Top Race Smart Robot Toy Walking Talking Dancing Educational for Kids

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This model is the ideal way to go if you are looking for an educationally intelligent robot toy. Top Race RC Robot Toy can do all the cool stuff, including singing, dancing, telling stories, shooting discs, doing math quizzes, voice mimicking, etc. It brings both entertainment and education.

You can use this robot toy to sing 10 songs, read 10 stories, do over 40 math quizzes, etc. That way, the kids can learn from a very young age while having fun. Top Race RC Robot stands 21 inches tall and is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours.

The charging time takes about 80 minutes. The package comes with a USB cable, but the remote control batteries are not included.

Reason To Buy

  • Comes in an attractive design
  • Incredibly durable and safe to use
  • Brings both fun & education
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Capable of dancing, reading, doing quizzes, etc.
  • Features LED lights for cool performances

3. Threeking Smart Robots Toys for Kids Male Voice

Threeking Smart Robots Toys for Kids Male Voice

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Threeking Toy delivers everything you need – fun, game, and learning time. This smart robot can ensure to keep the kids active and focused all day long. The Threeking product uses gesture control. You simply move your hand backward, forward, left, or right near the sensor area, and the robot will demonstrate the movement you create with sound effects.

You can also use the controller to control it from your convenient places. Threeking Robots Toy features a patrol and obstacle avoidance to ensure the robot does not bump into the wall easily. Plus, all the materials and electronic elements are of the highest quality to ensure maximum safety and durability.

Reason To Buy

  • Super lightweight & long-lasting
  • Features a patrol and obstacle avoidance
  • Integrates stunning LED lights
  • Capable of moving in all directions
  • Offers a Large battery capacity
  • Includes a USB charger

2. Ruko Smart Robots for Kids with APP Control

Ruko Smart Robots for Kids with APP Control

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Ruko Smart Robot will make an exciting gift for kids on Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. This robot can keep children entertained and active throughout the day. Ruko features 4 smart controls to suit your preferences. You can use the app or remote control to operate it from any place in the house.

Simultaneously, you can also choose to use a voice command or movement sensor to move the robot in any direction. When you press the record button and speak, the robot will imitate your speech right away.

Ruko Smart Robot is equipped with an LED screen to give many facial expressions, including sad, worried, happy, disappointed, etc. Plus, this intelligent robot is constructed from premium ABS material, making it safe and hygienic for kids of all ages.

Reason To Buy

  • Comes with thick feet for a perfect balance
  • Integrates a sensitive sensor
  • Includes a voice recording function
  • Features LED emoji for many expressions
  • Offers 2 adjustable speeds
  • All hardware included in the package

1. ClicBot Coding Educational Smart Robot Kits for Kids with Touch Screen 

ClicBot Coding Educational Smart Robot Kits for Kids with Touch Screen 

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ClicBot Coding Robot is ready to be a loyal sidekick to your children. This model uses advanced technology that demonstrates more than 200 reactions, such as singing, walking, dancing, driving, and many more. The setup is effortless and easy (around 5mins).

You can choose to either build a dog or car by following the digital instruction step by step. With ClicBot Coding Robot, you are forever evolving. The robot regularly updates the version to offer you the latest features and possibilities.

Plus, it can also be operated via remote control or smartphone. All you need to do is simply download its free app from Google Play or App store to share ideas and create a community with other users worldwide.

Reason To Buy

  • Features a unique & flexible design
  • Demonstrates over 200 reactions
  • Offers a free app with regular updates
  • Comes with a smart remote control
  • Easy to operate & set up (only 5mins)
  • Delivers endless fun & entertainment

Buying Guides to Selecting the Best Smart Robot Toys for Kids

Now that you have finished all the above reviews, the next step is to know what to consider when buying a smart robot toy for kids. Here we have some essential tips to help you find the ideal product.

Consider the Age

Some robots can perform many human-like tricks, while some are meant for educational purposes. If your kid is under 5 years old, you might want to find a robot with cool movements. Kids at this age quickly get confused and bored if the toy is too complicated. Meanwhile, if your child is older than 5, consider going for a robot that is both fun and educational.

Consider the Quality

Children, in general, are rough and aggressive towards their toys. That is why you do not want to purchase a robot that breaks apart easily after a few uses. The material often plays a crucial part. In this sense, look for a resilient and thick plastic product, as it is more durable and crash-proof. Iron construction is also great, but it can be too heavy for the kids.

Consider the Price

It goes without saying that pricier robots are likely to be more durable and advanced. If you want a toy with more exciting features and movements, you might need to spend extra. Besides, you also need to consider how much you are willing to pay when the robot needs repairing. Thus, do a careful calculation and buy accordingly.


All in all, a robot toy is an exciting present for kids of all ages. This educational–oriented gadget is mainly designed to help children build confidence and creativity while having ultimate fun. It can also perform some cool and human-like tricks, including singing, dancing, telling stories, voice mimicking, etc. The list above includes all the top robot toys available in the market. We hope the provided information can help you pick the most suitable robot toys.

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