Top 12 Best King size Weighted Blankets Reviews in 2022 – Buyer’s Guides

Getting a complete sleep is important as it has something to do with your mood for the whole day. Using weighted blankets can help you get your desirable sleep that is why we have a list of the best king size weighted blankets to help you get the better rest.

The Best King size Weighted Blankets (2021) Reviews:

12. Haowaner 60″x80″ Weighted Blanket

12. Haowaner 60"x80" Weighted Blanket

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One of the best ways to achieve a good night’s sleep is to cover yourself with a very comfortable blanket, that is why Haowaner offers its 60 inches x 80 inches weighted blanket made of 400T cotton.  This material used is breathable and soft that when it touches your skin you will feel the smooth touch and achieve a perfect temperature.

It is not just the ultra-soft cotton that makes it comfortable, but it has extra cotton layers to avoid leakage and tear, plus the 0.7mm glass beads. The glass beads are the substitute for plastic beads because it is much healthier to use this because it is non-toxic and doesn’t have odors.

Extra Features:

  • 8 Ties
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Smaller Pockets

11. Vintap 80″x87″ Adult King Size Weighted Blanket

11. Vintap 80
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Whether it is for personal use or gift, Vintap’s weighted blankets are the best choice to buy this 2022. It has a size of 80 inches x 87 inches which are smaller than the regular blanket because it concentrates the weight on the body. This product is safe for machine wash, so cleaning this is not a dilemma.

This duvet blanket is very soft and can ease the coldness you feel especially during winter. Going on somewhere and doesn’t want your favorite blanket left behind? You can bring this as it has a Minky bag included for better storage and transport. The blanket’s weight is 25 pounds and made of 400 thread count cotton, which is one of the highest qualities that you can buy in the market.

Extra Features:

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Refund Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2 Pieces Pillow Case

10. SONAICE 80” x 87” Weighted Blanket

10. SONAICE 80” x 87” Weighted Blanket
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The 80 inches x 87 inches blanket from Sonaice weighs 25 pounds that make kids and adults sleep 95% faster. 10% of your body weight is the right blanket that you should buy, and if this is a 25-pound blanket, this is suitable for people weighing 230 up to 270 pounds.

The 7 layer structure avoids the glass beads from leaking. The glass beads are safer compared to plastic beads since it is hypoallergenic suitable for people with sensitive skin. To clean this, you can machine wash this with cold water with only a gentle speed and let it dry by hanging it or laying it flat, just ensure that this is air dry. This product has two colors, grey and pink, but what we have now is the grey one.

Extra Features:

  • Hypoallergenic Blanket
  • Refund Possible
  • 7-Layer Structure

9. Smart Queen  80” x 87” Weighted Blanket

9. Smart Queen  80” x 87” Weighted Blanket
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Isn’t it nice to have e proper sleep? Blankets most probably have something to do to get a night of better sleep, and Smart Queen knows what you need. The grey color is warm to the eyes, and it can easily mix in the color of your sheet and pillowcase.

It is a 25-pound blanket, so to get the ideal blanket for your sleeping time you need to get 10% of your weight. Cleaning a blanket is quite difficult because it adds weight, so for everyone’s convenience, this product is safe for machine wash. Just let it dry in the air to avoid damaging it, and if you are worried about what’s inside the blanket, you have nothing to worry about because those are glass beads and it will not leak that easy.

Extra Features:

  • 7-Layers Composition
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 8-Loops Blanket

8. Joybest 80″x87″ Weighted Blanket

8. Joybest 80
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Joybest serves us one of the best weighted blankets in the market this 2022. Their product is 100% premium cotton that guarantees you a soft and comfortable feeling. The polyester layer prevents the leaking of the beads while the polyester wadding positioned the beads and warm it.

The beads used to this blanket are odorless and non-toxic. With this weight of 25 pounds, it is suitable for a couple or a single person that weighs 230 up to 280 pounds. It is leak-free thanks to the 4 to 5 inches square design that fix the leaking of glass beads. If you have any concerns about the product they have their customer service to talk and help you with the issues. This blanket can absorb sweat, keep you warm during cold nights and make you feel comfortable.

Extra Features:

  • 6 Loops
  • Dry Clean Suitable
  • Not suitable for children under 5 years old

7. RELAX EDEN 60”x 80” Adult Weighted Blanket

7. RELAX EDEN 60”x 80” Adult Weighted Blanket
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The 60 inches x 80 inches blanket has a removable and washable duvet cover. Get a better sleep with the use of this blanket made of cotton, polyesters, and micro-beads. Using this kind blanket can help you reduce restless night and gives you a better sleep which leads to something good.

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It has 7-layer construction with 100% pure cotton on the outer layer which gives you the smooth and soft feeling in your body. To ensure that the beads won’t get away it has high resilient stitching. Designed for people who need time to rest at night, especially those people who are having trouble sleeping. This is a 20-pound blanket so this is suitable for people only for adults.

Extra Features:

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Includes Duvet Cover
  • Glass Micro-Beads

6. HomeSmart Products 88″x104″

6. HomeSmart Products 88
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HomeSmart Product’s weighted blanket is large enough to cover two people and it is large enough to cover the whole king size bed that hangs over the mattress edge. What we have here is a 20-pound mattress but with this size, it is also available in 15 pounds, which considered light, and 25 pounds is medium, while heavy is 30, 35,40 pounds.

This spacious blanket made of 400T soft fabric is breathable and durable. It has micro glass beads that you can naturally snug to make you feel comfortable. Since it is a 100% soft organic cotton with 10 loops that allows you to add your favorite duvet color. The duvet is not in the package, so you have purchased separately. This brand already sold 100,000 customers and still serving customers.

Extra Features:

  • Weight will not shift
  • No leak
  • Built-in cover attachment loops

5. RelaxBlanket 80”x90” Weighted Blanket

5. RelaxBlanket 80''x90'' Weighted Blanket
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Well, base on its brand name, it is RelaxBlanket so their weighted blanket can give you the leisure you need every night. The cotton used to make this product is OEKO-TEX certified, so you can guarantee that it is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and odorless. Ever glass beads are evenly dispersed in each compartment and locks using the firm sewing to avoid leakage.

In this review, we have the grey color, but it has a different color selection like a dark grey diamond, dark grey square, beige, dark green, light grey, navy blue, pink, purple, teal, violet, white, navy diamond, navy square, violet diamond, violet square, white diamond,  and white square. This product is machine washable but on a slow setting and because it is heavy, it is advisable to dry clean. The 30 pounds blanket like this is suitable for people with a bodyweight combination of 140 up to 240 pounds.

Extra Features:

  • Different color selection
  • More weight available
  • Satisfaction-Guarantee for every customer

4. CuteKing 80″ x 87″ Weighted Blanket

4. CuteKing 80
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For our fourth best king size weighted blankets, we have an entry from CuteKing and it is their 25 pounds 80 inches x 87 inches blanket that will give you the comfortable sleeping you want every night. This size comes with four colors, the dark grey that we have now, dark grey bamboo, seagrass, and navy blue. To get the perfect weight of the blanket, you compute it with the 10% of your body weight, so if you think that this 25 pound is heavy, you can get the 20 pounds one with the same size.

The blanket is 100% cotton and you can cover it with duvet, however, it is not in the package, but you can purchase one from Cuteking which will perfectly fit your weighted blanket. The cotton used in this is breathable and durable filled with glass beads and has less fiber so it is suitable for all-season not only on cold weather. A 7-layered blanket designed to prevent leaks, and that is because the blanket sewed the beads compartment just right and the beads are evenly distributed.

Extra Features:

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Non-glue polyester padding
  • Lead-Free beads

3. Bare Home 80″ x 87″ Weighted Blanket

3. Bare Home 80
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We have another 80 inches x 87 inches blanket that weighs 25 pounds, but this time it is from Bare Home. This blanket comes with two colors grey and dark blue, so whatever suits your taste get it because these two colors can blend with any bed sheet design. The pocket is smaller compared to the others with 5 inches x 5 inches because this only has 4 inches x 4 inches pocket to give a better weight distribution.

The double-layered outer seams keep the beads locked and those glass beads increase the weight of the blanket. These are all insulated with polyfill fibers that keep the beads stay in place whatever move happens. There are also down loops so you can attach duvet cover that adds comfort when sleeping. Well, of course not everyone can just use this blanket as it requires a proper weight since it is heavy so, with this kind of weight of 25 pounds, people with weight or their combined weight should be 230 up to 280 pounds. If you are lighter than this, you can get the lighter blanket too.

Extra Features:

  • Hypoallergenic Blanket
  • Blanket Bag Included
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

2. Quility  86″x92″ Weighted Blanket

2. Quility  86
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Quility’s entry may not be the first, gets the second spot for being the best king size weighted blankets, and the reason why it is in this spot is outstanding. It has a size of 86 inches x 92 inches which is larger compared to the other blankets in the market and it only weighs 20 pounds so it can cover people from 120 up to 180 pounds.

It has a mink cover that can remove if you need to clean it. Cleaning both the mink cover and the blanket is not that difficult, you can hand wash or machine wash the cover with cold water while the weighted blanket should be hand wash or dry clean with mild detergent and both of them should hang dry or flat dry. The color can easily match your bedroom design.

Extra Features:

  • 7-layers of premium components
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Full refund if unsatisfied

1. Degrees of Comfort 80″ x 87″ Weighted Blanket

1. Degrees of Comfort 80
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Our best king size weighted blanket is not only cheap, but it offers more than the others, which is why no doubt this is the best in this list. This 80 inches x 87 inches blanket with 30 pounds weights uses the nano-ceramic bead technology which is the most advanced filling for a blanket.

You can use this blanket not only during cold weather but also even summertime and it will still make you comfortable sleeping or just relaxing at home. What makes it more astonishing is that it already includes not one, but two duvet covers, with these features there is nothing left to say why this is our greatest product for this section.

Extra Features:

  • 365 days money-back guarantee
  • Machine Washable
  • Heat-Fleece Covers


Sleep can affect your mood, so you must get the best sleep as possible, and to get that we list the best king size weighted blankets to help you get a night of better sleep for a joyous day when you wake up.

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