Best Ice Tongs In 2022

No parties or gatherings that go without the delicious foods and luscious desserts. Moreover, there is nothing compared to a refreshing drink that helps the party become more enjoyable. Whether you are serving bottles of Champagne, a cocktail, or beer that all go along with the cubes ices. Especially throwing parties at home, you cannot guarantee that all your guests sanitize their hands before grabbing food. So when you are hosting parties at home, it is a good idea to prepare well in advance. Most importantly, serving foods by using the best ice tongs helps reduce the stickiness and dirtiness from your hands as well as make grabbing the ice cubes or foods a lot easier without dropping any to the floor.

Therefore, we have been garthering top worthy ice tongs based on the standard above including the features and structure for your demand. Below are the Best Ice Tongs in 2022 that are in a position that we highly recommend for you. 

List of Best Ice tong in 2022

10. OXO Stainless Steel Ice tongs

OXO Stainless Steel Ice tongs

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Oxo Stainless steel is considered as the top ten best ice tongs that come along with two-row sharp teeth that help to grab the ice cubes from the bucket into your soft drink at maximum hassles without splashing. Specifically, this item creates a soft grid that makes it more convenient to use. Therefore, people who have to use this never come across frustration while handling the ice cubes. 

Additionally, this elegant unit is designed with soft curves to contain stainless steel which remains durable after countless use. The OXO ice tong comes up with a lock tool that simplifies the storage issue. It is dishwasher safe and eight-inch in length. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Grabbing ices at the maximum hassle 
  • Dishwasher safe product 
  • Perfect lock tool to reduce storage space

A Little to Perfection 

  • Difficult to wash between the sharp teeth

9. Outset Stainless Steel Ice Tongs 

Outset Stainless Steel Ice Tongs 

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Now, let’s taking a look at the Outset Stainless Steel Ice Tongs picturing as sleek and stylish item. Of course, they are a perfect use for the mini home bar, indoor or outdoor entertaining, and suitable for any classy ice bucket. Consequently, they are made of stainless steel material and remain a good accessory and durable after everyday of normal use. Hence, this model is also a perfect care design for all kitchen or dishwashers safe; it only comes eight inches long. 

Besides this, these tongs features came along with the unique sharp teeth which make it easier to grab the ice cubes and provide the multitasking use as serving cheese plate, cookies, and any appetizers. Beyond that, you can measure this mini ice tong by using a hand to grab at a maximum hassle without any hard effort. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Stylish design with the durability of normal use
  • Unique grid teeth and multitasking performance 
  • Fittable in kitchen spaces 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Way too tiny 

8. Newness Stainless Steel Ice tongs 

Newness Stainless Steel Ice tongs 

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Let’s have a look at flexible and durable Newness Stainless Steel Ice Tongs. It is made of stainless steel that makes it easy to remove dirt and also a safe product for dishwashers. However, if you want the best result and maintain a good look, we highly recommend washing it by hand instead.

Furthermore, these modern ice tongs come up with perfect gid teeth with thicker length and width perhaps make it way less difficult to clip the pieces of bread, salads, and ice cubes without worry that your foods would fall or spill out. Hence, these best items offer utility use in different locations including bars, home kitchens, buffets gathering, and restaurants.

 Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Durable even with everyday use
  • Thick width that helps to clip easier 
  • Suitable in any occasions 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Small size 

7. Pack Stainless Steel Mini Serving Tongs

Pack Stainless Steel Mini Serving Tongs

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Introduce you to the aesthetic 6 pack Stainless Steel Mini Serving Tongs that is the right option for people for tea party appetizers, barbecue table, and bar counter. Gradually, these mini serving tongs provide various objectives that can be used for sugar cubes, ice cubes, fruit, portions of bacon and pickles slides, etc.

Accordingly, it is a tong that has sharp similar to a spoon that is easy to clean, and grabs everything that you want. Thus, these tongs simplify the design of stainless steel which maintains good quality after a long day of use. These serving tongs each package come with 6 tongs. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Multi-purpose 
  • Elegant shape
  • Durable and sturdy 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Consist of a small grid and small length

6. Kollea Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Kollea Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

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Take a deep glare at Kollea Whiskey Stones. They are the whiskey ice cubes that come with a set of 8 pieces of stainless ice cubes and tongs. Moreover, this is very easy to use and quite modern. Wash the whiskey cubes and put them in the tray and freeze it for 4-5 hours afterward you can put them into your drinks. Likewise, clean with fresh water then make it dry and put it back to freeze. 

Surprisingly, Whiskey ice cubes are made of stainless steel so it creates a high possibility that helps lower down the temperature of your drink while keeping the original taste of your drink the same. Nevertheless, the liquid in the stones is some water with food-grade mix together which ensures your safety both mentally and physically. Thus, these ice cubes are suitable for parties or gatherings, you can put them in your drink and keep them cold till the last drop. 

 Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Uniques gift for family, friends 
  • 2 years warranty 
  • Maintain the original taste of your drink

A Little to Perfection 

  • Long freezing hours

You may also learn to make these easy iced drink at home, for your next home party & gathering.

5. Pack Mini Serving Golden Tongs

Pack Mini Serving Golden Tongs

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Mini serving tongs set that made of 304 good quality stainless steel and the packaging come with a golden mini serving tongs and 1 golden mini spoon. These tongs are perfectly suitable for serving in restaurants or bars. Hence, It doesn’t take much space to place or prepare it. It calls for the best durability and functionality of the tongs.  

Furthermore, each size of tongs is about 6 inches long; also the tongs all come with various shape designs and different grid teeth. As a result, buying this set is a good idea because it is elegant shiny golden tongs that have multi-purpose on grabbing salads, bacon, fruit, and beards and can be used in any special event. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Consisted of 304 stainless steel 
  • Different shapes design 
  • Perfectly serving in tea party and candy bar 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Don’t scrape with a hard object

4. IAXSEE 2 Pack Stainless Steel Golden Tong

IAXSEE 2 Pack Stainless Steel Golden Tong

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Looking back on the IAXSEE Golden tongs package with 2 pieces of tongs that are 9 inches long. Furthermore, these tongs consist of top-grade stainless steel that exists with great performance in durability and keeps it safe for children. A pair of tongs with perfect grid teeth and elegant decoration.

These tongs come in one package without an annoying shape design that helps to clip foods as your requirements. Subsequently, IAXSEE shiny golden tongs can serve various objectives especially home parties, tea parties, weddings, candy bars, and coffee time. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Durable 
  • Elegant design suitable for a tea party or candy bar 
  • Consist of top-grade Stainless Steel 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Easy to get scratch

3. Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Tongs

Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Tong

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This is another great ice tong that is made of good quality stainless steel. Its length is about 7 inches and has a clawed style prong. With the help of a clawed prong, it makes it easier for users to lift the ice cubes with maximum hassle. Most importantly, the clawed prongs are also similar to the shape of bird feet which look tighter that help prevents the slip of ice cubes from the grid. It’s the right option for hosting parties or entertaining.

Take-Home into Consideration  

  • Great design 
  • Fit in kitchen space
  • Safe of dishwasher product 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Only for ice cubes use

2. Browne and Co Cuisipro Ice tongs 

Browne and Co Cuisipro Ice tongs 

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Generally, a cool-looking ice tong that adds a lot of elegance to your party is known as Browne & Co Cuisipro ice tongs that remarkably design for picking up the ice cubes, buffets, fruit, pickle slices, and desserts. These products are made of high-quality stainless steel with mirror reflection. 

According to fashionable design, this unit is very durable for long use and provides a perfect grid on foods. It’s a dishwasher-safe product as well as a good choice for the home kitchen, mini bar, and tea party. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Small and elegance design 
  • Mirror reflection and easy cleaning 
  • Dishwasher safe 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Too heavy to grab it with one hand

1. Elegance Gold Ice Tongs

Elegance Gold Ice Tong 

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This top one of ice tongs is so fascinated and good-looking golden tong. It’s about seven inches long, which is a nice size for a buffet and great for a salad tong, meats, fruits, etc. Hence, this tong provides quality construction to ensure durability for everyday constant use. 

Conversely, this golden elegance tong isn’t for daily use. So, it can only be served in parties, minibars, and restaurants with this gorgeous design that will go perfectly together. Moreover, it even comes with an intricate style design but it doesn’t take long to remove the stickiness or dirt and is also safe for dishwashers. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Elegance look that can be used in any parties 
  • Long durability 
  • Easy to wash 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Way too extra to be the daily use

Buying Guide To Choose Best Ice Tongs in 2022

The Ice Tong’s job is to deliver the ice cubes into drink carefully without splashing on the clothes or other guests. Additionally, it is such a right sanitary method available this day without using your hand to grab food or ice. Hence, it has become the most needed object in every party and family gathering. For this reason, there are a few effective guidelines that help you choose the right products before purchasing one.


As mentioned earlier, most ice tongs are made from stainless. However, nowadays it can be made of many materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and glasses. So, stainless steel is the type that matches the requirement of clients in current situations. If you want to ensure durability and functionality, stainless steel must be your first choice. 


You need to take a look at the overall length of ice tongs before you purchase as checking the length of the product will help to assist the right area or space to keep it and avoid the hassle while using it. 


One of the specific purposes of the ice tongs is size because they can help to grab ice and foods at possible limits and reducing the time and effort of grabbing over and over again. Within the fitting size that can hold in one hand with less effort than the perfect size of tongs for tea parties and buffets gathering. Therefore, it is important to choose the average sizes that fit your demand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do people need ice tongs?

Ice tongs are tongs that usually have two handle hooks for lifting large cubes of ices, fruit, candy, dessert, etc. These items are sometimes used behind bars for some reason. As it can be seen they are considered a well-known object that helps to hold foods at parties. Without the tongs, people won’t be able to pick up their favorite foods. Moreover, it shows that people are practicing a healthy method to stay clean, stay safe, and not be directly involved with foods. 

Why do tongs come in different shapes and colors?

Shapes and color are symbols of structure and order, while tongs contain various shapes with curves because they define how it can be used and what is suitable for that object to hold. Thus, about the color, it gives the right time to serve with a set of gold or silver tongs. For example, silver is for daily use and gold is for special events. 


Choosing the right Ice Tongs is very necessary to help you grab foods and ice cubes without spilling out. Accordingly, there are various aspects that purchasers should refer to before purchasing the products. It can be based on quality, size, length, and design features that fit the user’s needs. 

Consequently, you should read the article carefully to get more detail about your desired products. And we hope the product mentioned above can help you figure out the most satisfying one for your kitchen. Hopefully, you will enjoy it with one of the them.


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