Best Honey Bee Extractors in 2022

Honey is by all chances one of the most needed liquids for lavished meals, flavorsome esserts, and tasty soft drinks. The heavenly pleasant taste of honey is everyone’s favorite. The more reason is that we need honey at home as reserved energy drinks, fresh honey lemon drinks as you may have enjoyed when feeling unwell. All these times, you purchase honeys at such a ridiculously expensive price. Nonetheless, now you can save a little more money and spend less by extracting your own honey bee. 

Without an extractor, crushing and breaking the fresh honey combs into chunks takes a pretty long time with minimal result. With a machine in hand, it’s a totally different and easier experience. An extractor is designed specifically for bee collectors and you who aim to harvest pure raw and happy honey on a much larger scale with less time consuming. 

Best Understanding of Honey Bee Extractors 

Is it morally unacceptable to take honey from bees?

Many people question whether it’s cruel to extract honey from bees in their natural habitat. The answer we often hear is no. It’s not cruel but under one condition. Honeybee collectors had better leave sufficient amounts of honey for bees to survive in their colony. Nowadays, we even keep bees for honey; however despite overwhelming demand for this nutritious product, we need to think of bees when extracting their honey from the hives. The right thing to do is not wrong. 

Because we keep bees, there will be large amounts of honey to collect. Natural methods of collecting honey are too slow; thus, manufacturers design extractor for a more convenient extraction process. That’s why, most bee collectors’ businesses shift from traditional comb to modern extractor. Below are the top 10 best honey bee extractor in 2022.

List of Best Honey Bee Extractors in 2022

10. Apiary Centrifuge Best Electric Honey Bee Extractors 

Apiary Centrifuge Best Electric Honey Bee Extractors 

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Firstly, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our modern electric honey extractor that is made with 2 frame separators. The machine features a 120 W 1.1A and comprises 2 Hive Frame Holder of heavy duty metal and standard deep shallow frames. This comes in relatively medium size with Barrel Height of 24″ / 61cm and weight of 40 LBS or 18kg. 

Made of stainless steel, the extractor is indomitably durable, safe constructing, and suitable for all honey bee collectors, either professional or novice. Bear in mind that this item is electrical so you just need to turn on the function and it does the harvesting job for you. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Humanized design and sophisticated outlook 
  • Fast 1300rpm motor with variable speed options
  • Allow observations during extraction through the 2 clear perspex lids
  • High precision bearing and higher rotation speed
  • 2 Frame heavy duty honey holders 
  • Basket inside with 4 frames at once capacity 
  • Simple assembly for hobbyists 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Heavy steel but it’s worth the quality 

9. Hand Tool Honey Bee Extractor

Hand Tool Honey Bee Extractor

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Mechanically excellent in its own way, the hand tool honey bee extractor is engineered to permit everyone to harvest their own flawless honey whether in tiny, moderate, or huge quantities. The knife looks seemingly ordinary with no complications. It’s made with electrical mode that even allows temperature switching control and display.  

One special thing about this extractor is its heated and easily cut wax with standard 110V US plug. Unlike the whole extracting machine, the uncapping knife is fairly small and light, only 1.1 pounds. Likewise, it’s very easy to carry around and put inside the bag.

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Adaptable and adjustable knife
  • Electrical
  • Temperature control 
  • Small size and nice appearance 
  • Light in weight 
  • Standard plug

A Little to Perfection

  • Turn off the temperature when the knife gets too hot after a long time extraction

8. VINGLI Electric 2 Pro Honey Extractor 

VINGLI Electric 2 Pro Honey Extractor 

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This is a Height Stands Beekeeping Pro Extractor made great with stainless steel spinner drum and 2 adjustable legs. Wondrously, the frame of the machine is built to last as it resists rust and abrasions. Added on, seamless welding construction makes it cleanable using soap. You’ve got a large frame holder of Inner basket holds slightly rounded to protect your honeycombs from careless breaking. 

Moreover, the enclosed gear makes it safe. About its leg, it can be bolted to the floor and raised the drum or removed. Table top use is feasible. In addition, the clear glass lid is well-positioned and easy viewing during the process of extraction. You can see through it. Lastly, the installation is normal and easy. Anyone can assemble it. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy installation honey gate
  • Simple functionality- turn the electric mode on and it’s workable 
  • Well crafted machine
  • Anti Rust materials 
  • Unique heigh support and stand
  • Build to last extractor 
  • Fast orientation 
  • Lifetime warranty 

A Little to Perfection

  • No mention of temperature control display

7. Qioni Water Resistant Honey Extractor

Qioni Water Resistant Honey Extractor

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This item is also like the others because it uses electric power. But, it’s different and outstanding in a sense that it’s corrosion resistance and water resistance. That makes it highly durable and long lasting. Qioni is absolutely suitable for honey bee collectors both experienced and inexperienced to harvest and extract honey in no time. 

What’s more, this Three-frame electric honey has exquisite workmanship and is made of seamless welding. The machine enables you to separate and extract honey from the spleen of the comb without damaging the comb, so it’s very special for beekeepers. Henceforth, this item is not only easy and high quality but also labor saving. It weighs approximately 693.1oz or 43.2 pounds. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Corrosion and Water Resistance 
  • Great function especially enable separation and extraction of honey from the comb
  • Extraordinarily special for bee collectors and harvesters 
  • Use electric power 
  • Durable and versatile 

A Little to Perfection

  • Remember to clean it with clean water when not in use
  • Don’t bump into the barrel body as it might lead to irregular rotations 

6. BestEquip Integrated Honey Extractor 

BestEquip Integrated Honey Extractor 

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Let’s take a brief look at the topic grade honey bee extractor. It’s run by an electric motor and features 130 W 1.1A plus variable speeds. What makes it outstanding is the 3 standard deep, medium, or shallow frames hives frame holders that will keep your honey safe and uncontaminated. 

Furthermore, let us guide you through the superior details of the item. It consists of 2 clear perspex lids and a honey gate at the bottom of the tank which allows the stable flow and observation. Next, the machine spins in a short time so it’s an ideal for small apiarists or hobbyists. In sum, the extractor weighs 18KG / 40LBS as it’s made of Food grade stainless steel that is very stable. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Roll with seamless welding
  • 3 stainless steel legs 
  • 3 Frame Honey Holder
  • Very clear perspex lids
  • Amazingly safe construction 
  • Integrated and thickened beams 

A Little to Perfection

  • Lack of temperature control function 

5. VEVOR 4 Frames Honey Bee Extractor

VEVOR 4 Frames Honey Bee Extractor

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VEVOR is an excellent extractor that features a smooth stainless steel finish, a quiet 120V AC motor, and a built in cooling fan. When the honey is draining, the 2 clear Plexiglas top lids keep debris out which is what we need. Additionally, there’s a grooved plastic handle and simple crank system that requires little effort only in order to spin the honey frames. 

This machine makes it possible for you to get honey through making honey comb flip in the machine barrel wall with variable speed options. Once again, it’s running on electrical mode supported by 3 stainless steel legs and a plastic honey gate. Good machines yield stability to do the jobs consistently. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • 4 frames and 2 clear Plexiglas top lids keep debris out 
  • Grooved plastic handle
  • Crank system for honey spinning 
  • 3 stainless steel legs and a plastic honey gate.
  • Durable goods 

A Little to Perfection

  • There’s no see through inside for observation purposes 

4. Zhili Bee New Electric Honey Separator

Zhili Bee New Electric Honey Separator

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Zhili is made flawlessly to cater to all type of honey bee extractor and is made suitable for all bee collecting and bee keeping. It’s a new electrical and solid honey extractor made of 201 stainless steel, metal gears and -br- built-in safety features. Besides, there’s a two-sided top cover of transparent plastic and automatic LID to turn the motor off. What’s unique is the steel external exterior and long legs puller that easily fit into buckets of more than 5 gallons. 

Designed very incredibly, the machine gives you a hands-free experience while speeding up honey production so you’ve all time to enjoy while it’s on the process. On top of that, the barrel has a smooth, seamless welded structure that permits easy cleaning as we care about your health and safety. More interestingly, there’s this transparent glass cover for easy observation and dust prevention. Moreover, the closed gears on the frame won’t contaminate the honey so there’s nothing else to worry about.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • long legs puller 
  • Stainless steel outriggers can be bolted to the floor and raised to the table top 
  • Large frame support
  • Smooth, seamless welded structure
  • Two adjustable legs allow different-sized buckets
  • Adjustable Heights 
  • Class cover

A Little to Perfection

  • No temperature settings mentioned 

3. GOODLAND BEE HEMOTOR Honey Extractor 

GOODLAND BEE HEMOTOR honey extractor 

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The GOODLAND motor is one of the most flawless honey bee extractor ever manufactured. It’s built with numerous functions and features development to ensure the smooth honey extraction process and effective extraction. Just like the rest, it’s a modern item that makes it suitable for small and medium scale extraction. 

It’s so far a product that deserved to be added on your list of purchasing especially for those hobbyists and honeybee keepers. What distinguishes this machine from others is its lightweight which is just 8.8 pounds. There are 2-3 steels that work just well with no problem at all.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Simple design and nice features 
  • Good functions 
  • Considerably high quality 
  • Suitable for all honey extraction 
  • Cleanable machine 
  • Durable 

A Little to Perfection

  • Lack of product description 

2. BestEquip Manual & Stainless Honey Extractor 

BestEquip Manual & Stainless honey Extractor 

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It’s one of a kind machine engineered of grade polished stainless steel body and hive frames holder that handles up to 4 standard deep, medium, or shallow frames easily. Durable aluminum alloy is a guarantee of its stability and strength along with integrated thickened beams. The item is very convenient to use since sharp edges for safe operation. 

Meanwhile, there’s also 2 clear perspex lids to allow observation which is a standout feature most of us look for. Not only that, the honey gate tank makes the honey flow at your will and speed. One word to describe this machine is stability. It’s for certain a built to last item that will last a long time. Last but not least, you’ll be satisfied with the honey output that you’ve got. We assure you that.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Honey gate to adjust flow of honey
  • 2 clear perspex lids 
  • Top grade stainless steel used to make this machine 
  • Aluminum alloy for strength 
  • Integrated thickened beams for wonderful operation 
  • 4 frames extractor 

A Little to Perfection

  • No warranty 

1. Top GoodLand Bee Supply HE2MOT 2

Top GoodLand Bee Supply HE2MOT 2

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The last product we introduce for today is the goodland machine for ultimate honey bee extraction of superior performance and output. Believe it or not, it’s very top notch and a should have for the beekeeper with 1 – 10 hives. What’s more to add are the 16 gauge stainless steel tank and sealed bearings that allow professional and effortless extraction.

The machine stands at t 110v variable speed which is a great range. It’s a fact that we equip it with the Royal leg stand to ensure that  making offloading honey is hassle free and ready to go. Most importantly, you can view the process while extracting too.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • A should have for all professional and hobbyists 
  • 16 gauge stainless steel tank and sealed bearings 
  • Adjustable speeds 
  • 2 outstanding Royal Legs
  • Hassle free honey bee extraction 
  • Leg for easy unloading of honey 
  • Made to observe the process easily for those who want to

A Little to Perfection

  • Only 2 frames

Buying Guides To Choosing the Best Honey Bee Extractors in 2022


Gear is a crucially important factor that makes the rotation good and effortless or the other way around so keep that in mind when buying an electrical extractor. A good extractor has good gears. It’s a great choice for you to select the one with good rotation and gear.


You can ignore the colonies since it’s a more demanding determiner of an extractor. Great extractor ought to fit 3 frames at a time and comprises 10-50 colonies. If it can hold more than 4 frames, it’s fantastic.


For hobbyists and industrial beekeepers, it’s different. Therefore, we suggest you buy the machine with large capacities and superior supporting features so it will last and generate satisfactory results. Investment on a machine that lasts is everything for beekeepers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Best Honey Bee Extractors in 2022

How long do you spin honey frames during the extraction process?

Technically speaking, it takes 5-10 minutes to make the best output of honey. It’s a suggested time frame to spin honey. However, if you use a hand crank machine, you spin halftime less so it’s about 3-5 minutes. The extractor, as you may know it, holds a frame basket which spins smoothly with a good machine. 

How do I know when the hive is rich with honey and ready for harvesting?

Well, that’s pretty tricky to find out when the hives is ready to be harvested. If your first harvest is at the wrong time and didn’t generate good results, don’t lose hope. It requires practices. Summer is the season that the frames progress so please consider visiting your hives at those time. Before summer isn’t an ideal time because bee took its own time to build the hives and grow its population. To sum up, when the hives are rich, that’s when you can extract honey. 


To briefly summarize what we have learned today, honey bee extractor is a machine that extracts the honey from the honeycomb without destroying the comb using centrifugal force. Having a honey extractor at home is worth a lot and provides incentives for hobbyists to extract their own honey from the comb which is money saving and for industrialists to generate large amounts of honey in a quick time span which is labor saving. 

So far, we have talked about the new and modern top 10 honey bee extractors and we hope that our readers can gain some knowledge and insights about honey extractor from our articles. Best wishes to all honey bee keepers. 


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