The Best 360-Degree Action Cameras – Best for Sport, Action, and Travel

Everyone always wants to take spherical photos that show everything around you. The camera is a thing through which we can capture and save the moment. Some people have a keen interest in photography so they search for the 360-degree action cameras for that purpose. But these cameras are expensive than normal cameras but give you the best specifications.

Some 360-degree action cameras give high quality and water-resistant feature so that you could able to capture the moments in the depth of the water like during skydiving. In the below-given list, we write about the top 12 best 360-degree action cameras 2022. So you can select easily, just have a look here.

Types of Video Cameras

There are two types of a video camera so choose wisely which type do you need for your snaps. We will share both the types briefly with you so you can determine which one you should buy.


This type of camera is the most commonly used as this type is mostly prefered by content creators for their 360-degree view. The best part is that this camera is best for VR footage and it easily stitches the footage into your camera making it look real. The monoscopic camera consists of six different cameras and every camera have a different view to show.


This type of camera contains a two eye camera which is best for 3D experience. The camera is set up with a rig that can be best for you eyes at its final stitch.

If you want to buy some great cameras this is the spot for you because we have had the best 360-degree cameras for you in the past so do not wait just click on your favourite camera from the list and buy them quickly.

The Best 360-Degree Action Cameras (2021)

12. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Dual-Lens Sphere Action 360 Camera

1. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Dual-Lens Sphere Action 360 Camera
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Xiaomi Mikia Mi Dual Lens 360-degree action cameras give a fantastic experience. It is facilitating the users with 3.5 K video recording in HD quality. Besides, you can take 23.88 megapixels photos with a Sony sensor and stabilizer. It’s Sony image sensors are light-sensitive that allows seamless transitions at 6912×3456 resolutions. The two lenses adjust the image and colours and record a smooth video.

Therefore, it is perfect for outdoor, indoor, travel, business, journalism, etc. Besides, the six-axis EIS records clear and crisp images; therefore, it is best at the time of skydiving, during sports, and for high-speed activities.

The battery timing is also good, and you can record the video constantly, almost 75-90 minutes. The required operating temperature is 10-45OC or 14-113OF.

More, the best feature is that it is waterproof, so no need to worry if you are using it in the rain or water depth. You can connect it with your smartphone by using the app MI sphere Camera. With the help of it, you can configure it of long exposure shot in just 32s. It is more compatible with Android and iOS and above.

  • HD image Quality
  • Long Battery life
  • 6-Axis EIS
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Software of the Camera is quite awkward.

11. Rylo 5.8K 360 Degree Video Action Camera Black

2. Rylo 5.8K 360 Degree Video Action Camera Black
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Rylo 360 degrees action video camera provides amazing and beautiful features with 5.8k resolutions. It gives you a cinematic view with dynamic dual lenses. Rylo 360 degree action camera is compatible with iPhone and Android.

The memory is expandable up to 128 GB. You can easily share the data on social networks. The software of this 360-degree video camera is innovative. With the help of the Rylo app, you can easily connect it with your smartphone, edit and create a video. You will experience a fantastic thing with one camera and two lenses. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Package Box: 360-degree video action camera in black, 32 GB Micro SD Card, 16 GB micro SD Card, 2x rechargeable battery, protective pouch, USB cable, lightening Sync Cable. Everyday Case, Micro USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Manual Setup.

  • 8K resolution and 360-degree video capture.
  • Cinematic technology
  • Dual lenses
  • UV 6K Panorama photos
  • Compatible for Android and iPhone
  • Easy sharing on other networks
  • Innovative software
  • Price is a little bit high

10. MADV Mini 360 Video Action Camera

3. MADV Mini 360 Video Action Camera
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MDV offers a high resolution mini 360 video action camera with a 13-megapixel camera. You can easily fit it in your palm or pocket and take it anywhere. With the help of this mini camera, you can get live streaming on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is compatible with smartphones so no need for the battery.

No SSD card required photos directly go to your phone memory. It is lightweight and portable due to plug and plays design. You just plug USB Type C with your android and after downloading the app you start capturing the life in 360 action video camera.

  • High Resolution
  • Live video streaming
  • No battery required
  • Plug and play features consume mobile battery quickly
  • Video quality is poor as compare to image quality

9. LG G5 Friends 360 Camera

4. LG G5 Friends 360 Camera
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LG G5 friends 360 video camera is a compact and spherical camera that captures the image at 360 angles with one click. It records the video with two 13 megapixel camera. With the help of LG G5, users can easily create 360-degree content.

Moreover, it is amazing because provides 2K video recording and 5 channel surround sound recording on three microphones that help to create a high-quality video.

You can upload the LG 360 Cam photo on Youtube and google street. The image will also available on other smartphones with 360-degree content. Package Box: LG G5  action Video camera

  • Spherical camera with 13 megapixels camera
  • Support to upload the photo on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Compatibility is not so good with iPhone

8. YI 360 VR Dual Camera Lens Panpramic Camera

5. YI 360 VR Dual Camera Lens Panpramic Camera
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YI 360 VR is a 360-degree video camera with a 5.7K resolution. It eliminates the lengthy post-processing and stitch footage to shoot vivid 360 footage and then share it on social media. You can download YI 360 app and connect it to your smartphone and can see in four different modes. It is one of the best dual-lens camera and each lens is 220 degree and provide 360-degree coverage with zero blind spots.

The most amazing feature of YI360 VR dual is that it built advanced electronic image stabilization that keeps the footage clear and stable. The footage starts with incredible image quality. You can capture your moment in 5.7k resolutions. When you connect with Wi-fi,  it gives immense speed and you can share the data within seconds.

Package Box: in the package box, YI 360 VR camera, battery, USB Type C Cable, protective bag, tripod, user manual are included.

  • Completely 360 degree
  • Four Different viewing Modes
  • High-speed Connection
  • Portable and mountable
  • 7K resolution does not stitch on PC Windows easily.

7. Insta 360 Air 360 VR Video Action Camera

6. Insta 360 Air 360 VR Video Action Camera
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Insta 360 Air is a new and perfect video action camera that captures all cherished moments in 360 views. It is very simple to use and allows you to share instantly. You can share the photos on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, WeChat easily.

It is the tiniest spherical; the camera that invented by a spherical video technology company named Shenzhen Akashi Vision. It is a portable device that creates remarkable videos when you connect with your phone.

With Insta 360, you can record video in 2560 x 1280 resolution as well as some cell phones support 3008 x1504 resolutions. the photo resolution is also the same.

  • 360-degree Views
  • Instant sharing on social media
  • Portable device.
  • Heats up after almost 15-20 minutes

6. Kodak PIXPRO SP 360 degree action Camera

7. Kodak PIXPRO SP 360 degree action Camera
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Kodak PIXPRO SP 360 VR cam is an excellent camera that gives you 16-megapixel image, high-quality speed, and clarity. It has an advanced MOS sensor or CMOS sensor that gives multiple views modes like the ring, dome, front degree 180 degrees, 360-degree Panorama and globe. It captures high-speed video with 1080 full HD. Plus, it gives an impressive experience with a whole new light.

Kodak 360 cam is freezeproof and waterproof at -10°C. It facilitates Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity and takes the shots at any time with the Pixer remote Viewer App on Android devices. The app is available at google store and apple store.

  • Shoot at 360° photos and videos
  • Instant Sharing on Facebook and YouTube
  • Freezeproof/Waterproof
  • Image Quality is poor even at 360 cam.

5. GoPro Fusion – 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera

8. GoPro Fusion – 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera
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GoPro is offering you a Go PRO Fusion 360 waterproof digital VR camera that captures incredible 5.2 K videos and 18MP photos. It can capture everything around you from every direction. The best thing about this cam is that it is compatible with iPhone 7, 6s, iPad mini 4 and all other devices, however less compatible for android.

It has the ability to transform spherical photos into traditional slots and create standard resolution photos that can be easily saved and share.

GoPro Fusion gives exposure value compensation that brightens your video and photo. You can create and share on the spot through the GoPro app. For the high performance, it demands two high-performance micro SD or micro SDHC cards. Moreover, make sure that the GoPro fusion 360 VR camera has the latest software that meets the requirements of the GoPro mobile app and studio app for desktop.

  • Spherical Video
  • Over Capture
  • Immersive 360 Experience
  • Smooth Videos without a gimble.
  • Seamless Video Stitching
  • Waterproof
  • Fusion Grip
  • Price is quite high

4. Insta 360 Nano S 360 VR Camera

9. Insta 360 Nano S 360 VR Camera
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Insta 360 brought another amazing lifestyle camera with Multiview. Nano S 360 VR is one of the best cameras by Insta 360. It gives you 4K 360-degree video and 20-megapixel photos for iPhone X, iPhone 8 series, iPhone 7 series, iPhone 6 series. Multiview features of Nano S records the moment from every direction.

In Multiview, offers you five different split-screen layouts and three simultaneous angles. It is perfect for live streaming for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube as well as unique for video chat. Free capturing is one of the amazing features that captures everything around you.

  • Multiview
  • Free capturing
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Real-Time Stabilization
  • Transferred photos on the iPhone take a long time.

3. Samsung Gear 360 Real 360o Hight Resolution VR Camera

10. Samsung Gear 360 Real 360o Hight Resolution VR Camera
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Samsung Gear 360 is one of the best VR Cameras that is lightweight and captures at 360 degree. Samsung is a well-known company and brought an amazingly affordable, lightweight, high-resolution 360-degree camera. It is attractive and small so you can take it anywhere with you.

It is a dust and water-resistant 360 VR Camera. If you connect with S7 then you can shoot content easily, save and share it with services like YouTube and Facebook. It is like a baseball but so handy and you can handle it easily.

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Package Box: Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera with its stand, cloth to clean lenses, USB Cable, a wrist strap and manual

  • Lightweight
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Easily sharing
  • More compatible just with recent Samsung devices

2. Ricoh Theta SC 360 Video Camera

11. Ricoh Theta SC 360 Video Camera
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Ricoh Theta SC 360 Video Camera is a high-resolution camera for spherical 360-degree images and videos. With Ricoh Theta, your experience will be immersive and high precision. It is an ideal 360-degree camera for slim and handhold without using additional accessories.

It has dual fisheye lenses and gives you approximately 14-megapixel output. Also, it has a bright F2.0 lens that provides low light shooting capabilities.There are many optional shooting modes are available such as DR Compensation, Multi-shot noise reduction, and HDR composition. It can capture the video up to 5 minutes and then you can directly watch on your phone.

Theta SC has LED status lights that switching when image and movie mode on. With the help of the Theta+ V App, you can add filters and music to your 360-degree videos. It is compatible with android and iOS.

  • High resolution
  • Bright F 2.0 lens
  • Different shooting mode
  • Shutter button is bad

1. Insta 360 One 360 Degree Panoramic Sports Action Video Camera

12. Insta 360 One 360 Degree Panoramic Sports Action Video Camera
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Insta 360 One is a Panoramic Sports action Video Camera that takes one shoot once from every direction. It captures from 4K 360 video ad 24-megapixel images.

The best feature of Insta 360 One is flow state stabilization because with this you capture smooth video no matter where and what are you doing. Moreover, you can edit the video and photos with a few simple steps. The invisible selfie stick is another fantastic thing means stick disappears from view after taking the photo and making videos.

It gives you three ways to shoot, first one use on its own, control the Bluetooth and connect directly with the iPhone.

Package Box: Insta 360 One, Protective Case, 8GB micro SD card, micro USB Cable.

  • 360-degree capture
  • Flow state Stabilization
  • Invisible Selfie Stick
  • Bullet Time
  • Cinematic Editing
  • Three ways to shoot
  • Multiview and smart track
  • Waterproof housing
  • One operating button create confusion
  • No Live preview

Best 360-Degree Action Cameras – Buyer’s Guide

Best 360-Degree Action Cameras

Super Easy to Use

The reason behind all the people buying these 360-degree cameras is that it is super easy to use. As the camera needs a variety of touch-ups before taking a perfect snap but this camera does not need all these touch-ups as it can take the snap perfectly after every shot because of its 360 degrees wide snap.

The Lens

A camera lens is the most important thing in a camera as this defines your camera snap performance. A 360-degree camera has two lenses. Make sure to check the shutter speed and ISO range that the camera is providing and then decide to buy what is best for you. If you buy a camera which has lenses that do not fit with the camera and hampers your image quality then it will be a waste of money.

Check the Image Quality

Image quality is checked by its pixel so make sure to buy that camera which has a high resolution of capturing an image so you can have a better experience of capturing an image. A higher pixel always contains a higher resolution to make your image quality and video quality better.


Frame per second or the short abbreviation FPS is one of the most important things of the camera as well. Normally a good type of camera clicks 50 frames per second but if you want to buy a less expensive camera you can also buy a camera with 30 frames per second which is the minimum standard of frame per second.


The internal storage capacity in cameras is very important nowadays. As the filming capacity is getting larger because of high-resolution image quality. So if you want to buy a camera make sure it contains a hard drive or a SD slot to put a storage drive in the camera to enlarge the capacity of the camera.

Life of the Battery

Long battery life is necessary for capturing a 360-degree image. As a 360 degree video consume a lot of battery so make sure to buy a camera that has a long battery life.

FAQ’S – Best 360-Degree Action Cameras

Best 360-Degree Action Cameras

Which car has the best 360 camera?

There are a lot of cameras that contain the best 360-degree camera. But if you want to know the best 360-degree camera in a car then that should be Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.

How much does a 360 camera cost?

There are various prices of the 360-degree camera but we would like to tell you that the Samsung Gear 360 degree camera is the best camera and have a price tag of $229.

What does a 360-degree camera do?

A 360-degree camera is used for large views such as shooting panoramas. As this camera can show the view all around just like a whole sphere.

Is the Samsung 360 camera waterproof?

Yes the samsung 360 camera is waterproof but it can be waterproof to 30 meters after that there is no guarantee. But because of this Nikon Keymission 360 was honoured with the full waterproof 360-degree camera.


If you are a professional photographer and have the interest to buy your own 360-degree action camera then this article is for you. We write about 12 best 360-degree action cameras of different companies.

These are using nowadays on priorities. So just go here and get to know about the top 12 bestselling 360-degree action cameras of 2022.

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