Top 9 Best Yoga Mat Sprays and Cleaners (2021) Reviews – Buyer’s Guides

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you should have a yoga mat well. Also, you would need a proper cleaning method that can help you to keep your yoga mat clean and tidy. We agree that there are many methods to clean a yoga mat, but the proper way is to clean it through a cleaning spray.

We’ve already reviewed and selected the 9 best yoga mat sprays and cleaners which are specialized in cleaning yoga mat fabrics. More, it is made with specific ingredients that help you to clean your yoga mat from all the smudges and oil.

Besides, we have covered several FAQ’s to eliminate several confusions. We are hopeful that these FAQs will be of great use for you. And, a buyer’s guide would help you know the important factors that you need to know before buying yoga mat sprays and cleaners.

The Best Yoga Mat Sprays and Cleaners (2021) Reviews

10. ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

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Starting off with this incredible yoga mat spray and cleaner by Asutra. This is an ideal yoga mat cleaner that will help you clean and refresh your yoga mat and eliminate any slippery residue. The best part about this yoga mat cleaner is that it is all-natural and biodegradable that includes essential oils. This results in providing your mat with a pleasant smell.

Moreover, this yoga mat cleaner is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It will provide you great aid in eliminating any dust, germs, dirt or sweat on your yoga mat. Thus this is a great deal to have an infection-free yoga mat without any unpleasant smell. You’re going to love this yoga mat cleaner and spray and it will offer a great value to your money.

What We Like: 

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Includes all-natural ingredients
  • Consist of essential and organic oils
  • Cost-effective


  • The scent is found to be too strong
  • Several users reported the leakage of the lid while in their bag

9. Odor Zapper Disinfectant Spray

9. Odor Zapper Disinfectant Spray
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This spray is made from the antimicrobial and antifungal deodorant spray which provides you with scented fresh air. Other than that, it also includes purified water with peppermint and lavender essential oils.

Aside from that, it can be used to clean many products such as bags, shoes, yoga mats, and much more those materials which present a bad odour this spray can be used to scent them and get a perfect and pleasant odor.

What we like:

  • It presents a pleasant odour.
  • It works on every item which stinks.
  • The spray is effective and responsive.
  • Includes essential oils.


  • Does not include natural and organic ingredients

8. Begley’s 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

8. Begley's 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner
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If you own a yoga mat then you should show your yoga mat some love, with cleaning from this aromatic Begley’s spray which is completely natural and made from a plant-based formula with fragrant essential oils.

When you are cleaning your items around your house the vapors evaporate in the air, you and your family breathe scented and pleasant air. So, it improves the atmosphere of your house.

Here are some pro tips for using this product firstly you should shake the spray well and then spray on your yoga mat to remove dirt, body oil, and makeup, while it easily wipes away with a towel or paper towel.

What we like:

  • Emits refreshing and purified air maintains the atmosphere.
  • It is made with plant-based ingredients for organic use and health.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is made in the USA and contains no flammable substance.


  • Some users reported that it takes to long to dry

7. Mold Monster Yoga Refresh

7. Mold Monster Yoga Refresh
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It can protect your environment and atmosphere from bacteria, and yoga mats are the magnet for bacteria and germs so, refresh and eradicate the germs off your mat in a natural way. While maintaining the pleasant odor of your mat.

Other than that, this spray is made with peppermint, lavender for best aroma around the room or tea tree oil. The natural oils which are present in this spray are derived from an organic garden and have aromatherapeutic properties. Besides that, it also includes the highest quality oils and botanicals are used to ensuring your cleanliness.

This spray is made with completely organic materials and does not include any harmful chemicals or any preservative which can harm your health. With that said it doesn’t also include any flammable chemicals which can be as a safety purpose.

What we like:

  • It keeps you safe from bacteria.
  • It is made with Aromatherapeutic and organic oils.
  • It is safe for all mats and skins.
  • Uses premium quality natural ingredient


  • Some users reported the leakage of the lid and the spray spilling over already

6. Naturama Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

6. Naturama Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray
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The uses of this product are the main highlight of the features as it can be used across a range of exercise equipment. And the built materials and products used to make this spray distinguish this product from others.

As it is made from plant-based formulas and it is biodegradable which can be a pretty good advantage for human health. Other than that, this product is also organic which makes it an even better option when it comes to cleaning most of the gym or exercise equipment.

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With that said, this product can be used with most of the gym machines or equipment hence making it versatile and unique, with that it can also be used to purify the air from any type of stink or bad odor which can be helpful while cleaning the yoga mat.

Now, As I have come on yoga mat yes it can clean those too with efficiency and spread the pleasant air around you so that you can perform yoga in peace.

What we like:

  • It is made with completely organic products.
  • It makes the environment pleasant and scented because it can also be a deodorizer.
  • It is eco-friendly and cleans a wide range of bacteria and germs.
  • Easy to use yoga mat cleaner


  • A few buyers reported that it leave slippery residue behind after the application

5. The Laundress Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

5. The Laundress Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray
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Well, this product is no different than others which are present on this list, as it is made with the same products as they are other than that this can also be used as the deodorizer which can make you any exercise pleasant and wonderful. Talking about the exercise this spray can be used to clean any type of exercise equipment hence providing it a wide range of versatility.

Thus, if you are exercising jockey then this could be the best option for you as it can also remove or kill any type of germs and bacteria. While on the topic of germs and bacteria this spray can kill those because of its built materials as this spay is ecofriendly and completely organic which can be very healthy for some people as some people have allergies from various ingredients.

Aside from that this spray could be the one as it has no preservatives and flammable chemicals while talking about the chemicals this spray does not have any type of chemicals and can be a very good option when it comes to cleaning the yoga mat.

What we like:

  • The deodorant present in this spray is sports scented which can be helpful.
  • Made with non-toxic formulas.
  • It is free from any type of animal by-products.
  • It is also free from any chemicals and flammable ingredients.


  • Some users reported the fragrance to be too subtle
  • The quantity of spray is comparative less

4. Black Diamond Stoneworks Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner

4. Black Diamond Stoneworks Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner
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If you want to clean your gym or exercising equipment then this could be the next option for you as this spray can freshen clean and wipe all the germs from that equipment. Other than that, this product or spray can clean your yoga mat and can easily be wiped with a towel or paper towel.

With that said, this spray is like other which are present on this list as it is made with proper and standard built materials which can be a good sign for those who want this spray in a budget range this can be an inexpensive spray with the same features hence making it the best one on the market.

Other than that, this spray is made with all the organic ingredients which can be very healthy while you are breathing as on the topic of breathing this can scent the atmosphere with a good smell as there is deodorant adjusted in it to maintain the environment for the best.

Hence, no worries when cleaning the yoga mat as it will provide the best and excellent fragrance from your mat and will kill all the germs and bacteria from it while wiping off all the body oil and dirt.

What we like:

  • It can clean and restore the previous odour of your yoga mat with the help of the deodorant.
  • It is made with chemical-free ingredients.
  • There are no preservatives and flammable ingredients or any ingredients which can harm a person.
  • Affordable yoga mat spray


  • Several users reported it to be not very effective in cleaning. The stains were still remaining

3. Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

3. Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray
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Coming straight forward to the built material it is made with healthy and organic built material which can be helpful for those who engage and are active in saving the earth as this does not have any type of byproducts of animals or wood hence it is completely made with organic materials and no chemicals are included.

With that said, it also cleans your mat while providing a wonderful Fragrance in the atmosphere hence removing all the stink and bad odour from the mat because it is installed with deodorant which emits a Fragrance and removes the bad odour thus improving the odour of your mat.

Aside from that, this spray can be wiped with any type of towel hence making it very easy to be cleaned after sprayed if you have and a quick session of yoga. Besides it also kills all the germs and bacteria while keeping you safe and sound from any health issues.

What we like:

  • It is made with healthy and fresh materials.
  • Purify your atmosphere while cleaning your yoga mat.
  • The company is providing a towel for free for cleaning purposes.
  • Comes with a free towel


  • Some users reported that the liquid is thick and does not spread quickly
  • Some users also reported that the smell is too strong

2. Clever Yoga- Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

2. Clever Yoga- Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray
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This could be the next mat cleaner you buy as it is perfect for all those mats which are vulnerable and weak as this can just purify and clean your mat quickly. With that said, it is portable and can clean various objects from germs and bacteria to protect your health while keeping your exercise equipment and your yoga mat. Other than that, this product can maintain your environment and provide yours with scented and fresh air.

What we like:

  • It is made with 100% non-toxic ingredients.
  • There are no preservatives and chemicals.
  • Can clean your mat in seconds while providing you with a scented aroma.
  • Budget-friendly yoga mat cleaner


  • The spray bottle is small

1. Sumi Eco 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

1. Sumi Eco 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner
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Like the others, this product or spray is made with the same ingredients as other presents on this list as this is the best and standard method to make these types of sprays that can kill and clean bacteria.

Other than that, this also is provided with deodorant and can scent your atmosphere with a beautiful and acceptable fragrance which can be very helpful when you are performing with a group as no one wants to smell that stinky body oil smell so this product comes in handy in several ways.

What we like:

  • It cleans your mat with efficiency.
  • It is made with natural ingredients and oil.
  • It does not include any type of chemicals and flammable ingredients
  • Ideal spray and cleaner for killing bacterias


  • Some users reported that the scent of this yoga mat cleaner is not good

Best Yoga Mat Spray & Cleaners – Buyer’s Guide

Best Yoga Mat Spray & Cleaners


These sprays can be used in cleaning various products and equipment as they are versatile and flexible like they are not only used in cleaning yoga mats they can be used in cleaning your boxing gloves, gym gloves, gym pads, and much more. Essentially it can clean any of that equipment that collects body oil and bad odors.

Built Materials

Usually, this heading covers the built structure and material but this product does not fall in that category but this product has ingredients as this product spray which helps in cleaning the yoga mats and much more.

But from what it is made of? The ingredients are the standard set for these types of products such as a yoga mat cleaning spray is made from natural preservatives and organic oil which is a great and best option as it does not include any sort of chemicals or flammable ingredients hence it can be used by any type of person either kid or adult.


As it is a spray this product is highly portable as it is a size of a hand it can be fit in any pocket hence making it convenient as you can take this product anywhere at any time.

Other features

There are many features of this spray that can aid you in several ways such as it emits a positive odor which can create a pleasant atmosphere for you while you clean and even after you are done cleaning.

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Secondly, this product not only cleans the mat or your gym equipment but it also helps in removing germs and bacteria from that equipment and your yoga mat hence making this a vital and the best cleaning option for you when it comes to cleaning your yoga mat and gym equipment.

FAQ’s – Best Yoga Mat Spray & Cleaners

Best Yoga Mat Spray & Cleaners

What do you spray on a yoga mat?

Other than the yoga mat sprays you can even make your own DIY spray at home. Here are the following things you might need to have this done.

  • Spring or distilled  water ( 3/4 of spray bottle )
  • Small spray bottle (2-3 ounces)
  • 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • White Vinegar or witch hazel ( this is optional provision)

With these provisions, you will be able to make one of the most effective DIY yoga sprays.

How do you disinfect a yoga mat?

Whatever the frequency of how you use your Yoga mat, it gets dusty, moist and probably stinky. At least, this doesn’t contribute to a pleasant yoga experience! The surface of the mat will infiltrate and deteriorate with skin and product oils and dirt. These components will make it hard to perform yoga on your mat as they can slip you. You will prolong the life of your yoga mat and start to exercise cleanly and glide free by frequently cleaning and keeping up with day-to-day maintenance.

  • Every couple of months you can wash your mat completely, even more often, if you don’t actually practice or do yoga every day. Not only does the yoga mat last longer, but it also stops it from smelling and passing microbes to you.
  • Using a warm water solution and a gentle detergent, like dish soap. Dip into a bath and allow your yoga mat to soak for a few minutes. It helps to remove dust, oils and smells
  • Using a soft cloth to wipe all sides of the mat until the mat has been intoxicated for a few minutes. Wipe each side vigorously, focusing on things the hands and feet touch. However, keep in mind that you may not put your yoga mat in the washing machine, as it may significantly reduce your yoga mat’s quality. This would also result in difficulty in doing yoga as the mat becomes slippery.
  • Drain your mats in the tub and rinse the clean water in the washed mats. This tends to eliminate any traces from the soap and reduces the chance of a slippery mat.
  • Shake your yoga mat from the top of the mat for the release of water. Place the mat flat on a dry towel and squeeze the residual moisture together. Do not rip out your mat! Wrinkling Folding, tearing, or warping can occur. You should stand on the roll-up mat and towel to help bring excess water out.
  • When the excess water is drained out, remove the yoga mat from the towel. Leave it until it’s fully dry. Only use your mat until it’s completely dry again. Bits of mat squeezed between your fingers will make you know the moisture is still present.

Can I use vinegar to clean my yoga mat?

Several sources suggest that the yoga mat can be cleaned with vinegar. Be mindful this will give the surface of your mat a permanent and irritating smell that can make yoga less fun to learn. Vinegar may also decrease the quality of the mat depending on the material of your yoga mat.

How do you get the smell out of a yoga mat?

Take the following measure to eliminate the smell out of a yoga mat:

  • Start by unrolling the mat to see the extent of the trouble with the smell. Honestly, my natural rubber mat was not unpleasant to me while odorous, and so I gave time to work its magic before it all vanished.
  • You may also try to hang your yoga mat outside for a couple of days. Fresh air and UV rays will do wonders because someone who dries their laundry understands.
  • Add an odour-busting remedy if that isn’t working. Some people swear with a clear 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar of apple cider. You may leave it there, or apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil to improve its antimicrobial antifungal effects. Take it in and spritz it in a spray bottle! This may also serve as a mat cleaner, after the formation of a fresh sticky yoga mat scent from a daily yoga session.
  • Use this if you choose to remove not just the scent but also to replace it with a pleasant fragrance. Use the witch hazel into a spray bottle (around two-thirds of the container) and apply water and several drops of your other choice essential oil to top it off. It can take a while, but you can speed up sweet-smelling mat building.

Try Sumi Eco 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner. Sumi Eco’s solution to the “new mat smell” includes organic essential oils with proven antiseptic, antibacterial, and moisturizing properties to have your new mat smelling great in no time.


In the end s Yoga, mat cleaning spray can be the best and vital option as they perform many tasks at once when it comes to cleaning your yoga mats and other equipment. So, there are many and most options for you to clean your yoga mat but this can be the best and safest as they are completely organic and safe.

All the options we have included in this list are reliable and high-quality. Each one of them is capable of providing you with the utmost performance and result

With that, it is up to you which one you should buy as the next cleaning method for your yoga mat as there are many variations of these sprays present in the market and be sure to check the ingredients and built materials.

Lastly, we hoped that you have got the product of your choice and are satisfied with our review.

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