Best Boot Dryers in 2022

If your boot stays wet for a long time, then there can be a bad odor. To prevent this, you can make use of a boot dryer. It helps to improve the quality of your boot and you don’t have to wait long for drying your boots. The boot dryers come with multiple features and offer you many options. Some can also be suitable for other items and it helps to discourage the buildup of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

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12. MaxxDry Extra Size Boot Dryer

MaxxDry Extra Size Boot Dryer

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This shoe dryer utilizes the thermal convection drying process. The uniform heat distribution keeps your shoes and garments undamaged. Moreover, this drying tool maintains the temperature at 105-degree Fahrenheit of these heating elements. You can get rid of sweaty odor from your footwear.

The gentle heating function promotes no harm to your delicate gear. Nevertheless, you can keep your shoes free from contaminating viruses. You can also keep your skin safe from irritation. Furthermore, this dryer is suitable for drying shoes of various materials.

You can extend the lifespan of your garments or footwear by using this machine. The complete drying process can take almost half of the day. However, you can stop the untimely deterioration of your shoes. This heating process reduces perspirations, dampness, and odor from footwear.

Reasons To Buy

  • Supports simple plug-n-play operation.
  • Uses the thermal convection drying process.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty and delicate materials.

11. Ohuhu Electric Boot Dryer with Heat Blower

Ohuhu Electric Boot Dryer with Heat Blower

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This multifunctional shoe dryer consists of four shoe brackets. This drying tool also comes along with six air tubes. Moreover, the assembly process of this dyer is lesser troublesome. The quick-drying function keeps your shoes free from moisture.

Nevertheless, the silent motor runs without any complication. You can maintain peace in your home. The even heat circulation also leaves no spots wet. The drying tool keeps neoprene, fleece, synthetics, and canvas shoes cleaned. Furthermore, this drying tool consists of a 200-watt heat blower.

You can use this dryer for drying helmets, hats, liners, and ski boots. However, you can extend the ventilation tubes for taller boots. The drying process only takes 20 to 40-minutes. The overheating protection assures the safety of this machine.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Works on different shoes and garments.
  • The assembly process is complication-free.
  • Comes with an automatic shut-off function.

10. IRIS USA Platinum Shoe And Boot Dryer with Timer

IRIS USA Platinum Shoe And Boot Dryer with Timer

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This shoe dryer comes with a low-profile structure. However, you can also carry this tool along with you almost everywhere. Moreover, the intelligent timer allows you to select the cycle duration accordingly. This boot dryer comes with a reduced yet efficient drying cycles.

The extendable hoses let you dry taller boots. Nevertheless, the adjustable temperature settings aptly match the drying needs of footwear. This electric shoe dryer also has a kickstand. Hence, you can use this tool for drying your garments.

Furthermore, the adjustable modes make the drying process efficient and lesser time-consuming. The notches in shoe-drying hoses let you dry two pairs of boots simultaneously. However, the integrated deodorizing function keeps your shoes fresh and odor-free. The convenient buttons let you operate functions accordingly.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Comes with adjustable modes.
  • Kills the moisture and stinky odor.
  • Has a separate deodorizing function.

9. Kendal Warm Air Boots Dryer

Kendal Warm Air Boots Dryer

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This wall-mounted boot dryer comes along with four ventilation tubes. These tubes also circulate the air thoroughly. Moreover, the provided wall-mounting kits make assembly and disassembly trouble-free. This shoe dryer comes along with a smart timer.

Hence, you can fix the timer for almost 3-hours. Nevertheless, the drying process only takes about an hour. You can use this tool for drying gloves, boots, shoes, and more. This dryer also comes along with dual temperature modes.

Furthermore, you can simultaneously apply the drying process on shoes and gloves. This space-saving tool is just the right thing for outdoor trips. You can efficiently remove the odor and sweat from your footwear. However, the active carbon effortlessly kills the odor-causing bacteria. You can choose the duration of drying from zero to 180-minutes.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Consists of an active carbon filter.
  • Supports hassle-free wall mounting.
  • Comes with a temperature-controlling knob.

8. PEET Boot Dryer with Deodorizer Module and Sanitizer

PEET Boot Dryer with Deodorizer Module and Sanitizer

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This boot dryer is suitable for killing germs and feet odor. However, this tool is just the right thing for wet climates. Moreover, the heating function never causes any damage to delicate material. This dryer works on felt, microfiber, synthetics, neoprene, rubber, and vinyl.

Nevertheless, you can maintain hygiene by reducing sweat and odor. This drying machine functions as a sanitizer for garments and footwear. The compact design also makes this machine suitable for tight spaces.

Furthermore, the drying, deodorizing, and sanitizing functions run for 3 to 8-hours. The heating process seems to be harmless on different materials. Hence, this process never shrinks your fleece, felt, and other supple fabrics. The heating function significantly lessens the building up of mildew and mold.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Suitable for different styles of shoes.
  • The heating function is gentle on materials.
  • Prevents the building up of mold and mildew.

7. Air Choice Electric Boot Dryer with Timer for Space Saving

Air Choice Electric Boot Dryer with Timer for Space Saving

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A compact boot dryer makes a perfect choice for apartment rooms. The angle-adjustable tubes also let you save space when not in use. Moreover, the silent air circulation process runs thoroughly for uniform drying. This electric shoe dryer consists of a vibration-free rotor.

Hence, the air circulation process utilizes the thermal convection process. This drying machine works with most of the standard 120-volt household electric outlets. The tubes are also flexibly adjustable. Furthermore, the hollow tubes keep the air circulating without any blockage.

This boot warmer is suitable for drying sneakers, boots, and leather footwear. You can adjust the angles of these tubes from 45 to 90-degree. Nevertheless, you can dry boots, socks, liners, and garments. The rapid-drying process effectively reduces the drying time.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Includes a storage box for cords.
  • Uses thermal convection technology.
  • The assembly process is complication-free.

6. Dr. Prepare Electric Boot Dryer with Heat Blower

Dr. Prepare Electric Boot Dryer with Heat Blower

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This handy drying machine for shoes has two articulating tubes. These tubes also fold down compactly when unused. The 90-degree folding design lets you carry this tool from one place to another. Moreover, the machine has customizable heat settings.

Therefore, you can change the temperature from 104 to 122-degree Fahrenheit. This heating blower speeds up the drying process. You can use the heating process on socks, liners, hats, and berets. However, the heating function also kills harmful germs and bacteria.

Furthermore, the intelligent timer lets you control the drying function consistently. However, by sensing the types of shoes, this machine automatically runs the drying cycles. This drying tool is practical and energy-efficient as well. The heat blower drastically lowers electricity consumption.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Consists of a smart timer.
  • The drying process runs automatically.
  • Works on delicate and heavyweight garments.

5. DryGuy Boot Dryer with Articulating Port Force Dryer

DryGuy Boot Dryer with Articulating Port Force Dryer

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The folding design of these ventilation tubes makes storage trouble-free. The rubber feet also keep this boot dryer stable on any surface. Moreover, the articulating ports can hold different types of shoes and boots. However, the heating function promotes no damages to your expensive shoes.

The heat-dissipating panels at the bottom keep the fan work smoothly. You can use this shoe dryer for drying garments and gloves. These drying ports also offer uniform air circulation. Furthermore, the functional drying machine can work with ski boots. The warm, forced air accelerates the drying process.

Hence, you can keep your shoes safe from sweaty odors. Nevertheless, the whisper-quiet rotary fan makes this dryer an ideal choice for homes. Your delicate clothes stay undamaged by drying these pieces on this dryer.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The heating function is optional.
  • Dries delicate garments and boots.
  • Produces warm forced air circulation.

4. OdorStop Deodorizer Boot and Shoe Dryer with Fan and Heat

OdorStop Deodorizer Boot and Shoe Dryer with Fan and Heat

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The detachable ventilation tubes also make storage hassle-free for homemakers. Moreover, you can have complete control over the drying process. This machine is capable of eliminating foot odors. Nevertheless, the high-speed fan runs complication-freely for hours.

The air circulation process is silent and uniform. Drying is easy due to the combination of short and long tubes. You also put gloves and garments on these tubes for drying. Furthermore, the adjustable tube design accommodates various clothes and footwear. You can customize the speed of the fan up to three levels.

However, the integrated deodorizing function makes your footwear smell fresh. The heating function runs optionally according to your needs. This machine comes with an energy-saving automatic shut-off function. However, the timer lets you schedule the drying function precisely.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Comes with two air-outlet caps.
  • Includes multiple ventilation tubes.
  • The tube configuration is customizable.

3. MaxxDry Boot Shoe and Glove Dryer

MaxxDry Boot Shoe and Glove Dryer

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The space-saving unit keeps your floor space clutter-free. The well-built structure also reduces the risks of wobbling. Moreover, this air boot dryer comes along with a 6-feet long power cord. You can use this drying tool for drying gloves, garments, and shoes.

This tool works like magic in killing stinky foot smell. Nevertheless, the flute-like dry ports circulate the air thoroughly. Hence, this machine leaves no cold spots while drying shoes. The convenient drip tray also catches the water drops. Therefore, you can keep your space dry and mess-free.

Furthermore, the four-port design lets you use dry four garments simultaneously. The 16-inch detachable extension tubes help you to dry taller boots with ease. However, the optional heating function makes this tool quite functional. This machine comes with a 3-hour timer.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Effectively kills foot smells.
  • Offers damage-free heating on clothes.
  • The tubes come with a flute-like structure.

2. PEET Electric Boot Dryer

PEET Electric Boot Dryer

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The self-balancing boot dryer includes four integrated poles. However, this shoe dryer also accommodates taller boots. Moreover, you can use this machine for drying footwear of various materials. This unit safely dries delicate leather, vinyl, rubber, synthetics, and felt shoes.

However, you can effortlessly kill wetness, sweat, and germs by using this tool. The extension tubes let you place waders and tall boots. This machine is capable enough to withstand heavyweight. The electric shoe dryer also consumes lesser electricity during operation.

Furthermore, the extension attachment never blocks the natural air circulation. Hence, the warm air spreads uniformly through these tubes. Nevertheless, you can remove moisture to extend the lifespan of your gear. The fan-derived warm air circulation runs without producing noises. The integrated LED screen and timer make operation convenient.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Works on various types of materials.
  • The fan is super-quiet and vibration-free.
  • Consumes lesser power during the process.

1. DryGuy DX Electric Air Boot Dryer

DryGuy DX Electric Air Boot Dryer

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Nobody likes to wear stinky shoes every morning. Hence, this boot dryer also makes the drying process of shoe complication-free. You can use this drying tool to keep your footwear fresh and cleaned. Moreover, this air dryer is suitable for keeping your garments odor-free.

You can pick this dryer for keeping your gloves moisture-free. You can put four pieces of clothes on this tool for drying. Besides, you can use this dryer to kill the stinky smells in garments. Furthermore, the complete process takes about 1 to 2-hours.

This tool is a must-have item for extended winter seasons. Nevertheless, the heating elements of this machine can reach up to 40.5-degree Celsius. This unit comes along with detachable extension tubes. Hence, you can fit the boots up to 16-inch.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Suitable for shoes, gloves, and garments.
  • The extension tubes are quickly detachable.
  • The heating elements generate heat rapidly.

Buying Guides To Choose For Boot Dryers


The different types of boot dryers are PTC boot dryers, gel boot dryers, thermal convection boot dryers, and UV boot dryers. You will have to consider multiple factors and see if it meets your needs.


The capacity can vary accordingly. You will have to get a boot dryer that comes in a versatile design and can accommodate boots of all sizes. Some can be perfect for more than one pair of boots at a time.

Heat Level

To make sure there will be custom usage, you can see if it comes with adjustable heat settings. This makes it suitable for different types of materials and you need to see if it is safe to use.

Drying Time

The drying time is one of the most important criteria that you need to see while buying a boot dryer. Never go for the one that takes a long time to dry your boots. Some can dry in a quick time of up to 1 hour. However, getting the right one is a user preference.


The one that comes with a timer option will offer you a better advantage. It helps to turn it off automatically and you don’t have to use it manually.


If you are looking to prevent the formation of puddles, then see if it comes with a drip tray. Always see if it includes a reservoir so that there will be reliable performance. In addition to this, you will have to see the quality of the boot dryer. Select the one that offers you multiple benefits and lets you use it for gloves, hats, etc.


Keeping the boots dry is a must to avoid hygiene issues as well as feet and overall health issues. The buying guide contains multiple parameters and factors that you should keep in mind and check while purchasing. Our team has also helped you by picked the best boot dryers of various types to choose from easily.

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