Best Bubble Umbrellas In 2022

Whenever it is rain or sunlight outside, there is one item that people hold or bring with them, which is an umbrella.  Switching to bubble umbrellas have become a new popular trend although the generation of using traditional umbrella has yet to be over. And, we all know that this twisted style has upgraded the fashion accessories during the wet season on another level. Therefore, the old-style umbrella in black and boring version will be over and we welcome the revolution of advancement in modern umbrella due to its superior functions and appearance.

What is A Bubble Umbrella?

The bubble umbrella is acted like your regular umbrella and protect you from wet and sunlight except for its appearance design. In addition, the design concept is from the clear plastic ball that cut in half, and then they build up and place it on a nice smooth handle you can carry. Plus, you can also see the plastic-made canopy comes with different designs and patterns.

Differences Between Bubble Umbrella And Regular 

Although there are differences between these two styles of umbrellas, the most crucial part is still how best its protection and how durable the umbrella towards the weather and other conditions.

Traditional Regular Umbrella

Regular umbrellas are usually used by many people since the beginning of the invention of the umbrella. And, it also comes in compact and non-compact options for people to choose from.

      • Non-compact (Stick-Style Umbrellas)

We usually see these non-compact umbrellas in various forms such as a golf umbrella or normal walking umbrella. This stick-style umbrella has a long shaft approximately long of 80cm and 110cm. You cannot collapse or fold the shaft, hence, you must carry the umbrella all the time and cannot keep it in your handbag or suitcase at all.

Moreover, this traditional style of umbrellas generally comes with larger canopies and its outer edge is moving from centre to exterior slope. On top of that, as you cannot fold down the canopy to fit in with your bags, the umbrella’s rips do not contain many hinges; as a result, this feature made it more durable compared to the compact umbrella.

      • The Compact Umbrella

The noticeable point of the compact umbrella is the design in a smaller size and more portable feature. It is about 20cm and 35cm when you close the umbrella. With smart engineering, you can fold the frame into several parts. Totally different from the stick-style umbrella, this compact one is more comfortable to fit inside our bags during travelling. There is no doubt that the design of the compact umbrella becomes smaller, the canopy size will be smaller accordingly.

However, the more number of moving parts, the less durable it becomes. The more we repeat closing and extending these parts, the more weaken the hinges and increase the damaging tendency. Normally, the traditional umbrella is carried above your head and it is easy to make your shoulders to get pain. If you hold the umbrella during a windy or rainy day, you will often slightly tilt the canopy up, which allows the rain to get you wet.

Bubble Umbrella

This is a new discovery with the distinctive feature as its canopy design is clear and plastic.  The outer edges of the umbrella act differently from the regular one.  The bubble umbrella extends out and then goes downward slope and vertical direction to form a “bubble” around the person carrying it. So, you will see the canopy can cover at least from your head to the middle body getting protected compared to traditional umbrellas due to the increased curvature of the ribs.

With its clear plastic canopy design, you can see through when walking without tilting it up and wet yourself. Different from the regular umbrella, you need to be aware of carrying the umbrella in the right position as it cannot allow you to see what is in front of you if you do not hold it too low and it will make you wet if you carry it too high. So this amazing bubble umbrella does address this problem and make a good job in keeping you dry and protected against the rain and withstands strong wind without concerning about positioning in holding.

Therefore, we are going to introduce to you the best bubble umbrellas in 2022 that you will love so much. We only selected the top 10 best models that are very popular among people for their excellent quality and beautiful design. Below are the lists of the products. If you feel curious to find out which bubble umbrellas are listed in this article, take attention, and read carefully. 

List of Best Bubble Umbrellas In 2022

10. Sharpty’s Bubble Umbrellas

Sharpty’s Bubble Umbrellas

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Sharpty’s bubble umbrella model is the best-selling product among the stick umbrellas. First of all, this model is made of good quality materials that are very durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you can use it for many years without any problems. Second, the umbrella handle is very well-designed so that you can hold it easily and without pain even if you hold it for a long time outside. Third, this model is windproof and can also protect you from harmful UV rays which are so amazing. 

Fourth, Sharpty’s bubble umbrella is unique and different from the other ordinary umbrella. For example, it is designed to close the umbrella inside-out so that you would not drop any single bit of water when you go into the room or sth. In other words, even if you come through very heavy rain or snow outside, you do not need to worry about dropping water inside your house or offices because you can close it inside-out. Additionally, the product dries in a very short time. Lastly, Sharpty’s bubble umbrella is very lightweight and comes in a portable size for easy carrying. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Weatherproof
  • UV protection
  • Pretty appearance and good design in the handle
  • Inside-out closing, do not drop any single water when closing
  • Lightweight and portable size
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good to give as a gift

A Little to Perfection

  • Not an automatic open umbrellas

9. Totes Women’s Clear Bubble Umbrellas

Totes Women's Clear Bubble Umbrellas

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The next product that we are going to introduce to you is offered by TOTES, which is Amazon’s Choice product. To begin with, what is unique about the totes model is its iridescent color. We can surely say that this product is very stunning that will attract so many women’s attention. If you are a girl, you cannot say no to this stylish and astonishing clear bubble umbrella.

Moreover, the quality of this umbrella model is very good as it is made of weatherproof and windproof materials. Even under heavy rain, snow, or wind, the totes bubble umbrella can protect you from getting wet. Furthermore, to give you more convenience, this model is made of lightweight materials that are durable enough. Lastly, after using it, you can simply clean it by whipping the water with a cloth. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Durable with weather
  • Pretty fashion design that can also be fit in some special photographies
  • Astonishing colour
  • Lightweight design
  • Quality is more appreciated

A Little to Perfection

  • Might not as good as a portable bubble umbrella
  • Do not protect you from UV rays

8. Repel Umbrella’s Automatic Bubble Umbrellas

Repel Umbrella’s Automatic Bubble Umbrellas

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If you are looking for an automatic umbrella, Repel Umbrella’s model would be one of your top considerations. First of all, as just mentioned, it is an automatic umbrella and it comes in a compact size. Therefore, Repel Umbrella’s bubble umbrella model is perfect to bring outside for your work or travelling as well. You can simply put it in your bag, briefcase, or whatsoever, and use it when it is rainy. 

Most importantly, Repel Umbrella’s model is double vented in order to give you the best quality product. Of course, the umbrella is weatherproof and it is also made of high-quality materials. Additionally, the construction of this umbrella is very well done. You can see it whenever there is very heavy rain outside. In other words, this model offered by Repel Umbrella will show you very high performance and durability while the other models do not. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Automatic umbrella
  • Very good construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Compact size
  • Durable quality

A Little to Perfection

  • The automatic open/close feature causes slight pain when you only want to close it temporarily

7. Goldfish Bubble Umbrellas by Galleria Enterprises

Goldfish Bubble Umbrellas by Galleria Enterprises

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This pretty design with goldfish is offered by Galleria Enterprises. If you need a bubble umbrella for your children, this model would be a very nice choice because of its pretty design. However, it would be good to use for adults as well. Moreover, you can see the goldfish design from the inside of the umbrella. Thus, you would feel like you are in a fishbowl and let you think of your childhood memory. 

Furthermore, the Galleria Enterprises umbrella has a fibreglass frame that is of very durable quality. Besides, the other materials used to build this umbrella are also of very good quality that can satisfy you. Although it is not an automatic umbrella, still, it is worth buying for its lovely design and appearance. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Very good construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Adorable and functional
  • Good to give as a gift
  • Ideal for kids

A Little to Perfection

  • Good for rain wet than shade in the sun
  •  A little rubbery smell once the product arrives

6. Clear Bubble Umbrella by Elite America

Clear Bubble Umbrella by Elite America

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Elite America is very clear and transparent just like its name. Therefore, you can see the sky very clearly when you hold this bubble umbrella. It is designed to cover from your head to your shoulder, and the size would be perfect for one person to use. If you like something clean and neat, then you can consider this clear bubble umbrella offered by Elite America. 

What we want to say more about this mode is its durable quality. Some of you might think that it just looks like plastic and not strong enough. However, you can realize that Elite America’s transparent umbrella is much more durable than you think once you use it. Lastly, to be brief, with this clean bubble umbrella, you can enjoy the beautiful environment of nature as it comes as a transparent model.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Good construction
  • See-through when you walk due to clear transparent fabric 
  • Strong enough to hold wind and rain
  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect size for one person

A Little to Perfection

  • Not well-protected you from the sun
  • Might not be the strongest model

5. totes Clear Bubble Umbrellas

totes Clear Bubble Umbrellas

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Totes never fail to make Amazon’s Choice again. First of all, this model is weatherproof so that it can protect you from heavy rain and winds. For sure, it can cover a lot of rain and will never let you be wet. Additionally, this totes umbrella is also transparent in design with some patterns. Therefore, you can see the sky very clearly whenever you hold this umbrella. 

Moreover, totes bubble umbrellas are made of good quality material that can last for a long time. Furthermore, the overall design looks very cute and pretty, and the handle is also very well designed for your convenience. What is more, after you use it, you can just simply wipe it with a cloth to make it dry. Lastly, due to its cute design, this model would be a nice choice for your kids as well. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Great fashion on some special occasions
  • Sturdy and affordable
  • Withstand against wind and rain
  • Lightweight and well-covered
  • Good to use with kid
  • Perfect size for one person

A Little to Perfection

  • Flimsy plastic

4. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella for Kids

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella for Kids

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The next best model that we are going to recommend is offered by totes again, and due to its good quality, it is selected as Amazon’s Choice product. And this model is a very nice choice for your kids to use thanks to the cute and small design. In the first place, the product is made of a weatherproof material that is durable enough. 

In the second place, to give the maximum convenience and comfort to the kids, this totes umbrella is very lightweight and is designed to easily grip. Therefore, it is good to carry when your kids go to school or travel. Last but not least, the clear material allows your ids to see the blue sky.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Good quality
  • Travel friendly
  • Windpoof and rainproof
  • Easy to grip
  • Great umbrella for kids

A Little to Perfection

  • Sturdy but slightly dirty

3. Bubble Umbrella by Galleria Enterprises

Bubble Umbrella by Galleria Enterprises

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With the raindrops patterns, Galleria Enterprises looks just perfect for rainy days. Based on the transparent clear material, there is the water drops design on the umbrella. Additionally, the manufacturer uses the fibreglass material as a frame. Thus, the product is very durable and strong enough. 

Moreover, the handle is also very comfortable to hold the umbrella, so you would never feel tired of holding it or even for a long time. Furthermore, thanks to its incredible design, the Galleria Enterprise bubble umbrella would be very nice to use for both women and men or even kids. Last but not least, this model offered by the Galleria Enterprise seems very nice to give as a gift to your beloved ones as it comes with a pretty design and good quality.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Strong and keeps upper half dry
  • Sturdy and ease of use
  • Have water drop patterns
  • Weatherproof
  • Supercute design
  • Good for all ages

A Little to Perfection

  • Not easily to wash off the dirt
  • Might not be the choice of yours if you like a sleek and gorgeous one

2. Kung Fu Smith’s Bubble Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith’s Bubble Umbrella

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Kung Fu Smith would be an ideal choice for your lovely girls and boys. First of all, we cannot miss mentioning its pretty, cute, and adorable design and colour. Once you see this product, you will feel like you want it so much if you have a young girl’s mind. What we want to say is that it looks much adorable and worth buying for you as a consumer. The overall design of this umbrella is very attractive and astonishing. 

Secondly, the materials used to produce this bubble umbrella are environmentally friendly, which are both good for us and our nature. Additionally, to give you the best quality product, it also has stainless steel material frames that are very durable and sturdy enough. Thirdly, of course, this product ensures your safety and also protects you from being wet even under heavy rain. Lastly, the manufacturer offers an amazing deal which is providing a lifetime guarantee. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Adorable design and match with the quality
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight design
  • Good for all ages 
  • Safe to use

A Little to Perfection

  • Not a wise choice for men

1. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

Totes Clear

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Now we are very excited to introduce to you the number one best-selling bubble umbrella in 2022, which is offered by totes again. As you can read, there are several totes products in our articles, and it means that they produce excellent quality products that our existing customers love. Going back to the point, this model comes in a transparent clear umbrella so that you can see the blue sky very clearly. 

As a matter of fact, the transparent colour is the main attractive point of this umbrella that the other models do not have. Besides, the totes bubble umbrella is very lightweight. Therefore, you would not feel tired even if you hold this umbrella for a long time during your walking journey. Moreover, the canopy arc of this super clear PVC umbrella is  52 inches. And, it is also able to open with a generous 17 inches of headroom which gives additional rain protection while allowing you to see through clearly. On top of that, this bubble umbrella becomes easy to carry due to the classic J shared handle design. Last but not least, to ensure your safety while using this umbrella, it is constructed very carefully for you and also very durable and sturdy to last for a long time. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy to wipe off with a dry rag
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Adorable design and great quality
  • Weatherproof
  • Ease of carrying
  • Good for all ages
  • Safe to use
  • Very well constructed

A Little To Perfection

  • Friendly to those who are children and other tiny humans only

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Bubble Umbrellas In 2022

So far, we introduced to you the top 10 best bubble umbrellas in 2022. And as you can read, each of them has its own pros and cons, and their functions are slightly different from each other. Therefore, choosing the right floor chair for you might be a hard task to decide. That’s why we prepared the buying guides for you that can help you make a better decision when you purchase one for yourself.

Lightweight Feature

The umbrella is an item that you will carry or bring for a long day if there is rain. You might have to hold it every time you go out or you need to bring it in your bag every day. Therefore, weight is a very important factor in choosing a bubble umbrella. Thus, you should purchase one that is lightweight so that it would not give pressure on your hands and arms.

Portable Design 

Along with the lightweight feature, a portable design comes as another very essential factor to consider for purchasing a bubble umbrella. It is ok if it is raining outside and you just directly bring it to protect yourself from being wet. However, there are also many circumstances that you don’t know when exactly it is raining and you have to bring an umbrella all the time while you are outside. In this case, a portable design would come as a very important factor for you. The umbrella should be small and lightweight enough so that you can put it in your backpacks, briefcases, or inside of the bags. Also, the design of the bubble umbrella is also very important to check for. For instance, the colour or the overall design might look similar or match with each other to maximize your fashion style. 


You should consider if your living condition is warmer or rainy climate. if you encounter the sunlight more than the rain, the bubble umbrella will give less protection compared to the regular one.  As a regular umbrella is made from nylon r polyester fabric canopy, it will block more UV rays rather than a clear plastic canopy. And the size of the regular umbrella is bigger which allows giving more shade from the sun.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are bubble umbrellas better than ordinary ones?

Yes, for sure. The most attractive point of bubble umbrellas is that they can protect you from very strong wind and rain for you to be safe. It is simply because it has very excellent quality materials that every bubble umbrella comes with. 

How long can a bubble umbrella last?

Actually, it largely depends on how you use the product. If you use it carefully, then the lifetime of the umbrella will obviously be longer. However, according to our customers’ review, usually, it lasts for several years for you to use, which is quite beneficial to you. 


Finally, you‘ve finished reading our product recommendations with our buying guides and FAQs. All of the bubble umbrellas mentioned above are high-quality with top rankings, and many of our existing customers are very satisfied with those products. Therefore, you can feel free and trust us to make the right decision. We guarantee that they are very reliable products that can give you the optimum happiness. 

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