Best Tent Heaters To Keep You Warm For Your Cold Weather Camping

On a fun and adventurous occasion like camping, a tent is a must and a tent heater is a must-have especially in cold weather. It’s designed to add heat and warmth to your tent atmosphere. If you’re a serious camper in winter or cold time, propane and butane are quite the two common tent heaters. However, there are many more for normal camping situations.

Frankly enough, wearing a long or large jacket sleeping isn’t comfortable at all. Instead, a tent heater would make it better and cozier. Most of us are struggling to keep ourselves warm at night, therefore we need a good tent heater at least one to warm our body. This article will provide you relevant information about top-notched tent heaters that may be helpful for you during your camping trip. 

Best Understanding of Tent Heaters 

Can you have a heater in a tent?

Definitely, yes. A heater is essential for campers who stay in a tent overnight. There are natural heaters like gas heaters and also electric heaters that need a power supply to function. An electric heater is very convenient to use in a tent and it’s also known for being safer than non-electric heaters. To sum up, you can have a heater and it’s recommended to have an electric one. A good campsite shall have accessibility to an electric hook up to heat the tent.

List of Best Tent Heaters in 2022 

10. Mr. Heater MH12 Buddy

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Though all heaters perform the same function which is to warm up the tent, different heaters are engineered distinctly for more or less function. Mr. Heater MH12 Buddy is a portable and electric space propane heater in North America with a -radiant of 6,000-12,000 BTU and cylinder solution for any enclosed areas like Cabins etc. Firmly, the silent electric ignition and Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) makes the heater adaptable for years of enjoyable functions. 

Furthermore, it makes your indoor and outdoor camping experience warm and light, neither too cold and uncomfortable nor too hot and unsatisfying. This tent heater is built with a swivel regulator, with the purchase of a single hose and filter, offers the ability to adapt usage from remote gas supply to disposable cylinder. Lastly, Mr. Heater MH12 Buddy guarantees a safe heater light unit and accidental tip-over safety shut-off. You will be happy with this item on set.

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Silent electric ignition
  • Highly Adaptable 
  • Safety Shut off function at altitudes over 7,000 FT above sea level
  • Provide Warmth and a high level of comport 
  • Good value for money 
  • 1-year warranty 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Not for children under Age 3
  • Heavy

9. Mr. Red Propane Heater F274800 MH18B

Mr. Red Propane Heater F274800 MH18B

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This Mr. Heater is pretty modern for camp tent heating in which you most probably need for warmth and safety output. It’s a popular patented radiant 4,000-18,000 BTU Liquid heater with an integrated fan that puts a rise to the heating capacity of the unit and gives the best solutions of convection style heat for both worlds. Unlike number 10, this heater has two swivel regulators plus a built-in Piezo sparking mechanism to take care of everything. 

To add on, the heater is approved for indoor and outdoor uses with high safety and Low, medium, and high heat level control knob. If the pilot light goes out, the auto shut-off function is on. Additionally, the item is just 2.75 pounds which is ridiculously lightweight and easy to carry around. The size is also the right and preferred size most want. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Lightweight 
  • Portable heater 
  • Convenient for everyone 
  • Auto shut off electrical mode 
  • Conventional heat style 

A Little to Perfection

  • The fans are removed from some model of the product 

8. Ceramic Space Tower Electric Oscillating Heater

Ceramic Space Tower Electric Oscillating Heater

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Above and beyond the normal heater, the PTC electric space heater is extraordinarily up-to-date and highly modern designed with portable electric tower and 4 heat settings. In cold weather, efficient heat is provided into every part of the room that needs it. By pressing the on and off buttons, you can customize your preference temperature easily from F h1 h2 to 30. What’s more interesting is that the heater is made of flame retardant PTC and an anti-dust filter on the back. 

Likewise, the overheat protection is a readily reliable tip-over safe for families with kids or pets. The thing about Oscillating Heater with Remote is that it heats efficiently without wasting from side to side. Insolently, you can easily control the heater without getting up from bed or where you are which is user-friendly. Automatic shut-off is also made available. At last, the electric heater is so far an ideal for indoor use such as office, desk, bedroom, tent, living room as it is super silent and makes no noise or disturbance.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Silent sound effects 
  • Top class heater made of Ceramic
  • Robust structure
  • Easy customization of power mode
  • Advanced and friendly use
  • Super brilliant and versatile 

A Little to Perfection

  • Medium weight 

7. Thermostat Fast and Powerful Space Heater

Thermostat Fast and Powerful Space Heater

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This model, amazingly enough, is an approved outdoor and indoor heater made for safety and adjustable temperature equipped with Ceramic material. There are 3 modes of the fan to kick on and maintain consistent heat throughout the day or night. You just need to select the setting for your heating preference to adjust the intensity to your comfort.

To clarify, the red power indicator light shows when the device is on so you should keep in mind this one. Moreover, the heater noise stays poised below that of about 50db. It won’t disrupt your comfortable reading or chilling time. Just like the rest, you’ve got the united shut-off automatic heat system so it’s very convenient and safe for users. 


Take-Home into Consideration

  • Safety feature and Maneuverability
  • Easy to use 
  • High-humidity spaces
  • Warmth and enough comfort level
  • Adjustable temperature controls 
  • Quiet sound

A Little to Perfection

  •  No any highlighted issues for this model 

6. Pro Breeze Heater 1500W Mini 

Pro Breeze Heater 1500W Mini

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On number 6, we have a pro heater that rotates 70° with 6 Operation Modes engineered with advanced ceramic heating technology solutions for everyone who likes to camp in cold and frigid weather. The heat brings warmth to the users even better than traditional or conventional heaters. Constructed to be Ultra-Portable, the pro breeze heater is built-in for energy efficiency covering the mini heater to monitor the surrounding air temperature that ensures optimal heat. 

Besides, an enhanced tip-over switch allows automatic turn off in unsafe conditions so it secures your safety and complete peace of mind. When it comes to the outlook of the tent heater, it’s fabulously stylish and wonderful. You will love it more after using it because of its amazing functions and efficiency. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Ultra-Portable
  • Stylish design 
  • Greater electric power and Adjustable heat 
  • Advanced technology and Premium Quality Assured
  • 70° Oscillation or Stationary Heat Stream
  • Powerful and authentic experience 

A Little to Perfection

  • None

5. Give Best Indoor Electric Space Heaters

Give Best Indoor Electric Space Heaters

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By and large, we need a tent heater in our tent. An electric heater like one is suitable for indoor camping because it provides a multi-protection safety system and provides two heat levels 1500W or 750W with one cool air fan for different weathers. What’s unique is that the heater is made of flame retardant material avoiding any fire accidents. There’s nothing to worry about whether the heater goes wrong since we equip it with heat protection and an automatic shut of the electrical system.

On the other side, the heater isn’t just good enough in terms of its efficiency but the design looks flawlessly attractive too. It’s compact and versatile not to mention how powerful it can get. There’s a built-in carrying handle to adjust the centralized heater that is fast and quiet. The quality is beyond any doubt, top-notch and significant.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Thermostat control for temperature presets and controls
  • Multi-protection safety system
  • Safe handle
  • Quiet and fast heating
  • For both winter and summer seasons 
  • Suitable for small areas

A Little to Perfection

  • No warranty information

4. Programmable Office Space Heater 

Programmable Office Space Heater 

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Unlike the rest, this one is an indoor office and home heater that runs on 350-watt low wattage, more economical than you might imagine. The thing that makes it stand out is the fact that the heater does not overload the circuit with the plug that is able to rotate up to 180° in order to accommodate power sockets in different conditions. The item, in addition, is designed with a timer function from 1 to 12 hours in a 1-hour increment so you can adjust the time you want it to turn it off. If not, you can press the auto turn-off mode. 

By the way, the heater is small and takes up very small space despite its thickness and rich functions. The heat output and warmth are satisfactory to say the very least. It might be one of the best you can get so far. So, it’s our pleasure to present you with this heater.Take-Home into Consideration

  • Diverse time controls 
  • Temperature adjustable heater 
  • Enriched flexibility and efficiency 
  • Easy to carry around 
  • Simple to use yet very high quality 
  • Lightweight 

A Little to Perfection

  • Nothing is wrong with this heater meaning it’s perfectly good for you 

3. Taotronics TT-HE001 Small Heater

Taotronics TT-HE001 Small Heater

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Just from the look of it, the Taotronics TT-HE001 heater is one of the fanciest designs ever. It’s evenly a good machine heat up suitable for small areas in-home or office. The size is fairly compact but thick and durable. Moreover, the sensors and 12hr timer work together mode is there for a much safer heater even if you forget to turn it off while sleeping.

Needless to say how good this item is with the Wide-angle Oscillation that enables the increase of eating to distribution range by 20% for even warmth run on Energy-Saving ECO Mode. The good news is it is economical and very energy efficient. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Energy efficiency
  • A safe system of heat controls 
  • Lovely design 
  • Suitable for many indoor spaces 
  • Great for mild weather 

A Little to Perfection

  • Not perfect for outdoor camping or very low weather 

2. VIVOSUN Australia Virgin Charcoal Heater

VIVOSUN Australia Virgin Charcoal Heater

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First and foremost, it’s a good-looking tenter on sale. Not only that, the heater is powerful and superior to use because of its hitting blower with a fan speed of 2500 RPM 49 dB noise level. More than you expect, it moves air to the target location at a fast speed accompanied by superior carbon filters and effective odor controls. 

Mainly speaking, it’s perfect for air refreshing as it works to eliminate bad air and smell and bring only good odor from the outside. Last but not least, the application can be versatile and enjoyed not only for camping nights but indoor rooms, greenhouses, bathrooms, or kitchens as well.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Flexible usability from tent growth to bathroom, office, or living room 
  • Perfect air 
  • Low noise 
  • Superb odor and temperature control 

A Little to Perfection

  • Not for extremely cold weather 

1. Honeywell HHF370B 360 heater

Honeywell HHF370B 360 heater

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At the top, we will talk about the best. As you can see, this is a Honeywell heater surround Fan Forced with an Adjustable Thermostat and double heat settings. Please note that it’s a portable machine that is capable of providing 360 all-around warmth on low energy setting mode. This means that the heater is superior in energy-saving efficiency.

Wondrously, the item delivers enhanced safety features and controlled comfort for home needs and indoor activities adjustable temperature needs. Anyways, since it’s a 360-degree tip-over switch, it’s infrared to meet all your heating needs. In one purchase, you can get a super-economical heater with a brilliant electric power system that saves you dollars.

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Energy saving 
  • Time-saving 
  • 360 degrees switch heat coverages 
  • Smart and advanced features 
  • Durable goods 

A Little to Perfection

  • Not very lightweight 

Buying Guides To Choosing the Best Tent Heater in 2022

BTUs and Wattage

When buying a heater, you need to look at the heat output it can bring. BTUs and Wattage determine whether this amount of heat or that amount of heat can be produced. With this in mind, you can select the one with sufficient capacity depending on your needs. The reason for this is that all-electric heater heat is measured in BTUs and Wattage.

Safety Features

As said earlier, an electric heater is safer than a gas heater. Yet, it’s not all. There are things to take into consideration even if you decide to purchase one of the electric heaters. Safety features count from the oxygen sensor to the power system, heat system, and temperature settings. We suggest you find the one with good tip overheats protection to avoid any unfavorable accidents or hazards. Some heaters may come with large bases which is also an additional good point to bear in mind.

Noise Level

Most of us want a quiet heater that makes low to no noise at all, don’t we? Thereby, don’t forget to examine the heater noise level to see if it will be a nuisance to you or not while using. An electric heater can be loud or quiet. That’s why we remind you about this noise problem so you can choose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Best Heater in 2022

Can tent heaters be deadly?

From an objective perspective, it can but the rate is low and almost zero. If you use a normal heater method like burning fire or gas heater, it might be likely to cause a fire hazard or other accidents. However, an electric heater is known to be so much safer as it’s made to run on electricity. However, it can be dangerous too if there’s no heat protection or automatic shut-off electrical system. Mostly, modern ones are constructed with these safety features.

How much warmth does a tent add?

Presumably, it can be 10 degrees warmer than in the open air. But, it depends on the temperature adjustment as well. Some heaters are made for mild temperature and some for extremely freezing temperature. What we are trying to say is that it varies in terms of heat capacity and output. That being said, the weather is one of the factors to determine the heat that can be absorbed inside a tent.


Camping can be fun with perfect preparation and timing. A heater is an additional but essential goods to keep with you when going camping especially outside the city or tourist areas. Safety comes first. Weather can be a source of danger, that’s why every camper should have a heater with them to warm up their tent.

The above articles have briefed almost all the important highlights of tent heaters and office heaters in a very meticulous manner. We urge you to take care of yourself by reserving a heater with you in times of your outdoor activities and vacation. We hope it’s more or less handy for our readers who are about to buy a tent heater. 


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