Best Cell Phone Holders for Desk in 2022

Cell Phone is a necessary part of our daily life and an essential role in making it a lot easier. American people averagely pick up 96 times per day and to reduce the number of picking up times, cell phone holders for desk become the best solution for this issue. While cell phone performs various functions, it’s a great plus if we can use it well with your phone holders for desk to help your works. Asides from keeping our mobile phone standing safe, a suitable cell phone holder also brings about ease in your daily routines such as movie time, eating, cooking, and more.

Picking a cell phone holder sounds easy, but still need some considerations with top product reviews, and so that you can finally purchase an ideal one for your office/home. We come up with the top 10 Cell Phone Holders from well-known brands for you to make up your mind.

List of The Best Cell Phone Holders for Desk in 2022

10. Lamicall VC-S-US-B Cell Phone Holders for Desk

Lamicall VC-S-US-B Cell Phone Holders for Desk

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The Lamicall’s stand is a neat, simple, and universal phone stand with a sleek design. It comes with the Aluminum alloy material. Furthermore, it holds your phone with reliable support on the go. Also, it has a non-slip rubber pad that protects your phone from scratches during sliding. Besides, this stand provides a perfect viewing angle. Putting it on your desk, you can use FaceTime, view photos, play games, watch movies, type, read, and more.

Furthermore, the Lamicall’s stand is wonderfully compatible with any 4-8 inch smartphones. It fits cell phones like HUAWEI, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nexus, and even with a case. Moreover, it offers your phone a perfect dock with a large hole in the back for the charging cable to bend gracefully away. So, you don’t need to take the stand out when charging your phone. No more worries about your multi-tasking routines and your nightstand, the Lamicall’s stand is accommodated with them all.

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made of Aluminum alloy material
  • Has rubber protection – protect from scratches during sliding
  • Contains a simple design, lightweight and stays stable on any surface
  • Sturdy Metal Phone Holder
  • Anti-scratch

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Not available in all color options (need to check which color is in stock)

9. OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

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OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand is incorporated elegant and durable design. Though having a sleek and simple design, the stand comes with sturdy holding and heavy case compatibility. Moreover, it ideally fits any device from 3.5 to 10 inches. In addition, it has a larger silicone pad & a 40-degree anti-skid slope. This function can help protect your phone from scratch and slipping during using. 

OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand is very suitable for any of your surroundings. It perfectly stands on your desk, home kitchen, or bedside table. Also, the stand can stay anywhere besides you, during your works or fun time with a convenient viewing angle. Ideally, you can place your phone at viewing angles from 40 to 45 degrees’ base on its 19mm long hook. For OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand, you can now enjoy a comfortable sense of touch on any occasion.

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made of 4mm thickness aluminium and Silicone 
  • Has longer hook that holds devices with more Bessel or with thick cases
  • Compatible with all phones, tablets, and eBook readers – max capacity 10.1 inch
  • Solid and sturdy to hold and adjust
  • No worry about your devices falling or sliding
  • High-quality material

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Not the best option to use when FaceTime or any picture angles
  • Sometimes limited with its angles and adjustment flexibility

8. Aduro Solid-Grip Smartphone Stand- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

Aduro Solid-Grip Smartphone Stand- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

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This is a solid smartphone stand from Aduro that offers you extreme flexibility. And, this stand uniquely comes up with a durable clamp that allows you to attach the stand to your desk. What is more, the clamp is also adjustable that can grip with a thickness of your desk surface up to 3 inches. As we already know, it’s commonly built to clear up some of your desk space. Moreover, this stand holder provides a 360 degree of rotation, perfect for any viewing angle. And, it’s specially designed for you to have ease of hands-free experience.

Furthermore, the Aduro Smartphone Stand has two rubberized grips that hold your device firmly in place. It can stably grip your device and put it in your desk, bedside table, or kitchen. Besides, it can keep all kinds of devices from iPhone to Galaxy to GPS, camera, etc. With all built-in functions, Aduro Solid-Grip Smartphone Stand has all the needs to hold any of your devices. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Offers a durable and adjustable clamp (fits to a thickness of 3-inch surface)
  • Provides a product warranty 
  • Ease of assembling, setting up and adjusting
  • Strongly gripps into your device as the table grip is sturdy with the screw handle
  • Improving your multitasking by no need to hold the phone while doing other things at the same time

A Little to Perfection: 

  • You need to take off the device protector every time
  • Slightly interfere with volume control

7. MoKo Foldable 2 pack Cellphone/Tablet Stand 

. MoKo Foldable 2 pack Cellphone/Tablet Stand 

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The MoKo Stand is very suitable to keep either your cellphone or tablet handy and visible within reach. Surely, this stand is designed to hold any devices from 4 to 11 inches. And, it supports any devices like the iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, and more. Moreover, this MoKo Stand is incredibly lightweight that you can fold it up quickly to a flat shape and just throw it onto a bag. It provides a flexible placement with the anti-slip rubber cushion. Also, the ABS and rubber are strong and durable, which ensures stability while holding your device. 

Besides, the Moko stand has six fully adjustable slots that support both vertical and horizontal viewing. So, you can use the stand for both portrait and landscape mode display. With this decent stand, you can stream music or videos, check social media, text, or do anything you want in the device. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • There are rubber pads to protect the surface from scratches and sliding
  • Available in several colour options
  • Flexible placement for your device
  • Anti-slip rubber cushion
  • Multi-angle adjustment
  • Securely holds your devices on the flat surface in the upright position without slippage
  • Lightweight, tiny and ease of folding

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Not fit a tablet/phone with a case or sleeve.

6. COOLBROS Wood Elephant Pencil Holder- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

COOLBROS Wood Elephant Pencil Holder

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COOLBROS’s elephant stand is a unique 2-in-1 stand that can be used to hold a mobile device and small stationery items. The elephant nose holds a mobile phone, and the body stores stationary things. With the lightweight design, the Elephant holder is easy to carry on as well. It’s also portable and easy to assemble. You can put it in the office desk, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more. 

COOLBROS’s elephant stand has a cute and stylish look. You can purchase it for a gift or use it as a decorative piece on your table. It’s made from wood and plastic, and it’s sturdy, offering easy storage while holding your device. So with this cute elephant stand from COOLBROS, you can enjoy multi-tasking with your phone while keeping your items managed and nicely decorated. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made of wood-plastic board
  • Safe and healthy for the human body (Environmental friendly)
  • Has mini size which is foldable for an easy storage
  • A perfect gift choice, especially for the kids
  • Compatible with the majority of devices including phones and tablets

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Feeling might snap if bent the wrong way
  • More suitable for kids

5. Honsky Solid Desktop Desk Stand

Honsky Solid Desktop Desk Stand

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Honsky’s stand is a modern phone holder designed to provide a solid-built and sleek look. This stand carries out the new Matte pink color design to give a more elegant feel. More than a nice look, the holder is made from Aluminum alloy construction that can firmly hold your device in a place. Also, it’s suitable for both vertical and horizontal angles. You can surf the web, watch videos, read content on your mobile while completing other works.

On top of that, the Honsky’s stand is designed in a unique way that you can charge your device while it is mounted on the stand. Plus, it is compatible with smartphones, tablets, e-Readers, and devices with lengths from 4 to 10 inches. Especially, the stand is lightweight, which is very portable for travel, putting it in a bag or briefcase. Therefore, you can get this Honsky Solid Stand with confidence by all the amenities needed for your device holders. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made with a solid aluminium construction
  • Stable and sturdy holder
  • Available in a variety of colours (Rose Golden, Black, Blue, Pink, Silver and gold)
  • Provides a 30 days Free Replacement/Refund Guarantee
  • Gives you comfortable view both horizontal and vertical views.
  • Anti-slip for desk at its bottom side
  • Portable and fit in your mini bag
  • High level of compatibility
  • Perfect choice for gifting your beloved persons

A Little to Perfection: 

  • The bottom’s space binds the charger connection
  • Considered to be small for anything larger than an iPod.

4. Lamicall A-Stand B Cell Phone Stand

Lamicall A-Stand B Cell Phone Stand

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This is the second cell phone stand from Lamicall on our list, consisting of other various needed functions. This cell phone holder is considerately made for stable and protective features. It comes with a low gravity center that solidly hold your phone. In the meantime, its rubber cushions protect your device from scratches and sliding. Likewise, the stand incorporates a smooth edge and metallic luster. It offers you a sleek and elegant look on your device. 

The Lamicall A-Stand B stand is suitable for smartphones from 4-8 inches, like iPhone 11 Pro, Xs, Max, Galaxy, Sony, Nexus, and more. The stand is also compatible with the device with a case. The holder has an adjustable design, which is easy for you to find a perfect viewing angle. So enjoy making a call, watching a movie, using face time, and more with this stable and gentle-design stand.

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Perfect desk accessories for office and home
  • Sturdy stainless steel gear allows you to well control the devices
  • Sleek and elegant design as it has smooth edge and nice metallic luster
  • Have a proactive function with rubber cushions
  • Universal compatibility

A Little to Perfection: 

  • The stand’s hook width is 14mm (needed to use the landscape mode for more stability with any devices larger than 6 inches)
  • Some devices cannot be charged while holding it as the power cable often bends.

3.  ZLMC Creative Mobile Phone Stands- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

ZLMC Creative Mobile Phone Stands

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The ZLMC’s stand is a creative mobile phone stand designed to be portable and easy to use. Surprisingly, this high heel stylish design makes it a good stand holding your phone at a perfect viewing angle. What is more, you can watch videos, read e-books, or just view your screen while doing other works. In addition, this pretty high heel stand is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with a maximum devices weight capacity of 2kgs. 

In another aspect, the stand is constructed more than just for a cell phone holder. Also, it can hold other items, including holding eating utensils like forks and chopsticks. Meanwhile, it adds just about attractive decoration to your desk or table with the cute, stylish high heel. It brings relief to your tiring day by providing a fascinating hand-free experience. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Creative high-heel design
  • Solid and durable heels to stand and use
  • Perfect match for girly decorating stuffs
  • Comes with a lightweight design (0.05kg weight) 
  • Designed for multi-use which can be used to hold other items

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Doesn’t hold a phone in a vertical position
  • Easily fall off if you don’t sit it well

2. Honsky Universal Thumbs up Phone Stand- Cell Phone Holders for Desk

Cell Phone Holders for Desk

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This Honsky smartphone holder has a cute and fun look as a toy with a thumbs-up design. Of course, it’s made from high-quality Eco-friendly TPU plastics, making it more flexible for stretching, durable, and longer-lasting use. With an adorable look, this stand supports both your vertical and horizontal viewing mode. On top of that, it is easy to rotate the viewing angle by quickly sliding the hands up and down. And, you can use it in many areas at your home or office, watch videos, make a call, face time, and more.           

Likewise, the stand has easy use, which you simply insert your device between the two thumps. It’s convenient and easy to carry for bringing it along anywhere and anytime. In the meant time, it has broad compatibility with most of the smartphone brands that fit up to a device with size from 4 to 10 Inches. On top of that, the stand makes your day as brighter as its colorful design. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Built of TPU plastics – flexible, durable, long-lasting, and protects device from scratches
  • Simple and compact to use
  • Multi-angle adjustment
  • Cute and pretty fashionable appearance
  • More compatible with devices
  • Handsfree and safe to use
  • Recyclable and eco- friendly material

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Not fit for bulky case. 

1. DeeXop Cell Phone Holders for Desk

DeeXop Cell Phone Holders for Desk

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DeeXop Cell Phone Holder offers an ultimate 360-degree rotation for an easy tilt adjustment. It allows you to set your phone to the most convenient mode, either portrait or landscape view. Moreover, it has only 3 simple steps to install. All you need to do is connect the cradle and the mount. And, the sticky gel suction pad is easy to lift up and place down to any flat, smooth surface. Meanwhile, the pad will not leave any residue mark on the surface after usage.

In addition, the DeeXop Stand is incorporated to be a great partner to your smartphone or other devices. It keeps your desk neat and organized by removing space and holding the charger wire in place. Also, you can still have a hand-free experience even while charging your device. Especially, it is capable of keeping most of the smartphones and GPS devices with 50mm and 90mm wide. This stand altogether offers enough flexibility, a pretty look, and an easy way to charge your device in a single box. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Provides a full 360-degree rotation for portrait and landscape views
  • Has 3 steps for simple installment
  • Contains powerful sticky gel pad 
  • One-size-fit-all feature
  • Multifunctional and sturdy
  • Enable to carry your device on its back even while it is charging

A Little to Perfection: 

  • Stands sometimes tip over easily

Buying Guides to Choosing The Best Cell Phone Holders for Desk in 2022

The 10 above cell phone holders are the top picked with outstanding aspects and necessary features. We also raise up the below essential factors which make a suitable cell phone holder. These factors are crucial for you to make a correct decision in purchasing the perfect stand for your cell phone. 

Sturdy construction 

A suitable cell phone holder generally offers you a sturdy construction with reliable support to hold your device. Some stands also contain dock with low gravity that keeps your phone to stay stable. The sturdy construction is an essential factor you should look for when reviewing and comparing the products. 

Angle adjustment 

A viewing angle is another vital element making a good cell phone stand. It’s crucial as you need the stand to rotate to either portrait or landscape view. The suitable viewing angle will allow you to use your device with any functions, whether making a call, watching videos, or reading eBooks. It also offers you the ease of use while completing other works. 

Wide Compatibility 

In common, a nice stand has a broad compatibility, which you can use with most of the smart phone brands. It’s also necessary to check what is the maximum width that a stand can hold devices. Some excellent holders can even grip tablets and any devices with more extended width. 

Anti-scratch & anti-slippery

While firmly holding your device, a proper cell phone holder ensures your device is kept safe. The stand should have a pad at the back and bottom, which will not leave any scratch after use. It should also protect your device from sliding as well. Some good holders are equipped with silicone pads for a proactive feature. It’s essential to check if a cell phone holder you want to purchase has this critical function. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Where can I use a cell phone holder? 

A cell phone stand can be used in many areas at your office or house. You can use it on your office desk, bedside table, kitchen table while cooking, in your car, or even while getting your groceries. However, it’s recommended to check a product you want to buy, whether it can be used anywhere or in a limited surface type. You should look for one that you need in most places you stay in. 

What are the benefits of using a cell phone holder? 

Multi-tasking is a common benefit of using a cell phone holder. Added to this, the phone holder can also keep your phone safe and clean. You don’t need to take time to look for the phone every time you want to use it as it’s kept in a place. Besides, it offers you comfort as you don’t need to feel exhausted, holding your phone up to watch videos. You can enjoy the screen time with a suitable viewing angle with the phone holder. 


A cell phone holder is like a close companion to your mobile phone. It contributes a lot of benefits to your multi-tasking time and fun time with your device. A good cell phone stand not only gives you excellent support, but also keeps your device safe, easy to adjust, and always ready. 

It is important to keep in mind that an expensive cell phone holder does not determine the best one; we must carefully consider the main factors while reviewing each product. At the same time, it’s also recommended to choose a cell phone stand that matches your personal preferred needs and expectations instead of choosing because of its price. Therefore, you will save money by purchasing the best one for yourself.


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