12 Softest Blankets to Buy in 2022 – Updated Review!

Enjoying a period both in the day and in the night. Particularly in winter, just requires a soft and fluffy blanket to keep you happy.

A cosy, nice comfortable blanket, as you know, will make a difference between a cold and shivering night and a pleasant night in which you can relive the comfort.

There are different types of blankets available to choose from for the winter or any season use. However, most of the consumers are looking for the softest blankets as they are fluffy, super soft, and extremely comfortable. On top of that, they look luxurious, and they can be used in the bed, couch, sofa and even in cars.

Check out such top 12 best softest blankets that our team has handpicked for you.

The Best Softest Blankets to Buy in 2022!

Now, let’s start our review…

12. SatisInside Luxurious Bed Blanket

12. SatisInside Luxurious Bed Blanket
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The classic look of this softest blanket leaves a vintage touch to your sophisticated home décor. I also love this blanket for its long and artificial fur and its plush feeling. Moreover, the additionally long fur makes you feel extremely comfortable and warm. The blanket feels like a silky cloth, and high-density fur feels like a baby skin as well.

I also like this plushy blanket for its reversible velvet side. Furthermore, the comforter feels extremely plushy and skin-friendly. The long fur stays detangled even after repeated uses and washing. This blanket supports easy machine washing and lowers heat tumble drying as well. The throw blanket is a perfect present for your dearest ones. You can use this to stay comfortable anywhere.

  • Super soft with extra plush faux fur.
  • Silky smooth touch and optimal warmness.
  • Double layer and resistant to fading and shrinkage.
  • It is a relatively new product on the market.

11. All the Feels Premium Reversible Blanket

11. All the Feels Premium Reversible Blanket
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This softest blanket comes with reversible sides to increase the comfort and warmth level up to two times. I also love this blanket, as you can use this blanket for your pets. Moreover, the throw blanket involves the construction of high-grade artificial fur to deliver mess and lint-free using experience.

The blanket effectively cleans dust, dirt, and pet hair. You can use this blanket to keep your bed, sofa, couch and armchair dust, and dirt-free.

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The genuine polyester material construction of this blanket also makes it extremely durable and maintenance-free. Furthermore, you can easily wash this throw comforter by using a washing machine.

The lightweight and soft blanket keep you cool without making you feel uncomfortable. The backside of this blanket is useable during relaxing on a couch.

  • Super velvety touch and extra fur for warmness.
  • Can be used on both sides and machine-washable.
  • Different colors available to choose from.
  • The blanket is relatively thinner than others.

10. LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket

10. LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket
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The exquisite geometrical floral pattern of this blanket wins my heart at first sight. This beautiful yet highly-functional comforter also makes an ideal present for your dearest ones.

Moreover, with a compact size, this blanket is suitable to place on the sofa, couch, loveseat, bed, recliner, and more. You can definitely wrap this comforter while watching TV, having coffee or simply relaxing.

The reversible design of this blanket also allows you to use this in both ways. Furthermore, I recommend this comforter for its high-quality and soft Sherpa and coral fleece reversible sides.

The blanket supports hassle-free machine washing and low-temperature tumble drying. The compact comforter is easy to carry around almost everywhere.

  • Unique design with double-sided use.
  • Light in weight with optimal warmness.
  • Suitable for bed, sofa, and couch.
  • There is no con for the product.

9. HoroM Faux Fur Blanket

9. HoroM Faux Fur Blanket
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From bedroom to the living room, you can use this blanket almost everywhere to keep yourself comfortable. The super-soft Sherpa fleece of this blanket also makes it extremely cozy and warm. Moreover, I like this comforter for its attractive dying pattern and plushy texture.

This large blanket delivers a warm hug while reading a book on your couch. The ultra-light throw blanket makes a perfect prop for any experimental art videography.

You can also use this blanket at your toddler’s room. Furthermore, the high-density comforter keeps your body at its ideal temperature for a peaceful sleep at night.

You can even use this blanket a Christmas present to your dear ones, you care about. The blanket is light in weight and travel-friendly as well.

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  • Soft, fluffy, and extra cozy.
  • Double layer and reversible.
  • Sturdy construction and machine washable.
  • Limited size options available.

8. GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Blanket

8. GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Blanket
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This softest blanket, with its beautiful smoky texture, just has won my heart at first sight. The blanket also allows you to utilize as a perfect prop for your photography.

Moreover, the large size of this throw blanket helps you to drape and decorate your couch for a homely party. Moreover, the modern design of this comforter suits most of the sophisticated home décor.

Crafted with premium-quality artificial fur, this blanket is also able to deliver a warm and soft touch for everyone. Furthermore, I like this throw blanket for its mess and lint-free construction and retains its shape for years after years.

This ultra-plush blanket supports easy machine washing and tumble-drying at low temperature. The hypoallergenic material construction is suitable for kids as well.

  • Extra-large and ultra faux fur plush.
  • Superior stitching and premium material.
  • Extremely soft and warm with easy maintenance.
  • The blanket is not that fluffy.

7. PAVILIA Plush Sherpa Blanket

7. PAVILIA Plush Sherpa Blanket
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Derived from 320GSM thick, high-quality microfiber polyester material, this blanket stands for ultra-plushness and durability. The throw blanket also turns out to be my favorite for its versatile and chic finish.

Moreover, you can definitely place this blanket at your bedroom, living room, couch, sofa, or almost anywhere to add shine. The super-thick yet lightweight comforter delivers enough warmth and comfort to everyone while relaxing.

The fleece layering of this blanket also does not cause any linting even after repeated washing. Furthermore, this blanket is effortlessly machine washable and supports tumble drying in low heat.

This blanket even makes a perfect present for both kids and adults. The thick yet soft blanket retains an ideal body temperature to keep you comfortable.

  • Easy to wash and fast in drying.
  • Superior quality and cuddly texture.
  • So many different colors available.
  • It could have been fluffier.

6. The Connecticut Home Company Luxury Blanket

6. The Connecticut Home Company Luxury Blanket
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This stylish-looking softest blanket is suitable for several room decorations with a touch of classiness. You can also effortlessly use this ultra-plushy and classic blanket as a prop form any kind of photography or videography.

Moreover, the reversible blanket works as a cuddlier comforter while you watch your favorite Tv shows. The one side of this blanket is of artificial and high-density fur, and another side comes with the construction of Sherpa fabric.

The whole construction of this blanket also supports hassle-free machine washing. Furthermore, I love these softest blankets as it does not remove any furry mess on your bed. Rather, this throw blanket helps you to keep your bed and couch free of dust and dirt as well.

  • Silky soft and highly comfortable.
  • Stays exactly the same even after washing.
  • Luxurious, light in weight, and beautiful design.
  • It is not as fluffy as you see in the photos.

5. AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa Blanket

5. AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa Blanket
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The soft and cozy layering of this blanket makes it extremely comfortable to use while sleeping at night. With the help of premium-quality polyester material construction, this blanket also delivers a soft feeling while wrapping. Moreover, this simple yet chic blanket is suitable for any room décor.

I recommend using this comforter for its wrinkle-free construction as well. The queen-size comforter allows you to enjoy a relaxing time by lying on your couch.

I also like this blanket for its reversible usability. Furthermore, the one side of this throw involves the construction of faux Sherpa polyester material to deliver optimal warmth.

Apart from that, the opposite side of this blanket comes with a micro-mink side. The softest blanket easily shakes off pet hair and does not produce any lint.

  • Reversible use for all seasons.
  • Resistant to wrinkles and machine washable.
  • Lint and pet hair do not stick to the blanket.
  • It needs a wash to get rid of the slight smell.

4. Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket

4. Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket
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This blanket is very much useful as it comes with two different textured sides to deliver superior comfort. This throw blanket with its ultra-light and cozy artificial sheep-skin material construction on one side also offers extreme softness.

Moreover, the other side of the blanket involves the construction microfiber cashmere woolen construction to deliver ultimate warmth. The versatile blanket is extremely suitable for living room, bedroom, and couch as well.

I also recommend using these softest blankets for your kids’ room as well. Furthermore, this ultra-plush throw blanket allows you to enjoy a movie in your couch by wrapping this comforter. The super-soft blanket is easily machine washable. The cashmere velvet of this throw blanket is soft to touch.

  • Extremely fluffy and super soft.
  • High-quality material construction.
  • Different sizes and colors available.
  • There is no negative point in the product.

3. ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket 12 lbs

3. ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket 12 lbs
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Crafted from extremely plushy and high-quality cotton, this blanket tends to deliver the ultimate comfort while sleeping. I also like this blanket for its glue-free polyester padding, as it effortlessly turns the blanket noise into nothing.

Moreover, the blanket with 12-lbs of weight is suitable for people who weigh in between 110 to 130-lbs. This comforter consists of glass beads to offer exceptional comfort while sleeping.

The hypoallergenic and toxin-free construction of this blanket also makes it suitable for people from different age groups. Furthermore, I prefer this blanket for its odor-free material construction.

The small pocket sewing of the blanket prevents the beads from displacing. This weighted blanket offers proper insulation to keep your body in ideal temperature as well.

  • Premium material and superior stitching.
  • Breathable fabric and resistant to movement.
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for seasons.
  • It is relatively heavy than others.

2. BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket

2. BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket
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The blanket is highly distinctive for its reversible side. One of the sides of these softest blankets consists of the super-fluffy Sherpa material construction.

The opposite side of the Sherpa material also comes with the construction of ultra-plush fleece material construction. Moreover, with two different thickness, this blanket delivers two different types of softness and warmth in one single throw. I love this blanket for its modern yet classy finishing.

From sleeping in your bed to enjoying a movie on a couch, this blanket also works as a comforter for everyone. Furthermore, the multi-utility blanket helps you to keep your sophisticated bed, chair, or couch free of dirt and dust. The microfiber polyester blended layers of the blanket effectively prevent the deformation and maintain the elasticity even after repeated washing.

  • Premium microfiber and resistant to fading and staining.
  • Double-sided and versatile usage.
  • Multiple colors available and easy to wash.
  • Needs a wash to remove the light smell.

1. Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket

1. Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket
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The throw blanket grabs my attention for its plushy and unique texture and feel. Derived from premium-quality artificial fur, this blanket is also suitable for any sophisticated room décor or a best hugger for couch. Moreover, the artificial fur does not cause any mess by shedding furs in your couch, chair, or bed. The super-soft and comfortable blanket leaves a classic touch to your any photography as well.

The blanket is also easy to carry around to any nearby movie hall, park or wherever you want it with you. Furthermore, the microfiber polyester material construction of this blanket makes it extremely durable and easy to take care of. The throw blanket is suitable for your toddler’s bed as well. I like this throw very much, as it supports easy machine wash in cold water.

  • Premium material and elegant design.
  • Luxurious, soft, cozy, and easy to wash.
  • Various colors and sizes available.
  • There is no con at all.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Softest Blankets!

Best Softest Blankets

As we have mentioned all the best products available in the market. And if you are still confused which blanket to choose, then here we present you with a buyer’s guide. You can look at the following factors to choose the best.

Find the Fit

A blanket that does not give you good cover is so annoying that it falls on the edges of the bed/couch. Before you make your choice know the size of your bed and the area you want to cover, with the blanket.

Because if you end up buying a short blanket. It will be more annoying to you than anything when you sleep and you will regret your decision.


Such lightweight blankets are constructed of several materials. Your choice depends on how stiff or soft the blanket is and how comfortable you want it to be.  Also, there are many blankets which include heavy material construction. This might also get annoying when you are sleeping.


The numerous materials used in a comfortable blanket of different manufacturers include a unique weave. For instance, cotton blankets typically have a thermal design for the free movement of air and moisture.

The cotton and woollen versions are easily warm and have thick weaves.

Shedding and Peeling

After every use, pilling requires the development of tiny cloth “balls.” Shedding is the dilution of the blanket after the washing related to lack of fibres. Low-quality fabrics are more probable than high-grade cloth to be shredded and pilled.


Most manufacturers say their blanket to be allergenic. Or if you are allergic to microfiber threads of fabric. We recommend you buy a blanket that you can wash with hot water. Allergens can be easily eliminated by the high temperature of the water.


During the summer or in the cold, one does not like to crawl beneath a fleece blanket. The hope is that the soft blanket is ideal for different climates and various occasions.

FAQ’s about Softest Blankets

Softest Blankets

How Can I Make My Blankets Soft and Fluffy?

You can make your blankets soft and fluffy through washing. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

First Method:

  • Prepare all the agents you need in this job. This includes your blanket, laundry detergent and the white vinegar
  • Offer a good shake to your blanket, and ensure for no more debris remaining.
  • Now put the laundry detergent in your washing machine
  • Keep in mind that you only pour the right amount
  • When you add the detergent then add the vinegar in the same compartment
  • Put the blanket inside that compartment
  • If they are of the same colour and shape, you may add certain pieces. Do this to save your dirty laundry time and energy. Ensure your dry weight is not greater than the power of your unit.
  • Choose the mildest washing settings and the lowest drying or spinning cycle speed.
  • Start the machine and wait for the process to finish.

Let white vinegar work its magic to regain its softness throughout the washing process. It loosens the fibres and makes the washing content clean.

If you do not think the blanket was rinsed correctly, send the blanket to another washing process before the results are satisfactory.

When the blanket is washed, hang it on the clothesline to dry. 

The blanket will always be moist after the process has finished. Before you can start using it again, make sure it is fully dry.

When completely dry, fold it and put it in your closet immediately. Within your case, you place a humidifier to ensure sure your products are new and safe.

Second Method: (Manual)

  • You will start the same you did above. Prepare all the essential things needed for the wash. A few additional things include a large basin, a hose, and a chair. )
  • Add the sufficient amount of detergent needed.
  • Then you will pour the right amount of white vinegar to mix with the detergent.
  • Now fill your basin with water with the help of a hose.

Make sure that you properly rinse the water. The water would take 3⁄4 of the basin’s capacity. Filling it with more can result in wastage and spillage of water.

  • Mix the water with your hand to mix the detergent within your basin
  • Until washing with your hands, soak the blanket for ten to 15 minutes.

Soak the blanket helps the vinegar to do its work by freeing the fabrics and preserving the softness of the blanket and helps rinse the detergent.

The movement of the handwashing eliminates debris gently. Concentrate on spot-cleaning on the dirty areas of the blanket until you are satisfied with the outcome.

  • Squeeze out the blanket and put them aside for a brief period to remove extra water.
  • Drain the detergent water
  • Clean the basin with water again.
  • Drain the soapy liquid, the residual water you used to rinse the tub. Get it ready for the process of rinsing.
  • Refill the water with the same amount as mentioned.
  • Then you will move the blanket up and down in water to eliminate remaining soapy water.
  • Repeat the process several times until you feel the blanket is washed properly. And there is no soapy residue left in it.

You can notice this when there is no formation of bubbles when rinsing your blanket.

  • Remove the remaining water by squeezing. And preparing the blanket for the drying process.
  • When the drying process is done, you can hang the blanket on the clothing line.

The blanket will always be moist after the process has finished. Before you can start using it again, make sure it is fully dry.

When completely dry, fold it and put it in your closet immediately. Within your case, you place a humidifier to ensure sure your products are new and safe.

How Do You Keep Sherpa Blankets Soft?

You should use a small textile softening product to maintain the soft look of the fleece. It is not recommended, though. None of them will equally mix the fabric softener with the water and just make the sherpa blanket soft.

when the blanket has been cleaned, place it to dry. You may even sweep with a hairbrush, some stiffness, etc. You don’t have to wash the blanket too much, either. The method should be done about once every few weeks. And whether you like extra cleanliness so can do it twice a month.

Don’t dry the blanket absolutely in the dryer though. When it’s around 80% dry, take it out. If you hang your blankets off, then after a few hours of drying, let the dryer fluff up the blanket.

And if you wish to wash the sherpa blanket, you can do so by following the method mentioned above.

Can you use fabric softener on fleece?

It is best not to wash them with other fabrics. Wash them with fleece blankets you prefer and better if paired with matching colours. We do not suggest using fabric softeners because they weaken the product. Rinse the blankets again, use a soothing method.

Fill up the laundry machine with a detergent, but do not use a detergent containing bleach. This is also a safe practice to prevent cloth softening while washing fleece as it destroys the water-repellent finish added in the production process on many fleece items.


There are different sizes and colors of these softest blankets available to choose from. Besides, there are various designs and materials for such softest blankets. They are breathable, super soft, and comfortable for sure.

Some of them can be used on both sides, and you should not worry about the quality as we have chosen the best ones based on various parameters.

Some textile is not produced following the same process. This means that you must be careful with a variety of cleaning guidance. Sherpa goods require a little consideration because they are not necessarily made with organic materials. These are man-made materials such as rubber recycled which can be melted when washed improperly.

You must follow the washing guide to avoid any damage to your blanket. We have covered a few main points and a buyer’s guide that will help you greatly.

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