Best Reclining Office Chairs in 2021

Working in the office has always been tiring and stressful; therefore, you should make your working space super comfortable. Reclining office chairs is one of the most essential items that will make you at ease during working in the office, especially when you have to sit long hours during the day. The reclining office chair will not only make you convenient but also prevent you from back pain and other health issues.

You can easily find all kinds of chairs on the market; however, picking the best one could be very tricky. Below, we offer a list of the 12 best reclining office chairs in 2021, so that you can find your favorite product more easily. Besides, you can also find each product’s special features along with the tips and buying guides to purchase the ideal reclining office chair. Enjoy reading…!

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12. HALTER Executive Reclining Office Chair with Cushion Seat and Backrest

HALTER Executive Reclining Office Chair with Cushion Seat and Backrest

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Welcome to the first item of the list, an incredible reclining office chair by HALTER. HALTER has been known for making your restless day in your office much more relaxing. The leather with a high-density foam seat is exactly what you need for sitting in the office for the whole day.

Moreover, HALTER also comes with padded armrests that help you relax and support the sitting position. With this marvelous chair, you can sit very long without causing back or neck pain that leads to other serious health issues in the future.

Surprisingly, you can move the chair around without producing any noise that annoys your co-workers. The 135 degrees tilt function allows you to lean back and forth freely to your desired position.

Reasons To Buy

  • The high density of the foam for ultimate conform
  • Support all kind of sitting positions
  • Prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Move around without disturbing noise
  • Support weight up to 330 lbs

11. Snoviay Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Snoviay Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

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Back pain and shoulder pain are very common among those who are sitting long during the day. With Snoviay, you will never face such problems, and you will be able to make your day more productive. This amazing reclining office chair will keep your body moves freely without intensifying the stress that you already have from your workload.

Snoviay comes with a mess that offers a better airflow while the height is adjustable to fit the body perfectly. More impressively, the pullout footrest allows you to lay and take a nap whenever you are tired. Made of premium quality material, the chair is incredibly durable more than any office chair you can find. The structure and frame stay in place despite the movement you make with the chair.

Reasons To Buy

  • Better airflow with breathable mesh
  • Pullover footrest allows you to take a nap
  • Adjustable height to fit the body perfectly
  • Prevent any possible body pain
  • Comfortable cushion for any sitting positions

10. JULYFOX Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair with High back Faux Leather

JULYFOX Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair with High back Faux Leather

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A good working environment will absolutely make your performance more effective, so why not get yourself JULYFOX reclining office chair. JULYFOX offers the most soothing seat with top-quality PU leather and a high-density soft sponge. With a genius design, this impressive chair has a unique shape that fits and supports your spine and back perfectly.

On top of that, you can tilt up to 170 degrees so you can lay back comfortably and adjust your position. You can also rest your hold body by resting the legs on the extendable footrest underneath the chair. From now on, your working space is much more comfortable, especially with JULYFOX reclining office chair.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-density soft sponge for ultimate comfort
  • Unique design to fit body and support spine and back while sitting
  • Extendable footrest for resting
  • Made of top quality material
  • Tilt-up to 170 degrees for a better sitting position

9. Vinsetto High Back Vibrating MassageReclining Office Chair

Vinsetto High Back Vibrating MassageReclining Office Chair

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You have no idea how important the office chair is to you until you have Vinsetto. Your working experience will definitely be different, and your performance will be much better after having Vinsetto in your office. The moment you sit in this reclining office chair, you will feel the enthusiasm to work since you find yourself very convenient and stress-free.

Your back will not hurt, and you will never feel the tension in your shoulder, thanks to the ergonomic design of the chair that fully supports your body with a soft foam seat and padded armrest. Surprisingly, Vinsetto comes with built-in vibrating massage motors that help prevent any possible pain after sitting long hours in the office.

Reasons To Buy

  • Ergonomic design fully supports the body
  • 7 vibrating massage motors
  • Title angle and adjustable height
  • Super soft foam seat and padded armrest
  • Pullout footrest for more comfort

8. SIHOO Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

SIHOO Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

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SIHOO is one of the most helpful chairs for your office, especially when you have to stay inside the whole day. SIHOO is the reclining office chair that comes with breathable mesh and lumbar support to offer a cozy seat. The armrest is soft yet durable, so you can rest your arms and release the tension from your shoulder.

Furthermore, you can also pull out the footrest and rest in order to restore your energy during the stressful period. What makes SIHOO more impressive is that the height and cushion are adjustable up to 3 levels. Hence, you can set and find your best position easily for your working condition.

Reasons To Buy

  • Breathable mesh to release heat from the back
  • Lumbar support for preventing back pain
  • Supporting armrest to release tension
  • Thick and soft cushion
  • 3 adjustable levels of lumbar

7. STARSPACE Big and Tall Reclining Office Chair with Adjustable Back Angle

STARSPACE Big and Tall Reclining Office Chair with Adjustable Back Angle

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Have you ever got back pain after working along day in the office? If you have experienced this, you should consider changing your chair. STARSPACE reclining office chair will be the best choice in creating a pleasant working space regarding seat. With the built-in lumbar support, you will never face back pain ever again.

Importantly, that lumbar support is adjustable, so you do not have to worry about different body sizes or shapes. Plus, the cushion is high density and cozy, which fits the body perfectly and creates comfortable body support. You can also tilt it back to 135 degrees to relax your whole body during the break.

Reasons To Buy

  • The tall and big back support
  • Adjustable lumbar support for all body shapes
  • Tilt-up to 135 degrees for resting
  • High-density cushion for better support
  • The footrest can be pulled out underneath the seat

6. REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Office Chair

REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Office Chair

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If you are moving to a new office, REFICCER reclining office chare is what you need. This chair comes with well-made black leather, which will be a perfect match for the new office. The unique design of the waterfall edge with the lumbar support will bring the most comfort to your body no matter how you sit.

All part of your body will feel much less tense with this amazing reclining chair, thanks to the locking system that always keep the body at the right angle. On top of that, you can move around freely and smoothly without interrupting your work. At the bottom of the chair, you can pull out the footrest at any time to free yourself from the intense situation.

Reasons To Buy

  • Always keep you at the right angle with a locking system
  • Can tilt up to 175 degree
  • Supporting lumbar
  • High-quality leather
  • Waterfall edge design to maximize the comfort

5. Duramont Executive Reclining Leather Office Chair with High Back

Duramont Executive Reclining Leather Office Chair with High Back

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Duramont Reclining Office Chair brings you the utmost comfort and style. This product comes with a soft cushion and a waterfall seat edge to minimize your legs’ pressure while sitting down. Now you can stay comfortable and focused even when you need to work for an extended period.

Duramont Reclining Office Chair is built with a robust, heavy-duty iron base to ensure maximum sturdiness and stability while sitting. It has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The nylon rolling casters allow you to move the chair smoothly and effortlessly from one place to another.

Additionally, our reclining chair is covered with premium bonded leather to ensure extended durability. The bonded leather also makes this chair look unique and elegant, contributing significantly to the room’s decoration. Apart from that, Duramont Reclining Office Chair features a locking system, allowing you to adjust it to any angle from 90o to 155 o to accommodate your comfort.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a soft cushioned seat & back
  • Covered with a premium bonded leather
  • Built with a heavy-duty metal base
  • Features a waterfall seat edge
  • A flexible reclining position with a lock
  • Carries a 1-year warranty

4. Ticova Ergonomic High Back Reclining Office Chair

Ticova Ergonomic High Back Reclining Office Chair

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Ticova Office Chair features an ergonomic design that seamlessly fits your spine. It effectively helps relieve pressure, pain, and fatigue resulting from long working hours. This model comes with adjustable back support, allowing you to rock back and forth with ultimate comfort.

You can customize your preferred depth and then recline the back to any position up to 140 degrees. The cushioned seat, headrest, and armrests are all flexible, meaning you can concentrate on work in your comfortable position.

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair is equipped with 3″ high-density foam with a waterfall edge design to offer a spacious support area while minimizing the pressure from the legs and hips. Moreover, the base is constructed from SGS certified heavy-duty metal capable of bearing weight up to 1136kg. All the caster wheels are smooth, quiet, and floor-friendly.

Reasons To Buy

  • Equipped with top-quality & breathable mesh
  • More extensive, thicker, & softer support area
  • 140o reclining position with rocking
  • Comes with SGS certified resilient metal legs
  • Uses quiet & floor-friendly caster wheels
  • Offers a 30-day refund & a 1-year warranty

3. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair with Footrest and Lumbar Support

Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair with Footrest and Lumbar Support

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With Hbada Reclining Office Chair, you can entirely focus on your work while sitting comfortably in the office. Our product features an ergonomic design with padded armrests, a large cushioned seat, and a high-density breathable mesh back.

This office chair fits perfectly with the shape of your body to help release the pressure from your spine. The breathable mesh back allows for enough air circulation to keep you cool and prevent sweat even on a hot summer day.

The large cushioned seat offers a comfy sitting area where you can sit down for extended hours without feeling discomfort. Hbada Reclining Office Chair uses a kinematic tilt mechanism, allowing you to adjust the back between 90 to 150 degrees, and lock it at your favorite angle.

Reasons To Buy

  • Safe, durable, & strong bearing
  • Comes with a 30o rotatable headrest
  • Includes an adjustable lumbar support
  • Offers a high-density breathable mesh back
  • Equipped with a 10cm cushioned seat
  • Solid base & smooth-gliding casters

2. Marvel Avengers Reclining Office Chair

Marvel Avengers Reclining Office Chair

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Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair is what all the pro-gamers are using. This model offers all the significant benefits in one package – top-notch quality, premium material, vibration feature, and 5-star customer service. This gaming chair uses high-density molded foam to ensure the ultimate comfort and convenience even after a long gaming session.

Both backrest and armrests are adjustable, allowing you to find your favorite position and lock it securely. You can recline the backrest to suit different purposes, such as nap time, popcorn & movie time, or gaming focus. Our chair is equipped with a vibration massage to soothe the pain and pressure from your back.

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair is manufactured from a strong and robust steel construction for added safety and stability. Besides, the caster wheels are smooth and floor-friendly.

Reasons To Buy

  • Built from a strong & robust steel frame
  • Equipped with a vibration massage
  • Integrates adjustable armrests & backrest
  • Comes with high-density molded foam
  • Smooth-rolling & floor-friendly casters
  • Offers a 5-star customer service

1. Ergousit High Back Rolling Swivel Reclining Office Chair

Ergousit High Back Rolling Swivel Reclining Office Chair

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Get rid of your uncomfortable old chair and move on to something more beautiful and advanced. Ergousit Office Chair comes in scientific design and stunning appearance that perfectly pairs with the room’s decoration. This model is constructed to help improve your posture by aligning your back correctly with the backrest.

At the same time, it also effectively releases all the pains and soreness resulting from sitting down for an extended period. The adjustable backrest allows you to recline it to any angle between 90 to 110 degrees, while the armrests can flip-up for space-saving storage under the desk.

The headrest is flexible and spacious to ensure better rest. Apart from that, you can also adjust this chair to any of your desired heights and then lock it securely. Ergousit Office Chair offers 5-year manufacturer support.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes in a stunning & scientific body
  • Adjustable headrest, backrest, & armrests
  • Uses high-density breathable mesh
  • Noise-free & smooth-gliding casters
  • Large weight capacity (over 300lbs)
  • Carries a 5-year manufacturer support

Buying Guides to Selecting the Best Reclining Office Chairs

When looking for a reclining office chair, you obviously want a product that can effectively address your needs; however, this can be hard if you are buying it for the first time. Below are some essential tips to help you make an informed purchase.

Consider the Caster Wheels

Most reclining office chairs are already equipped with caster wheels to help users move around more conveniently while sitting down. Therefore, you need to look for any model with 5 equally spaced caster wheels, often known as a 5-star base. Such a chair usually offers a large bearing capacity with maximum stability.

Consider the Footrest

This feature is of great help if you are among those who love reading or taking a nap after launch. We suggest that you look for an office chair with a spacious and padded footrest, as it allows you to fully stretch your body for a quality rest after long working hours. Additionally, also check if the footrest is flexible so that you can find your preferred angle and height.

Consider the Seat Depth

If the seat is too deep, you surely will not be able to lean your back comfortably against the backrest, which might lead to back pain or incorrect posture in the long run. In this case, we recommend that you find a chair with adjustable depth to let you sit all the way to the lumbar support without pressing the back of your knees with the seat.


A reclining office chair is one of the must-have furniture in the workplace. It usually comes with an adjustable backrest and padded seat to ensure the utmost comfort during a long working period. Additionally, it also integrates a set of caster wheels for effortless mobility.

Finding the right reclining office chair can be a considerable challenge, especially when you do not have reliable information. Given that fact, we have prepared a list containing only the finest products available. All you need to do is pick one from our collection above.

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