Best Controller Holders in 2022

If you are a person who loves to play the game, we believe you might have many kinds of controllers at your places. So after your game ends, which place you mostly keep all your gaming devices? Well, it is a simple question but somehow an answer with a feeling of misplacing the gadget. Forgetting where you keep your holder is a big issue in a situation that you need to play. But don’t worry, it is solved with a new invention accessory that are called Controller Holder. 

Of course, it is true that making your gaming room or desk to become a new and tidy environment and it is definitely what you wish for. Why having a lot of controllers while you don’t have enough space for keeping it?  If you are in the consideration, we would like to recommend to you all these ten best controller holders in 2022 including clear information without wasting your time to search for one.

Basic Understanding of Controller Holders

Why is a Controller Holder Special?

Controller stands are adding game accessories where you can keep your regulator safe and organizing. This gadget offers a lot of advantages that make them more than worth its cost. While they’re not required, they’re additionally very moderate and they serve what can be a significant reason. While at a glance regulator stands may seem like enormous hunks of plastic that clutter up a surface, but truly, they’re helpful for some purposes. A decent regulator stand can help you to keep your controller coordinated so you don’t lose them, and will likewise keep your regulators from scratching (or getting scratched by) different surfaces. Furthermore, they look extraordinary and let you beautifully show your gaming stuff, and some of them will even charge your regulator on the off chance that you utilize battery-powered batteries.

Main Feature of Controller Holders

  • Three types of holders, hanger holders for wall mount, as a Cable holder or as a controller stand
  • Some holders use only for holding and others like cable guy can charge your devices

List of Best Controller Holders in 2022

10. Universal Controller Holder

Universal Controller Holder

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These Universal Xbox controller stands are ideal for home preparation or to make an eye-catching controller collection in your gaming room. Specifically made, this holder has been fitted with the forms of the most game-controlling tools. Moreover, produced from high-strength plastic, this holder will not twist or flex and has been made with a strong base that flawlessly fits the profile of the devices. Therefore, it is very sturdy and durable; you won’t be busy screwing your wall anymore with this 3M tape so it will be stable on the wall. 

Besides, you can install it anywhere that you want to include walls, shelves, and desks. The Universal wall mount controller holder is an accessory that bodes well all around, and they come as a twin pack as standard to prevent getting damage and hang it comfortably. The set comes with two stands that allow you to store two controllers at the same time. Buy now to make your game partner easy to find another device.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Use tape instead of screwing to the wall
  • Durable and sturdy when mount
  • Fit to many types of controller
  • Come with two holders 

A Little to Perfection

  • Carefully put the tap since it can scratch out the wall

9. OIVO Foldable Game Controller Holder

OIVO Foldable Game Controller Holder

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Another professional wall mount game controller stand is OIVO Foldable Game Controller Holder. An all-inclusive design is for the various types of Video Game Controllers and Headphones for storage and display. It is comfortably mounted to a wall, desk, glass surface, and more. Also, the double features of the foldable front plate are for easily upholding your controller in organizing your room. Furthermore, the design has the front plate hinge closed to have a smooth fitting wall mount while not being used.

Additionally, there are two different ways to set up, you can either use twofold-sided sticky tape which is easy to assemble to the drywall secures for a safer establishment or screwing to the wall for more stability. Also, this OIVO’s 4-pack controller assists with simple storage while perfectly displaying your devices. Plus, it will add more beauty to display the full controller collection and with the simple establishment so that you can show them with your unique decoration. A whole set includes 2×Foldable Wall Mounts, 3×Screw Sets including divider secures, 4× twofold sided sticky tape, solid polymer plastic (ABS) for too long activity life.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Very simple to set up
  • Two ways for mounting on the wall
  • Solid polymer plastic made for longer life

A Little to Perfection

  • the tape can easily peel off

8. OAPRIRE Acrylic Controller Holder

OAPRIRE Acrylic Controller Holder

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For those with many game controllers but not enough space, searching for an accessories assembly to display your unique devices, the excellent OAPRIRE controller stand is the right choice. Unlike other game-controlling racks, OAPRIRE has a solid, lightweight, and elegant stand. Thanks to the durable quality acrylic, it is super strong and fall resistant. Hence, the incredible 3M tape can hold your game controller holder set up, keeping your stuff safe and secure. 

Also, getting full benefit by completely using the wall spaces with the wall-mounted for your devices saving your room space nice and tidy. For each package, you will receive two-controller stands, four 3M taps, and two cable clips. In case, if any OAPRIRE controller stand has issues; you can get a 24-hour response and customer service for a solution. If you care about style, quality, and multifunction, this holder is the best option after all.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Space saving for limited spot
  • Great customer services for 24 hours in case of problem occurs
  • Universal  controller holders with twin pack

A Little to Perfection

  •  Sharp edges

7. Cable Guy Controller Holder and Device- Darth Vader

Cable Guy Controller Holder and Device- Darth Vader

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Are you a cute item lover? If so, this cable guy controller holder will make your heart say that it is the one. Come with a star war character made this stand perfect accessory for your room set up. Also, it is very sturdy as it can hold your PlayStation or Xbox without falling from its strong arms. Not only holding the game controlling but it also fits all types of phone models.  Made from durable PVC plastic and high-quality ABS, you have no worry of getting another replacement with its long life using. 

Furthermore, the measure of 8″ tall won’t waste your limited space but a great design adding to your desk. Besides, charging is even simpler as it comes with a 2M USB cable and adapters; you just put it on the cable, your controller or devices will get charged. Aside from that, it has a fantastic look that is suitable as a special gift for your friend and family, especially for children. Moreover, you will receive Genuine licensed merchandise. If you are looking for classic holders but universal design, OAPRIRE Acrylic Controller holder is the best choice for you. It is the perfect solution for your big mess in your room.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Cool looking cable holder
  • Keep well balance
  • You can charge your device just putting on it
  • Great gift for friends or family

A Little to Perfection

  • Can be small for big controllers

6. Two Pack Controller Holder Stand

Two Pack Controller Holder Stand

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If you experience difficulty in where to put your controller when you stop playing, you shouldn’t hesitate to give Shark 12 Mini a try. The special updated adhesive is more grounded than others. Also, you can place anyplace, like on the wall, your desk, racks, cupboards, glass surfaces, and some more. Two-way installation, you can use tape to stick on the wall or screw it for more stable holding. Likewise, the Max Load less than 4lb can hold your regulator stably. 

Furthermore, give your controllers a wonderful presentation point with 60°tilt production. Designed by an expert Japanese originator, Shark 12 Mini adds a stylistic theme and aesthetic. Overall, you are worried free since it has a great deal of warranty for twelve months. So why not create a clearance view ensuring no scratches on the big wall or controller. No more misplacing your expensive controller, and add a unique decoration on your wall.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Advanced controller holder
  • Professional wall mount stand
  • Design with unique sleek

A Little to Perfection

  • Cannot charge the device

5. Universal Controller Holder- OAPRIRE

Universal Controller Holder- OAPRIRE

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For players with a lot of precious controllers, need a perfect controller stand to set up your gaming room by appropriately preparation and display beautifully for your controller, the OAPRIRE regulator stand is here for you. Likewise, it is the best support for all types of regulators and retro controllers. Hence, you can conveniently show each of the regulators in modern style as this is the ideal way to show your custom controller on the desktop. 

Unlike another regulator stand, OAPRIRE Xbox one regulator adornments is made of top-notch solid acrylic, totally coordinated into the gaming area, constructing your game fortress. Besides, the ps4 regulator accessories have a steady base plate, and the entire stand weighs 0.51lb, which won’t handily tip over when the controller isn’t on it. Additionally, it is very simple where it won’t leave a single hole on your beautiful wall. Twenty-hour service is right there waiting for your problem or concern on your purchasing.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Handcrafted with unique acrylic plastic, elegant look
  • Weigh 0.51lbs, stable won’t easily getting slipped
  • No screw, no hole on your wall

A Little to Perfection

  • For space limited can be hard since it can mount to the wall

4. Cable Guy Classic Sega Sonic

Cable Guy Classic Sega Sonic

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Cable Guy Classic Sega Sonic the Hedgehog accompanying a 2m cable for charging your gadget. It is the ideal squad mate for any room, office, or desk. Moreover, looking extraordinary on its own or when holding your regulator or mobile. It works with PlayStation and Xbox regulators and most Smartphones. They never made you disappointed when holding your regulator between gaming sessions. Also, it fits with all models of cell phones. 

Aside from that, with a height of 8 inches, it will be even easier to make it a beautiful sculpture for your gaming environment. Made from durable material including rough ABS and PVC plastic, you can happily use it without any concern. On the other hand, it is a bit thin; it will never make your controllers drop to the ground or get damage. Offer your friends or family a bright smile while giving them this little blue sonic controller holder on their special day. Especially, it had officially Licensed Sega Merchandise.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Cute little holder 
  • Can buy for gifting
  • Charge your device while not in use

A Little to Perfection

  • Big but small hand for holding huge devices

3. Stormtrooper Cable Guy- Controller Holder

Stormtrooper Cable Guy- Controller Holder

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As the boots on the ground, the Stormtroopers were answerable for maintaining imperial standards across the universe. What’s more, presently, they’re going to your gaming room to maintain your calm regulators and telephone or, in any event, one is this Stormtrooper Cable Guy!  This controller holder is 100% formally authorized. Furthermore, similarly to a great gadget, it’s impeccably intended to hold both PlayStation and Xbox regulators.

Likewise, it can even hold your cell phone while you charge it off the included 3-meter USB link (with connectors to fit both miniature USB and Apple Lightning). Essentially, despite the fact that cable guys make some intense memories getting their hands on the dissidents, this one will have a strong handle on your devices. Try not to allow your staff to lie around until it ultimately vanishes into a system far, far away. Ensure you have a protected spot to keep your treats, the hands of this Stormtrooper 8″ Cable Guy.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Attach your phone or devices on the holders for charging
  • Hold all types of mobile phone
  • Officially licensed from Star War Mechanism

A Little to Perfection

  • Cannot fit to most types of controllers

2. The Titan Controller Holder

The Titan Controller Holder

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Seat your game regulator and earphone on this Titan Controller holder simple to set up, and convenient for desk mount. Intended to hold one controller and a headset, it will keep your game space spotless and clean and your stuff good to go when you need it. Moreover, utilizing amazing 3M VHB tape to hold your holder set up, keeping your staff free from any harm. It is suitable for various types of game regulators and earphones with a band up to 2.1 inches deep. 

Additionally, this Titan holder has intended to sit conveniently on the edge of desk, racks, and level surfaces, opening up space. The weight of 1.5 kilogram makes it stable and won’t make your device slide away. Besides, get the Titan to make a showcase for your controller with its elegant design. Looking up-to-date and holding your device safely with this controller holder.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Works with all most all types of controllers and headphone
  • Safe Installation
  • Classic Look 

A Little to Perfection

  • 3D Printed Plastic

1. Gaming Cable Guys- phone and controller holder

Gaming Cable Guys- phone and controller holder

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Let the star of The Mandalorian alone accommodate and kept occupied with your devices. The Mandalorian freshly from Star War, the kid Cable Guy is here, and it’s the valued abundance you’ve been searching for. Presented with arm raised, and a look of central focus, it is safely fixed on top of a platform. The Cable Guys holders are viable with most game regulators, cell phones, and tablets.  

Additionally, it holds your gadget and protects it while it charges. The set comes with a two-meter two-in-one miniature USB and type C USB charging link everybody can use for charging. Moreover, it prevents harm and keeping your game-space mess-free and organized. Besides, with the design of a substantial PVC statue and strong base that holds without tipping over. Hang all of your regulators and earphones flawlessly and helpfully far removed. Take care of your devices now with this charming little controller holder.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Leave your device charge on the cable
  • PVC heavy duty material
  • Looking cute and lovely

A Little to Perfection

  • Not suitable for limited space 

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Controller Holders in 2022


We could see that there are many controller holders. Some come as a sculpture while some other comes as a tall holder or as a hanger. It somehow also depends on your style or the spaces that you are available for. The hanger controller holder is the best fit for a smaller room by mounting it on the wall. And if you love some other kinds of characters, we recommend getting a cable guy. Also, you can charge your device while holding.


Another factor to consider before spending your money is the stability of the stand to hold the devices. Most of the controller holders use taps like Nano tap or 3M as many consumers complain it is not stable to use the taps for the wall mount. Likewise, you can also screw to hang it more firmly. On the other hand, it will make a hole in the wall. Whether you like it or not, it also depends on you. And if you choose the one that is way too small sometimes your device can accidentally fall out. You must check its stability first so that you don’t have to worry so much about your devices.


The price of products is also a must to calculate. If you have a limited budget, then the simpler the controller holder you got. Various kinds of holders that can be used as device chargers will cost you even more. All in all, it is also up to your decision if you think about more quality the more you have to spend on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is the wall mount controller holder strong enough to hold the game controller?

Yes, it is. It is made for holding your controller, especially when you don’t have much space to keep it. Most controller holders come in two way installations. The first method is to use the tap to stick on the wall. And another one is to screw it directly to the wall and that will make it more stable.

Can a controller holder hold some other devices?

Various types of holders come in various shapes and sizes. Universal holders are made for not holding your controllers but you can hold other devices such as phones, earphones or Xbox controllers as described above. 


It’s quite complementary to choosing the best controller holders to keep safety for your controllers. Therefore, you can have such a nice and clean room for your family and friend’s spare time. Before buying the most efficient devices, there are several things that consumers can apply to. And it can be focused on types, stability, and your budget.

Therefore, to get more information about your ideal controller holders, you should carefully read the article above. And we hope that the product description will help you find out for yourself the most satisfied one. Hopefully, from one of these ten controller stands, you would receive one that you love. Keep your room clean and stylish with controller holders; get now for your precious up-to-date devices.


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