The Best Macbook Backpacks for Women in 2022

Having a MacBook laptop is fancy and cool. Yet, we need a backpack to hold it when we need to carry it along. For ladies, today we bring you the selection of the women’s backpacks for MacBook. These MacBook backpack for women are well assessed and carefully selected by our assigned team so that you can bring the best for you. If you are in the hunt for one, check them out!

List of the Best of Macbook Backpacks for Women in 2022

5. Targus 16-Inch Denim Laptop Backpack

 Targus 16-Inch Denim Laptop Backpack:

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This stylish MacBook backpack for women by Targus is popular due to its comfortable fit and solid protection. Its affordable and is therefore ideal for female students and professionals who are on a tight budget. Besides being affordably priced, this backpack also provides the necessary protection. It is suitable for MacBooks up to 15.6 inches and comes with its distinct protective sleeve. You can also use this backpack while traveling, beach hopping, biking, and on several other occasions.


  • The backpack is spacious enough to accommodate up to 3 textbooks besides that MacBook of yours.
  • Its design uses a denim-styled nylon material which has a clean, minimalist appearance. So there is no dearth of surplus pockets and zippers.
  • There are two front pockets to keep your tiny objects safe.
  • This backpack’s design highlights a zippered front pocket to comfortably tuck-in your wallet, keys and other tiny items.
  • On the inside, there is a well-organized compartment that is equipped with a mobile phone pocket, pen loops, and many pockets.
  • Besides the cushioned laptop section, this backpack also has a spacious storage space to keep books and documents securely.
  • While you carry your MacBook around, the cushioned back panel and shoulder bands offer great comfort.
  • This MacBook backpack for women is waterproof, so there is no problem due to rain and moisture. Since the material used in it is denim, it keeps the laptop protected from water.
  • The entire arrangement is such that it makes everything easy to access.
  • Its front pocket is ideal to accommodate business cards and passport.
  • The section meant to hold the laptop features impeccable rigidity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that while placing anything else in the backpack.

4. Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack

 Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack:

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This is a highly acclaimed, travel-friendly MacBook backpack for women, and is specifically designed for road warriors. Therefore, it comes with spacious storage options and also offers great accessibility and ease of use. It is an extremely convenient option for working women.


  • This MacBook backpack comes with front zip pockets that let you keep your tiny items safely.
  • It has an assortment of well-organized pockets to accommodate phones, pens, and other stuff.
  • Its pockets consist of two interior slip, two interior zip, and five exteriors. Therefore, you don’t have to take out your devices for security checks.
  • In the bag, the main compartment is spacious and can safely accommodate your jacket, books, and several carry-on essentials.
  • Sufficient air circulation is ensured with the help of channeled air mesh aerated back panel.
  • The fully cushioned laptop compartment is uniquely lined with quilted tricot fabric that offers a soft fit.
  • MacBooks that are up to 15″ in size would easily fit inside this backpack.
  • Its tricot-lined floating pocket keeps the smartphone and sunglasses secure.
  • You can easily carry this backpack because of its custom-fit strap design that ensures a comfortable fit.
  • There is a flexible outer pocket for placing U-lock or a water bottle. Also, there is an on-strap bottle opener for that quick and timely refreshment.
  • Its body features shatterproof grab handles present on every side to make carrying it much easier.
  • The cushioned front pocket provides security for iPad mini or other tiny electronics.
  • Its compression straps let you store your sweater, jacket, and yoga mat. Besides that, it also secures the backpack when it is fully loaded.
  • The MacBook backpack allows you to pass through airport security. As a matter of fact, the deliberately positioned outer pockets provide you an easy access to cards and phone within the tight quarters.

3. Everki Versa Premium Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack for 14.1-Inch MacBook Pro 15

3. Everki Versa Premium Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack for 14.1-Inch MacBook Pro 15 (EKP127):

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The newest addition to Everki’s Versa line is this MacBook backpack for women, which is specifically designed for professionals. However, it is specifically designed to fit in the 14.1-inch MacBook. Not to mention that this backpack’s unique characteristic is that it checkpoint friendly. Also, this MacBook backpack for women is built from premium materials.


  • This backpack’s shell-protect design certainly provides quick-access to gadgets and sunglasses.
  • Its felt-lined pocket is suitable to store iPad and tablet.
  • To provide ultimate protection, this backpack comes with a corner-guard protection mechanism.
  • Its shoulder strap system is ergonomically designed to not entangle.
  • As a result of its water-repellent ballistic nylon outer surface, there is certainly no chance of water penetrating inside it.
  • Its fashionable black exterior and ergonomic design help to conveniently fit this backpack in the boardroom, and therefore, it is also recommended for travel.
  • It comes with two leather handles that enable the user to either use it as a bag or like a briefcase. This seems like a very useful option when you are in business formals like a blazer and don’t want to carry a backpack.
  • Its laptop compartment conveniently fits in the MacBook Pro 15” or any laptop that comes with sizes up to 14.1”. As a matter of fact, its cushioned, felt-lined pocket gives you the precise fit.
  • The adjoining slot for iPad, and tablet offers extra protection. Also, this compartment opens up to a full 180 degrees in order to simplify the checking process through airport security.
  • All the contents remain safe due to the brand’s original, patent-pending corner-guard protection mechanism.
  • As a matter of fact, this backpack’s functionality is not limited only to its laptop compartment. Besides that, there is also a file organizer to keep your documents safely in a proper place. Moreover, it protects delicate corners in order to avoid dog-earing.
  • A transparent pocket and two unique velcro pockets help remain better organized. Even when the slots and pockets are full, this compartment provides ample space for a light jacket or sweater.

    Additional Features

  • With the help of a shell-protected sunglass case, your eyewear and delicate things stay safe. This arrangement is extremely useful for women to keep their sunglasses and beauty products.
  • Even with a full load, there is no compromise on comfort.
  • Its ergonomically designed shoulder bands are adjustable. Not to mention that the structure of the bands keeps it unentangled. As a matter of fact, when you carry this MacBook backpack as a briefcase, the band would tuck in neatly.
  • Its construction includes high quality, water-resistant Ballistic nylon covering.
  • The well-built leather handles positioned on top of the bag allows you to carry it like a briefcase.
  • Whenever you are traveling with lots of bags, you can use the trolley handle placed on the back portion of this backpack. That certainly helps you to put in lesser efforts.

2. OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

 OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack:

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The brand OGIO is a frontrunner in the Powersports industry. It offers a wide range of performance gears such as bags, ramps, stands, etc. Since its inception, this brand emphasized on its innovative products that use high-quality materials. It further claims that these are thoroughly tested against abrasion, blowouts, and color fading. The most appealing aspect of this MacBook backpack is certainly its easy access to a variety of pockets and compartments. Therefore, this backpack is ideal for school, college, golf, and business trips.


  • There are two zippered utility pockets on either side to ensure ease of access. In order to conveniently access the phone, this backpack comes with a quick access, expandable phone pocket.
  • Since it only weighs around 3.5lbs, it is quite easy to carry it.
  • The enhanced shoulder strap foam cushion generates a Sweet Spot comfort zone.
  • Its soft MacBook compartment is armor shielded. Also, it is equipped with RSS (Reactive Suspension System) to conveniently fit in a majority of the 15” laptops. You can also try tucking in a thin 17″ laptop.
  • As a matter of fact, this RSS technology protects your MacBook against any kind of harm, just in case the bag drops.
  • Your electronics and other valuables remain safe from abrasion because of the built-in foam panels.
  • For ultimate comfort, the body includes HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel).
  • A cushioned pocket keeps your digital camera and mouse safe in it.
  • You can easily carry the backpack with the help of its ergonomic shoulder straps equipped with sternum strap.
  • If you want to keep more than just one water bottle, you can do that because this bag comes with a water bottle holder on either side.
  • Its sleek and cushioned neoprene grab handle facilitates easy transportation.
  • This backpack is a fully-loaded and designed keeping in mind the needs of frequent travelers. Therefore, it can handle anything that you throw at it.
  • It accommodates a majority of the laptops with an extra tablet pocket.
  • There are lots of pockets and compartments like the crush-resistant tech vault pocket; cushioned camera or mouse pocket; expandable phone pocket; zippered side pockets; and deluxe panel pocket with the zippered hoard.

1. Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpack

 Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpack (2340):

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The unique characteristic of this backpack is an assortment of well-arranged pockets. Its spacious compartment conveniently fits in MacBooks of screen sizes varying between 15-17 inches. With the help of quick access pockets, there are no hassles finding any of the items kept inside.


  • This MacBook backpack has a file organizer and multi-media storage sections.
  • Its quick-access pocket is ideal to accommodate tickets and important documents.
  • The backpack comes with a foam insert which can accommodate Apple portable computers that come with screen sizes varying between 15 to 17 inches.
  • Its patent-pending CORE protection system functions seamlessly to secure its four corners and side panels.
  • It has a front organizer panel that includes various pockets for battery, mouse, disks, USB flash, etc.
  • Its exceptionally well-protected compartment is capable of keeping your MacBook secure. Also, it provides considerable protection against abrupt drops and bumps.
  • With the help of jagged ballistic nylon, this MacBook backpack appears appealing.
  • The backpack is equipped with ergonomically cushioned shoulder bands and handles that distribute weight evenly.
  • For ease of access, this backpack is equipped with sturdy hardware, this includes the coated oversized zippers and stress point reinforcements.
  • Its overall design is such that nothing would fall apart. Therefore, you needn’t worry about it.
  • Its straps are precisely cushioned and appear like they would sustain the extra stress if just one strap is used over the shoulder.
  • The armored and cushioned main compartment accommodates your MacBook. It comes with excess padding and also appears like it would keep the MacBook protected in case of falls.
  • You would find comfort placing this backpack over the cushioned bottom from a height of 18″.
  • You can find even the smallest items easily, and without any confusion in its well-organized compartments. So, you can keep your wallet, keys, cards, needles, etc.

Final call

Comfort and security are the two most vital aspects to focus on while purchasing a MacBook backpack. Therefore, some of the most secure and stylish MacBook backpacks for women are listed above, in order to help you narrow down your search. So, with these backpacks, women would be able to carry themselves in style and comfort, while keeping their MacBooks safe.

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