The 10 Best Floating Water Mats: Completed Buying Guides & Reviews 2021

Who said mats are only for yoga? Well, mat on the water is coming your way with these “Floating Water Mats”!

Have you tried to float above waters? Level up the experience with a sturdy and stable water carpet. It isn’t like the usual mat intended for flat surfaces as it has features to float on water. You can build more memories with the squad without the fear of being left out on the water. Perhaps, you have a friend who has no ability to swim, this could be the perfect remedy to still join him/her in delight beyond seawaters.

You can pick the best floating water mat on the following list. Essential features and other requirements are to be discussed.

The Floating Water Mats (2021) Reviews:

1. Rubber Dockie 18×6-Feet Floating Mat

1. Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat
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In just a bit of roll-up, Rubber Dockie Floating Mat is ready to go. It is secured by a Velcro strap for storage. The colors used, orange and green, are inviting high visibility in high traffic areas. It wasn’t made of rubber but of 2-ply 1.3” thick closed-cell foam. The company offers two size options, 18’x6’ and 9’x6’.

Features such as Tuff-Hide Outer Membrane Treatment and Tear-Stop Technology make the mat more durable and last longer. The prior is responsible for battling with dirt to keep the mat going along the water. The latter speaks about the materials used in the production that is high-grade nylon. It prevents rips as it can hold over 1200-pounds of weight.

  • 12-feet Bungee Tether is included
  • Scratch-resistant
  • None

2. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

2. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat
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Connecting Intex Giant Floating Mat to other float mats is possible through the included connectors. This provides a larger space for the whole family to ride on. The mat is inflatable and hence easy to deflate during storage. It can go through waves due to its new design that could offer superb comfort. It compactly folds for easy storage.

Mores, it is composed of 20-gauge Vinyl resulting in a sturdy mat that can go with 600-pounds of weight. You can, therefore, bring the entire small family into it. For added safety, tether the floating mat into the four corners of the boat. It can be bought at a very reasonable price.

  • Large in size
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • Demands hand pumping

3. Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede Pool Mattress

3. Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede Pool Mattress
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Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede will give you the feeling of coziness as you lay on the bed with its cool suede material. It includes two detachable pillows that render better stability and comfort. You can choose in five colors being offered which suits every consumer’s personality. The pool mattress is perfect to bring during beach vacations as it can be folded and easily packed.

There are evenly spaced holes built on the mattress wherein water penetrates into it without causing the mat to sink. You need to inflate the mat before dropping it on top of the water and after that, deflate after use. A combination of high-grade nylon and foam completes the mat. Tether the pool mattress into the boat for grander safety.

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  • Upgraded comfort
  • Many color options
  • Limited space provided
  • Velcro failure

4. Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway

4. Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway
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If you have a larger group of friends or families, Wow Sport’s Floating Water Walkaway is the most ideal floating mat to buy. It can contain up to 6 persons. And, if a single water mat isn’t enough, you’re free to add more water walkways. Connecting the zipper system is present informing longer walkways. Then, attach the mat to the boat through the grommets.

Over 30-gauge of heavy-duty PVC together with vertical I-beams builds up the mat to ensure stability. People riding on the mat can freely jump and play without being hurt. There’ll be no difficulty in storing the mat as it dries quickly and be put in safekeeping. Anyone can afford it below hundreds of dollars.

  • Well-built, sturdy, and stable water mat
  • Very affordable
  • Too heavy to carry

5. O’Brien Water Carpet with Grommet Kit

5. O'Brien Water Carpet with Grommet Kit
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Are you planning to chill and toss on the water with the troop? O’Brien Water Carpet is another suggested floating mat you must try.  It comes with a grommet kit that enables you to safely tether the mat to the boat. The mat can accommodate 6 persons whether they sit, play, or jump.

It is built thinner than the other mats. This adds more fun as it sinks a little into the water without the fear of totally descending. It has 3 layers of foam from firm to soft and back to firm texture. The mat looks plainly flat and available in three bright colors. Rolling up the mat is the best way to store it and hence reusing it will cause no hassle.

  • Recommended for kids
  • No issues of total sinking
  • Highly expensive

6. Maui Mat Floating Foam Fun Water Pad

6. Maui Mat Floating Foam Fun Water Pad
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This mat only weighs 25-pounds and can actually carry up to 1200-pounds of weight. It happens because of the cross-linking foam and Flex-Core Technology which promotes greater strength and robustness regardless of its own weight. Rolling the mat will not leave marks when laid flat. Its graphics and colors are protected with UV stabilization to keep them away from the damaging effects of sunlight.

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Hook N’ Loop straps will secure the mat during storage. The 6ft tether system is included to attach it into your boat while in use. This action prevents the mat from getting away from the shore. You can do whatever water activities with Maui Mat.

  • Very portable
  • Made of 2-layered foam
  • No grommets
  • Highly expensive

7. Island Hopper Floating Foam Water Mat

7. Island Hopper Floating Foam Water Mat
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Bigger floating mat is much better when you’re planning to have an extreme island hopping. It measures 20-feet with three layers of XPE foam. The space provided is sufficient for all ages in a large group. The entire mat depends on the inner mesh and the Tuff Hide outer membrane to sustain stability and strength.

The included seven grommets secure the mat to your boat. Additionally, it includes long Velcro straps for easy storage. It requires two persons to finally roll up and set up the mat because of its heavy construction.

  • Built for riskier use
  • A bigger and well-built structure
  • Takes time to assemble and disassemble

8. OUTERDO Water Hammock Pool Lounger Float

8. OUTERDO Water Hammock Pool Lounger Float
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You can solely enjoy floating onto the water with this hammock-style water mat. It can only carry 250-pounds through its ergonomic design. It offers relaxation to your head and feet with no touch of water through inflatable supports. Only the body is soaking in the water. An air pump is included upon purchase. One person is carried per ride.

It consists of PVC and non-toxic nylon fabric which is lighter to store by only folding it. Two color options are available, including blue and pink. This mat suits both adults and kids. However, the mat’s usefulness limits only on pools for it cannot withstand the current on the ocean due to its lightness.

  • New hammock style
  • Perfect for pools
  • Accommodates only one person

9. Aqua 3-In-1 Roll-Up Pool Float Padded Mat

9. Aqua 3-In-1 Roll-Up Pool Float Padded Mat
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One mat serves as a pool lounge, beach mat, and yoga mat. Additionally, it is sold at its most affordable price. Just one roll away, everything is settled. It is built with air-pillow head support and fully made of nylon and foam materials. The overall weight capacity is 250-pounds and recommended for ages 15 and above.

The materials used dries quickly for storage purposes as it’ll be tied by straps with carrying handle. It might look thin yet sturdy and versatile. The mat got many positive feedbacks from the users during the review of the product.

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  • Stylish and durable design
  • Superb versatility
  • Inexpensive
  • None

10. FloatDaddy 3-Ply Foam Lake Swim Mat

10. FloatDaddy 3-Ply Foam Lake Swim Mat
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The high foam quality is one of the most important features floating water mats must have. FloatDaddy Swim Mat has combined three-layer of high-density foam to make it strong enough to bring the best result. The foam used is heat laminated and UV stable too. The discoloration is therefore prevented and extended usefulness is expected.

There are rust-resistant D-Rings on both sides and a 5-feet bungee cord with carabiner clips. These are used to connect the mat to the boat. It sustains the stability of the mat as well as results in a more secure water mat experience. This must be the simplest looking floating mat among the list but tops the “2018 The Z8″ search for water mat.

  • High-quality foam material
  • Offers huge space for the whole family
  • Upgraded security features
  • Many requirements during delivery
  • Highly Priced


After knowing sample products of floating water mats, placing an order still brings confusion. Here are details to convince you to select the best water mats in the market:

Why should I buy a floating water mat?

We cannot deny having friends or family members that aren’t able to swim. There are no reasons at all to leave them behind the shore in having a floating water mat. This water equipment aids a group of people not to sink into the water even at the deepest parts of the sea. If you want to enjoy every tanning moment and even water sports on the water, you should buy a floating water mat.

Two main reasons:

    • For fun
    • For relaxation

How to select the best floating water mat?

Check these factors to determine if the water mat on your mind is a good buy or not:

  • Materials used

Water mats are mostly made of high-quality foams. It should be waterproof, tear-proof, and can float nicely. Stability of a mat depends on the materials used during the production.

  • Structure

Either large or small water mat is available in the market. Buying bigger mat models is more advisable to accommodate more persons.

  • Capacity

This depends upon how large the group is. You can start purchasing a met that exactly fits for the group. Make sure it allows the connection of extra mats in the future. When it comes to weight capacity, considering to whom it’ll be intended is the first step in deciding which to buy.

  • Price

It is better to sacrifice a higher cost than to neglect safety. Most water mats are offered at an expensive rate. However, there are cheaper mats which only last a shorter period.

Will it not totally sink into the water?

There’s only a small amount of water that could go up on the mat but will not cause it to sink. Just be aware of the load it can support and do not add more weights beyond its limit.

Where should I use water mats?

You can set water mats on water areas like beach, lake, ocean, and even on pools. Avoid using it on areas with rough resources such as stones or corals for it may destroy the mat when attachment happens.

We choose Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway because it is capable of carrying an average number of people in one ride. Its structure is so firm and consistently stable. Its price is as affordable to your budget. Other mats are worth buying too.


The best floating water mat will change your water escapades into more joyful memories. You can upraise your above-the-water floating experience through its special features. The mentioned floating water mats have the best construction to let the users enjoy various water sports. You can run, walk, and jump on it without instability mood.

Choose the right size that’s appropriate for the entire family or squad. The list of water mats in the market is on-going. So, check it out!

You can leave a comment or queries below and wait for a quick response. Also, you’re free to share your experiences.

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