10 Best Height Increasing Insoles [Reviews & Top Rankings]

Height increasing insoles are becoming a common dressing theme among people nowadays. They make the user appear taller. They also help people who have discrepancies in the length of their legs to walk equally.

Insoles are the new fashion in town; gone are the days of high heels. Here are 10 of the best height increasing insoles for therapeutic and appearance, enhancing the needs of men and women. Read and select the best for you.

What Are Height Insoles?

Height lifting insoles offer a subtle and trendy extra few inches to the height of the wearer. Insoles offer height on both shoes conveniently and securely.

Shoe insoles are the same as any other common product that enhances the looks or appeal.

How Much Does Do Height Insoles Cost?

Apply 3.5 inches to the height immediately: package contains one pair of shoe insoles with 4 layers. Layers may be used separately or as a mix, which allows a 1,25-inch or 3.5-inch height adjustment. Insoles: Our height is made using materials exclusively.

Ensure that you can easily clean the height insoles you choose to purchase. Many of them are not washable, as it’s unhygienic. This is impossible to clean such fabrics like suede.

Best Height Increasing Insoles Reviews 2022

Now, let’s start our review…

10. The Fullborne By Heelborne Ergonomic Height Increasing Insole

10. The Fullborne By Heelborne Ergonomic Height Increasing Insole
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The Fullhorne by Heelborne is a small insert that gives you enough lift on heels so you can see the stage from any angle. If you are a professional artist that often hit the stage, these insoles are for you. They are perfect for loafers, boots, and athletic shoes. They have a low profile and are comfortable throughout the day.

The Heelborne insoles are nice for photoshoots as it gives you about 2.5cm (10-inch) height boost. It features a honeycomb sole design for maximum breathability. With a comfortable and sturdy base, your shoe will stay in place without sliding.

Reason to Buy:

The ergonomic and sturdy materials that are used in this height-lifter are more durable than many others.

  • Sturdy design material
  • Highly breathable and comfortable
  • Interchangeable on both feet
  • Fit in with many shoe types
  • It is not a full insert and may not flow well with some boots

9. Leather Heel Grips Liner Cushions Inserts

9. Leather Heel Grips Liner Cushions Inserts
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Space Lion is another top-quality heel grips that ensure your heels doesn’t slip out of your shoes. It features a durable cowhide material with a strong self-adhesive grip and comfortable padding.

You can use it with different shoes such as high-heels, boots, flats, and leather shoes. The Space Lion insoles enable you to have a better fit on your shoes. It prevents your heels from coming off your shoes.

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We like the fact that the producer offers a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee irrespective of any reason. You can choose from two different thick sizes; 0.28-inch thick level and 0.35-inch thicker level.

Reason to Buy:

It has the softer cowhide material which makes it more comfortable than many others plus the strong adhesive is also durable.

  • Soft heel liners
  • Serve a wider variety of shoes
  • Offers your heels a nice buffer
  • Strong adhesive
  • None

8. Elevator Shoe Half Insole for Men

8. Elevator Shoe Half Insole for Men
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These set of height increasing insoles from CALTO provide enough cushioning while you’re on the move. They increase your weight sparingly by 1/2 inches in a comfortable way that is hard to tell.

The CALTO elevator shoe half insoles are perfect for people who have arthritis. The material is pliable, soft yet firm to the touch of your heel cup.

If you are suffering from a leg condition that requires you to use a lift, these insoles will do the trick. It doesn’t slide around in your shoe. You don’t even need to treat before using them. They feature a honeycomb material design that is durable and reliable.

Reason to Buy:

Perfect for discrepancy of the leg duration or scoliosis, only one side can be used. Could be tape down to sole if slip.

  • Flexible design
  • Good for people with leg conditions
  • The material doesn’t compress
  • Stays put and don’t slide unnecessarily
  • May slip under some leg sizes

7. Footinsoles 1–Inch Height Increase Shoe

7. Footinsoles 1–Inch Height Increase Shoe
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Boasting synthetic material design, the Footinsole is another reliable lift to increase your height. It is perfect for shorter ladies and for people with unequally long legs. It adds 1cm increase to your height, and it’s great with different types of shoes—from sports to casual selections.

The good thing about this product is that the insole will appear hidden as such that no one will know you are using it.

The producer ensures that the insole’s design features holes for breathability. So, you won’t be experiencing any form of discomfort resulting from sweat and saturation. The synthetic material creates a friendly touch to the skin. It is also free from the foul smell that characterizes similar products.

Maintaining Footinsole is easy. Just clean it using a damp piece of clean cloth, and you are good.

Reason to Buy:

These incredible foot insoles will raise your height by only one glance, to a height of 1.0″(US Men’s 7-11).

You can put your sports shoes in virtually any style and look noticeably taller, whether it be formal and casual shoes.

The best thing is, these elevator heels stay locked so that no one knows the secret of your height.

  • Trim-able to size
  • Work with almost all shoe types
  • Breathable
  • Very comfortable
  • May appear too high for some people

6. SoxsolS Machine Washable Dryer Safe Wool Flat Insert for Sockless Shoes

6. SoxsolS Machine Washable Dryer Safe Wool Flat Insert for Sockless Shoes
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These are shoe inserts that give a feel of luxury and excellent height to your feet. It is a perfect insole that fit women’s ballet or dress flats. The bottom of the insole features a special material that sticks in the footbeds of your sandals.  It doesn’t slip off or slide unnecessarily.

These insoles add additional layers and plush of warmth in the winter. It also absorbs and remains breathable during the summer.

Tacky silicone and proprietary rubber design ensure this insole is strong and durable. You can rest assure that the thickness of the material absorbs a significant amount of perspiration, which is comfortable for sweating feet.

Reason to Buy:

The whole surface of the fabric contains our specific blend. No ribs to help you more relaxed and stop foot sliding in your shoe.

Such technology enables the fabric to hang on to the footbed throughout the day. The coating of silicone rubber stops odors from bringing liquids further into the shoe.

  • Perfect for sandals wearing
  • Stay firmly in position
  • Washable
  • Complete footbed coverage
  • None

5. Burlingham Shoe Lifts for Men and Women (2-Inch) Elevated

5. Burlingham Shoe Lifts for Men and Women (2-Inch) Elevated
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These are perfect height increasing insoles for men and women. They provide a height ranging from 1.25-Inch to 2-Inch for people with unequal legs. The Burlingham insoles come with cushioned layers that also make your arch, step, and heels comfortable for all-day relaxing activities. All of these also give you relaxing confidence.

One thing that makes the Burlingham insole stand out is its adult support design. The insoles material is quality. It is easy to slide them into your shoes, and they odor-resistant and breathable. They will give you a discrete feel while you have them on.

In the event you don’t like them, the manufacturer will accept them back within 30 days for a total refund of your money. The shoe sizes for men are 6.5 to 9 and 7.5 to 10 for women.

Reason to Buy:

Every shoe lift protects the arch of your foot while adding height to maintain its natural appearance. It provides improved heel shock-resistance thanks to a clever air cushion system.

It is time to look higher without the use of heels or awkward high shoes. Good on all types of shoes.

  • Provide good height
  • Works for both men and women
  • Good quality
  • Durable and comfortable
  • May appear too hard for some people

4. CALTO Half Elevator Insole for Men

4. CALTO Half Elevator Insole for Men
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Add 1/2-inch to your size by using this height, increasing insoles from CALTO. The insole provides adequate cushioning and protects your heels from pains and discomfort. Above all, it is perfect for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis conditions.

CALTO insole provides optimal support for your midsole arch area. People that have scoliosis or bad leg length conditions, this insole will give the ultimate balance you need.

The lightness of the material and its one-size-fits-all design gives it a hidden profile. It is highly resistant to skid and doesn’t move around. You can also use it with low profile shoes like Oxford, slipper, and loafers.

For orthopedic purposes, CALTO included efficient padding that ensures the best in comfort and height increase from both sides of the insole.

We will never ask your beloved shoes to give up. If you chose them for warmth, encouragement or design, for a cause you wanted them and did more than you could.

This 1/2-inch shoe lift is designed to match in the height of your desired feet. Made of the EVA foam, these smooth insoles transform your beloved elevator shoe into a beautiful mix of comfort and support.

Reason to Buy:

Provide Plantar Fasciitis treatment. Lightweight material you’re not going to know it’s there.

Robust enough that it won’t move much. Skid resistance And work on low-profile shoes (loafer, slipper, etc.).

  • Both sides work well
  • Highly efficient
  • Durable
  • Include arch support
  • It requires buying both legs instead of one

3. Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Shoe Insole

3. Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Shoe Insole
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The best insoles just don’t add a bit of height, but helps in alleviating different medical condition sizes in men and women. That is what the Hydrofeet insole does. These insoles are great for women and men with foot pains. It is ideal for people who have painful and inconvenient sores, as well as other similar medical conditions.

The Hydrofeet insole is also perfect for activities like standing, running, and walking. There is an anti-microbial feature in the insole that prevents bacteria and foul odor. At the insole’s ankle cushioning design, there is anti-fatigue technology that makes it more comfortable to use.

The glycerin gel is safe and is FDA approved, allowing the insole to adjust securely to the structure of your foot. The ability of this gel insole to withstand impact and weight of light sport makes them an ideal choice for lower pain relief.

Insoles adjust the liquid glycerine filling to the particular foot shape, which helps for the even pressure on the feet to be distributed. These gel insoles can withstand lightweight and impact also offer pain relief for lower limbs

Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Peripheral Neuropathy, Achilles Tendonitis, Bunion, Corn and Calluses, Heel pain, flat feet, legs, back pain and so on are the following disorders which may support a lot of these shoe gel insoles.

Reason to Buy:

The glycerin moves back and forth while walking so that it massages. When you use Hydrofeet insoles for shoes, your feet will always be calmed.

  • Encourage air circulation
  • Easy to insert
  • Outstanding cushioning
  • User manual included for correct use
  • Not too perfect for extreme running

2. Pedag Washable Summer Pure Cotton  Terry Barefoot Insole

2. Pedag Washable Summer Pure Cotton  Terry Barefoot Insole
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Now, you can enjoy walking with confidence like never before by slipping under your feet these insoles from Pedag.

The Pedag sockless insole features a classic and reliable terry cotton material design. The material comes with nice padding that ensures you have a comfortable height and feel while walking.

Aside from adding to your height, the latex padding of this insole promotes adequate air circulation for better comfort. It also allows you to enjoy a secure summer inside your shoes.

With a mild soap, you can wash and keep your shoes and insoles fresh all the time.

Pedag offers a better solution for people that love flats. They are also the best option for size-9 ladies.

Grooved and perforated latex lining can also help to hold Summer comfortable, sleek and sturdy in the shoes. the insole of maximum length. Air flows and feet stay dry and cool. Designed from natural, long-lasting cotton terry with antibacterial silver and grooved, safe latex skin covering. Great for barefoot wear.

Reason to Buy:

Fabricated with pure cotton terry and lined latex for maximum support Grounding and perforated latex lining often help protect Summer within the foot. Hold foot and shoes moist with gentle soap by hand washing.

  • Good cushion effect
  • Perfect for size 9 shoes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Might get saturated on feet that sweat too often

1. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Insole

1. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Insole
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For the ladies out there who are searching for the best cushioning and elevated insoles, these models from Spenco are the best. They are special insoles that aid and improve athletic performance by giving you the height and comfort that you need.

If you’re doing sporting activities like running, jogging, or walking, these Spenco insoles prolong the lifespan of your shoes. The insoles are available in 7 different sizes for youths, men (6-15), women (3-12). If your shoes are insoles removable, then the Spenco options are best for you.

The ability to absorb shock and return energy is the chief reason why many people are rushing to buy the Spenco Insoles. High-quality nylon material design further enhances comfort and prevents injury.

4-way antimicrobial stretch fabric with sculpture manages to stop blisters and odor management.In high impact activities, Eva forefoot cushion offers superior coating and energy recovery.

Reason to Buy:

Shock and impact penetrate the coating of this material to provide extreme comfort and cushioning.

Polyurethane foam, lightweight polysorbate, gives protection to heel and arch. Spencer heel plug provides extra protection and removal of the shock in the heel.

  • Fine foot cushioning support
  • Perfect for sneakers
  • Great for sporting activities
  • Fit into any type of shoe
  • They don’t provide much increase in height.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Height Increasing Insoles!

Best Height Increasing Insoles

When deciding to buy height increasing insoles, there are certain aspects you need to consider. These include but not limited to:


The material that makes up your insole will determine whether it will be durable or not. Synthetic rubber and nylon are some of the most important materials. They last for a long time, but it’s good that you look for a material that is breathable and friendly to your skin.

When you are searching for a comfortable insole that protects your feet, the safest option is foam. It provides the requisite coating and helps relieve pressure.

Gel-materials are the safest way to withstand shock whereas cork is soft and friendly. .Leather will even support the feet and be sturdy. Leather is durable

Custom VS off-the-shelf

Much foot discomfort results from a disconnection with the bones and muscles of the foot and the contact of the feet with the ground As such, the disconnection is too big to be overcome by the self-identification of your insoles Whether you are searching for an off-the-shelf solution or a custom alternative, consistency is essential to guaranteeing performance and durability.


Insoles for high-lifting shoes rarely need repair more than regular shoes. Washable with warm water and dry air.

The usage of a laundry machine or dryer is not recommended. Just like the shoes or insoles, replace height-lifting insoles as they get worn out to guarantee adequate sanitation. Based on maintenance and use, we suggest replacing them every 3 to 6 months.

Number of Layers

When shopping for your height increasing insole, you should consider your natural height. The height you intend to achieve, together with your natural height, will determine the insole type you should select. If you need a significant increase in height, then you will have to buy one that has multiple layers.

Shoe Size

The insole that you will choose should be able to fit well in your shoes without any inconvenience. This makes sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

Some insoles come with specific numbers while some others come as a one-size-fits-all design. Go for one that you can customize—that is, an insole you can easily cut to size to have the desired fit.


Majority of the height increasing insoles in the market sells for different prices. The prices vary according to the quality. Insoles with poor materials are cheaper but won’t last long.

Insoles that come with treated glycerin gel and quality anti-fatigue technology usually carry higher prices. While there are others in between; make sure that whatever you buy serves your purpose, no matter the price tag.

Easy to Wash

Ensure that you can easily clean the height insoles you choose to purchase. Many of them are not washable, as it’s unhygienic. This is impossible to clean such fabrics like suede.

If appropriate, search for those that you can clean quickly with your hands or even those that are safe to wash in the washing machine. Non-washable insoles will raise odor-provoking bacteria, and make you feel very awkward around your mates.


A decent insole in height should be adequately sealed, particularly if used for a long time, to protect the feet. To provide warmth, it should be lightweight and flexible too. And if the feet are under high demand, the material will remain solid to support the foot.

FAQ’s about Best Height Increasing Insoles

Do insoles increase height?

The aim to attach height insoles is to have shoe lifts that raise the height and retain rigidity for the arch protection and comfort to give you complete flexibility and stability, along with the added height.

Only put it on your feet, get confidence instantly and get taller

Are height insoles bad for you?

It is important to test first before considering whether a height insole might damage your feet. For eg, the usage of a memory foam that conforms to the biomechanics of your body should be produced from quality insoles.

Memory foam aims to reduce your foot’s damaging impact on your foot and guarantees that your insoles don’t sustain any foot injury!

Insoles are not dangerous for usual daily usage and will give the foot advantages. While they’re not approved for difficult physical exercise, they’re perfectly safe to walk and stand. Height-lifting insoles will improve flexibility and alleviate tight hips.

When you are short, it could even be because of a thinner Achilles tendon than normal that you have lower back discomfort. The insoles will lengthen the backbone, relieve lumbar and spinal pressure, and stabilize the pelvic.

How do you use insoles for height?

High lifting shoe insoles are an innovation for shoes that are traditionally less trendy. High raise insoles offer a few additional inches discretely and stylishly to the wearer’s height. Insoles offer height for each shoe comfortably and conveniently. At maximum, nobody’s going to notice you wear it.

Height-lifting shoes or elevator shoes from the past. Royalty and nobles have been reported to sport high heels to boost social status. These height enhancement shoe models are largely old. Platforms have been with disco and elevator shoes seem bulky, not appropriate for modern sensibilities.

Final Thought!

All height increasing insoles are created for a particular purpose—to add to your height and provide comfort where it is missing.

Our top 10 best height increasing insoles reviews 2022 offers some of the best in quality and reliability. While putting this list together, we took into consideration the height, layers, size, and quality of the insoles.

So you can conveniently choose the insole that best appeal to your style.

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