Best Camera Sling Bags in 2022

Photographers like to carry along their own camera to show their talents by capturing the best portraits. They grab all the necessary tools to accomplish the best photography result, and one of their best buddies would be camera sling bags. And we all know that a sling bag is a must-have companion to your camera and its tools. Moreover, the sling backpack prevents your camera from breaking into any surrounding even on a rough trip. Also, a good sling bag is equipped with all-needed features for your camera. 

Below are the top 10 camera sling bags that are considerately picked for you to select for your camera. Each product includes its special qualities and functions. After reading, you will find the perfect one on the list that matches your own expectations and preferences.

 List of The Best Camera Sling Bags in 2022

10. Altura Photo Camera Sling Bags

Altura Photo Camera Sling Bags

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Altura Sling Backpack features an ideal design with adaptable storage and comfort. And, the bag is lightweight and durable, suitable for all your escapes. Moreover, it has padded dividers that allow you to customize the main compartments in various ways. What is more, the top compartment holds your flashes and other accessories. The zippered interior pockets keep the batteries and cards safe. On top of that, it also has a tripod holder on the side and the best part of this backpack is that it is equipped with many essential accessories. 

Furthermore, the Altura sling bag is extremely comfortable and convenient to wear. It comes with a soft, padded, cross-body strap that can be rotated to quickly bring the bag to the front of your body. In addition, it allows you to have easy access to your camera and equipment. Plus, this backpack is widely compatible with most camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, other DSLRs, and other photographic equipment. And, you can have complete satisfaction carrying your gadgets over even in a long-distance adventure with this sling bag.  

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Designed with a quick-release chest strap with pocket
  • Contains adjustable padded dividers 
  • Zippers have easy side opening
  • Curved padded sling design allows you to rotate from back to the front quickly
  • No wonder that it quickly accesses gear
  • Greater interior pockets for putting the smaller items
  • Well-compatible with other cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and other DSLRs and other photographic tools

A Little to Perfection:

  • Longer lens would be not easy to fit in
  • The dividers don’t feel soft enough

9. Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW- Camera Sling Bags

Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW- Camera Sling Bags

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The Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW is perfect for a sling-style camera bag that allows you to wear your gear like a backpack comfortably. In addition, it comes with easy access while wearing, plus room for a notebook up to a 14-inch in size. Likewise, the roomy primary compartment corporates adjustable, padded dividers to customize up to a pro-sized camera kit. Plus, it offers unique features like a padded waist belt and meshes back pad. Such features help you distribute weight on the hips for heavy loads. 

What’s more, the Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW contains a Built-in Memory Card Pouch, Micro Fiber LC Cloth, and plenty of accessory pockets. On top of that, all the pockets allow you to bring all the needed accessories for the camera on your journey. Also, the sling bag is specially designed with the All-Weather feature, offering maximum protection against rain, dust, and sand. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Features adjustable padded dividers
  • All-Weather Cover function
  • Can wear your gear like a backpack
  • Come along with an adjustable padded waist belt to reduce the heavy loads
  • Built-in many accessory pockets
  • Apparent quality and well-protected the camera and its gear
  • Perfect for the travelling photographer

A Little to Perfection:

  • Straps can make a little hard for shoulders if in heavy loads

8. Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 Aw- Camera Sling Bags

Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 Aw- Camera Sling Bags

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The Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW is made for smooth operation to keep your camera and equipment. And, it comes with a rotate sling to the front, which you can access your camera without taking off your body. Likewise, it also keeps the camera and equipment well organized within your quick reach. Additionally, the backpack also has a dedicated space, providing extra room for phone & tablet plus storage for sunglasses, headphones, a windbreaker, or other essentials. Plus, the padded sling strap is very comfortable to wear for your day of touring or photo walk. 

In another aspect, this backpack is made for extra security to your gear. It has body-side access to the main compartment that helps deter theft while you’re on the move. On top of that, it provides your camera and equipment protection both inside and outside. Besides, Slingshot Edge includes a fully adjustable and padded divider system. You can flexibly personalize the main compartment in various ways. So, exploring the city in whatever the weather is with this Slingshot Edge 250 Aw.

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Contains two removable straps for quick-release buckles
  • The separate, Cradle Fit pocket keeps your tablet safe from impact
  • Smooth operation Design
  • Good quality material and construction
  • Extra security
  • Greater rooms for travel essentials as front pockets has a zipper to provide room for a tablet, phone and good storage for sunglasses and other items
  • Fast and full access as you can rotate your camera without taking it off your body
  • Keeps your tiny items more organized and easy to reach out

A Little to Perfection:

  • Not the best design for carrying larger lenses

7. KAVU Original Rope Sling Bag Polyester- Camera Sling Bags

KAVU Original Rope Sling Bag Polyester- Camera Sling Bags

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KAVU Original Rope Sling Bag Polyester is a stylish sling bag made from lightweight and strong polyester. This bag is a perfect combination of durability and comfort. The rope straps are sturdy and soft, this means, you can put it on comfortably and expect it to last. The extra main pocket is crafted to pack clothes or water bottles, with an internal zip pocket. There are also other two front pockets to keep your cell phones, wallets, or other essentials. 

When you’re up for any city exploring or adventure, you can rely on this soft rope sling bag to store your camera and stuff. No matter what the season is, this bag will make your day run smoother with no worry. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made from sturdy 600D polyester 
  • Very comfy and durable to wear
  • Fresh new color patterns and available in a variety of color options
  • Crossbody rope strap design
  • Textile lining and easy to wash by hand
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Two large compartments with hidden zipped pocket
  • Zipped front area can put cellphone or other stuff within easy reach

A Little to Perfection:

  •  opposite opening directions for two zippered compartments, so sometimes you need to take the bag off, turn opposite direction and then unzip the compartment.

6. TUDEQU Crossbody Sling Bag- Camera Sling Bags

TUDEQU Crossbody Sling Bag- Camera Sling Bags

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The TUDEQU Sling Bag particularly has a large capacity with a total of 8 pockets for all your essentials. Apart from keeping your camera in place, the additional main compartment is suitable for a laptop, clothes, books, etc which is up to 12 inches in size. Likewise, the middle zip pocket is sufficient for a notebook, pens, cards, keys, and more. Especially, there is also an Anti-theft Pocket in the back, which protects your valuables safe. Besides, the sling bag has a cell phone pouch with a headphone slot in the strap. It is very convenient to use a mobile phone and enjoy music anytime and anywhere along the journey. Also, there is a USB charging port for recharging your phone as well.

Though coming with multi-functional capacity, this sling bag is very lightweight and comfy to wear. Furthermore, tt provides reflective tape and ribbon that are good for your night activity. Also, the breathable padded air mesh offers a more comfortable carry. You get no worry for more aching for your neck or shoulder. It’s easy to carry along even in a long-distance of your day or night adventure. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made of 100% Nylon material
  • Comes with dry wet separation & water-resistant for storing items 
  • Headphone slot & USB charging port
  • Multifunctional and large capacity with 8 pockets for all your essentials.
  • Portable and lightweight, suitable for travelling photographers
  • Reflective tape and ribbon made good features for night time
  • Breathable mesh brings comfortable carry
  • Less neck or shoulder pain.

A Little to Perfection:

  • The main pocket zipper broke shortly.

5. WOWBOX Sling Bag 

WOWBOX Sling Bag 

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The WOWBOX Sling Bag has made from premium materials with canvas, including leather and sturdy metal buckles. Moreover, this shoulder bag is very stylish, sturdy, and durable to wear. And, the backpack has a wide size that can fit a laptop or tablet up to 15.6 Inch. Also, the padded strap is adjustable from 33 inches to 44 inches to fit different body types. On top of that, what special about this bag is it has a well-organized set of pockets that can also keep your documents, books, folders, clothes, and other items.

What is more, the back and shoulder straps are fully padded for ultimate comfort. This bag has a single shoulder strap that is reinforced with completed stitches for long-lasting durability. And, the hook from the strap can be flexibly attached to the left or right side for your convenience. This canvas backpack can work as a single-shoulder bag or a cross-body bag. Plus, it is perfect for school, business, shopping, travelling, or outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a backpack with multi-functions and compatibilities, this one is a perfect match. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Contains a total of 12 well-made pockets
  • Designed with metal buckle to bear up to 44 pounds weight
  • Casual, gender-free and professional to use
  • Sturdy, and durable
  • Very comfortable for carrying
  • Padded with laptop compartment
  • Functional and versatile for schools, working, business and travelling
  • Ready straps comfort across your back and chest.

A Little to Perfection:

  • Does not comfortably match with a 15.6 laptop

4. TurnWay Water-Proof Sling Backpack- Camera Sling Bags

TurnWay Water-Proof Sling Backpack- Camera Sling Bags

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The TurnWay TWS-001 Sling Bag is a small yet spacious cross-body bag made of superior quality polyester. Definitely, polyester is an ideal lightweight material for your heavy-duty stuff. And, it is ideally resistant to heat, shrinking, and scratch, making it a very suitable bag for your outdoor use. Moreover, besides keeping your camera, the TurnWay sling bag is also compact for a tablet up to 12.5 Inches. On top of that, this roomy backpack can also keep your books, bottles, wallets, glasses, gadgets, and more. You can also feel convenient for charging and listening while walking with a Mobile Phone Pocket in a shoulder strap. 

Additionally, this Sling Backpack offers extra safety for your valuables on the journey. Furthermore, there is a hidden anti-theft pocket for storing your essential items and prevent from picket pockets. Likewise, the reflective tape is designed to add safety when you walk, run, or ride in the dark. Have no worries and lift your trip with the all-required specialties of this sling bag. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Suitable for any trips with the lightweight, durable material and water-proof resistant 
  • Wear the bag over the shoulder with reversible or in the front
  • Comfortable and fit all body types with extended should strap up to 42 Inches
  • Spacious sling
  • High-quality pockets including a hidden security
  • USB charging port available
  • Breathable padded back area for greater conveniencence

A Little to Perfection:

  • Slightly tiny for a water bottle at the side pocket

3. Peak Gear Sling Compact Crossbody Backpack

Peak Gear Sling Compact Crossbody Backpack

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The Peak Gear sling crossbody backpack is designed with quality Canvas Fiber material, which is very durable and lightweight. The one strap design is very comfortable to wear, whether you’re cycling or walking. It can be worn across the chest and can be adjustable for left or right-handed use. What’s more, this mini backpack can hold a hardy punch of your items. Moreover, the zippered and magnetic parts are for keeping your important stuff safe. Also, the single pocket in front of the strap is carrying your small items. Besides, this sling bag features water-resistant that is very appropriate for casual use. 

More importantly, the most special about this crossbody sling bag is that it uniquely comes with a lifetime Lost & Found service. Also, each tag of the bag has a code linked to your secure online portal, keeping your personal information private. And, if you happen to lose it, finders have clear contact instructions on the tag and receive a bonus gift as a reward. You see, the service is also free for a lifetime. Getting this unique mini sling bag, you can have peace of mind going on your trip. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Includes ReturnMe ID tag with lifetime Lost & Found service 
  • Compact for easy travel
  • Easily switch from left to right shoulder
  • Beautify style for both men and women and great for sport and travelling
  • Plenty of pockets to make your items more organized
  • Grey Canvas Snow Fiber material is durable, lightweight and water-resistant

A Little to Perfection:

  • The strap is not long enough for people with larger chests.

2. Athletico Sling Bag – Crossbody Camera Sling Bags

Athletico Sling Bag - Crossbody Camera Sling Bags

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The Athletico sling bag is constructed of durable, featherweight polyester sports fabric. Moreover, it is perfect for pulling all of your gear in your daily commute, travel, and sports. This padded sling bag is ultra-versatile and built to last. And, the spacious compartment has enough room to keep everything, including sports gear, water bottle, accessories, keys, phone, and more. Especially, the padded pocket has enough space to fit your tablet or up to a 15-inch laptop. Also, the large front pocket is sufficient for securing your important items. 

In other aspects, this sling bag provides you with full satisfaction with its comfortable, padded shoulder strap. It is easy to shift between the left and right side according to whichever side you prefer. In the meantime, the bag comes with the fence hook, which is helpful for tucking it away when not in use. Also, the Athletico sling bag is designed for well organizing your pack and ensuring comfort for your go-to travel. 

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Made of Nylon material 
  • Hidden, security pocket on the back to keep your valuables safe from thieves
  • Your sports gear essentials are in the air mesh padded protection
  • Mesh bottle pocket comes with Drawstring and cord lock security
  • Fence hook helps to tucks away in a hidden pocket when no longer using
  • Best selection for tournaments, matches and travel
  • Can strop your strap to D-ring on left or right
  • Provides 100% Guarantee or Money Back refund

A Little to Perfection:

  • Not super large enough to hold everything.

1. Ambry Rope Camera Sling Bags

Ambry Rope Camera Sling Bags

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This rope sling bag from Ambry is uniquely made for women with a variety of current patterns design. The bag is constructed of durable canvas and reinforced strap buckle ready to take it on the go. It’s incredibly comfortable to put in on your shoulder. The form-fitting shape and stretch rope make it perfect for taking along on your travel, commuting, or hiking. Moreover, the bag has roomy pockets to carry your most important things. The two pockets in the pockets can keep your small items safe in place. 

Additionally, what unique about this rope sling bag is it comes with 3-way comfort to wear. It offers an adjustable shoulder strap, padded form-fitting back, and no-slip braided elastic rope shoulder strap. It ensures comfort for your all-day use, even on a long-distance journey. To all ladies, if you’re looking for a durable travel-ready sling bag with great pattern canvas, this rope sling bag is a perfect fit for you.

Take-Home into Consideration:

  • Available in a range collection of unique patterns designs 
  • Lots of patterns both inside and outside
  • Built to last: Made from durable canvas and quality construction
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and Padded fitting back help for comfortability
  • Portable and enable to take it everywhere
  • Best size for putting important things
  • Enable to put your water bottle in its holder and it can hold without worrying to fly out

A Little to Perfection:

  • No any inside hidden zippered pocket
  • No  quick-release clip  so you need to drag it over your head to make an adjustment.

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Camera Sling Bags in 2022

Coming across considerately selected ten sling bags above, you now might have a few products in your mind. Along with the list, here are three main factors to look for in a camera sling bag. 

Materials Design 

All sling bags vary in materials that they are made from. Sling bags can be created from leather, polyester, nylon, cotton and much more. Each material has its own particular features. Always pick a sling bag from materials with features that match your preference. It’s recommended to select high-quality materials and water-proof function. In turn, it will ensure long-lasting use regardless of any weather you bring the sling bag along. 


The size of a sling bag you choose should depend on the purpose for which you use it. In common, a good sling bag comes with sufficient space to keep most of your necessary stuff. However, it doesn’t mean the bag is too big to carry on. Thus, it’s also compatible with when you travel by plane as airlines allow a particular size of a carry-on bag. 


Comfort is an important part to look for in a sling bag. As you put the bag on the shoulder for long-distance when commute or travel, you will need a bag that is comfortable and convenient. A comfortable sling bag should not prod your back and cause any discomfort on your body. Some complacent bags have adjustable straps, wide and padded straps, allowing you to carry for hours.

Additional Essential Pockets

Although some camera sling bags come only to put with important items; however, some creative bags also invented with more spacious pocket compartments. More importantly, you can consider putting something more than just cameras such as a tablet, laptop, tripod, compact drone and other camera accessories. Therefore, you need to consider what things you are carrying almost every day and make a good plan by choosing the right amount of pockets accordingly.

Withstand To Poor Weather

You need to recognize that what you are carrying on are super duper important things such as cameras, tablets, phones and even laptops in which you invest thousands of dollars.  You do not want them to get damaged right? Hence, you must be very cautious to bring it along with you anywhere and any weather condition. As a matter of fact, you need to consider a good sling bag that can withstand bad weather (including rain and storm) like choosing weatherproof materials to cover and protect your golden gems.

Favorite Sling Bags for Mirrorless Cameras by Ben Bjurstrom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are sling bags important to bring for travel?

Sling bags are alternative to your bulkier backpack when you travel. And, it’s a perfect bag for keeping your stuff when you go for a day trip. You don’t need to bring a big backpack as you only need some essential items in a sling bag for a day out.

Should we put other essentials besides the camera in a sling bag? 

It’s good to look for a sling bag that carries your needed essentials in addition to your camera. And, you would need to use it for a day trip and bring along your mobile phone, iPads, water bottle, purse, wallets, and more. Most sling bags come with more comportment and pockets, which are very suitable for keeping your travel essentials.


Like other current backpacks trends, a sling bag is created for a handy, functional, and stylish to hang over your shoulder. It aims to house your photography items and all your day-trip essentials. Less effort in carrying will become a good partner for city day trips, a long walk, sightseeing, and more. 

Each sling bag in the list has its unique benefits for your beloved camera and other essentials. Moreover, all these sling bags make themselves attractive in both design and necessary functions. They ensure that you have a fun trip with peace in mind and soul. It’s best to look for a sling bag with storage according to your expectations with designed materials for long-lasting use. In the end, it worth the money you spend.


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